Thursday, March 19, 2009


Yeah..long time no update from me.. hehe.. Been so busy lately, well life as a student is tiring.. All the assignments, presentation, quizzess and tests.. Fuh! So penat la.. Tommorow also got Law test and Eco quiz. Hopefully to score both, but here I am.. haha.. Blogging.. Well, nothing interesting to be told here just I got 2 invitation as a performer for dinner! Yeay! The thing is, the dinner is on the same day. On 29th March 2009.. hehe.. I dunno what songs to sing but I'm thinking of doing acoustic performance in collaboration with a friend of a friend of mine.. hehe.. Cuz I'm sucks at playing guitar! Hmm.. what else?? Tommorow I will be heading home right after the test. My hubby told me to do so becoz he's worried about me eating maggie every night! haha.. (at last.. some caring attitude he shows).
Its not that I ate maggie everyday (but everynight..isn't that the same?). I know eating maggie has its side effects instead of losing memories in long term effects. But, what else should I do if that the only food that I can afford to consume.. Huhu.. I ate rice for lucnh, but for dinner, well.. sometimes maggie, sometimes porridge..sometimes... Snacks.. haha.. (no wonder I'm this skinny although been married and gave birth). Speaking about giving birth, I miss my son so damn much! uhuhu... (Sabar ah Gracie..)
Well, this is it..

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Yep... Another be cried on.. Huhu..

This morning. I have a quiz, as usual because my lecturer want to do quiz every time we have class..So, yes, I've studied last nite..though it was just for 2 hour struggling to figure out the solution, It really worth it. I got 10/10!! Yeay!! Praise my self! Ngeh.. ^_^ But the most darn thing that happen instead of my moment of glory, the lecturer said this, "see Grace, this is your first time got a 10/10 isn't it?"
I was like.. totally smacked on my face for strucking me statement like that! She really underestimated me..The whole class was like looking at my shameful face from their tail of eyes.. Huhu.. Then I've replied her, " was the third time out of 5 quiz"..Then she says, "oww.."
Poor me.. I've been underestimated that bad? Infact she almost didn't give me the quiz paper..I had to ask for the first she buat dunno ja then I blurred.. because everyone was busying pressing their calculator and I'm still nowhere..Before she gave the paper, she says,"you want the quiz? You supposed to meet me for consultation right? But you didn't.."
"I was going to see yoy today miss, right after class because today is the only free day for having only 1 morning class"
Then she nod her head and give me the question paper.. What a shit moment I have there..Huhu..She's making fun of me in front of the class. I'm not that stupid miss.. please.. I'm good..Its just that sometimes I'm too careless and slow pick up.. oh how am I going to explain to her all these that I've spit out here..I'm trying to gain back her confidence on me by doing all her work and scoring for all the quizzes and future tests.. Well, the 1st tests didn't turn out well.. It is so much of my carelessness and laziness..What an idiot I am..I was frustrated at my results..28/60.. almost pass! huhu.. In fact i can score at it but because of the unperfect side of me that I have as a human, I made a mistake.. Huhu.. X pa la.. pengajaran.. next time don't be so arrogant to step out of the exam's hall early from the budgeted time.. Huhu... I was too confident back then.. Thats why I gain this loss.. Its ok..
Another incident that really ripped my heart out is also today..I was checking my tutorial paper that i've submit to be checked by miss, but all I have is a big 'ear'..huhu..Get it? A big question mark on every page f my solution sheet. At first i thought that it was really the stupidity of me..But its not all bad.. Some of my answer are right.. and she didn't even ticked on it... I've checked it by comparing my answer with my friends..Its the same.. And they got ticked! Say if she gave me that big ear for not completing the solution, then why didn't she awarded that big ear to my other fiends.. the're all the same as me..! Huhu... This is not fair.. Is she aiming on me to give me failure? Uhuhu... Please don't..
Cheer up lil' missy.. You still got another 1 month to prove yourself that you are great and smart! thats why you've entered university at the first place and now doing your degree... Love me! Hee~ ^_^
p/s:I'm a bit moody right now.. he's mad at me at no reason.. suddenly explode rather than usual.. huhu..

This are the recent snippet of my life here with my friends..

Recognize this face? yep..this the same lecturer that bring us to this trip to Beryl's chocolate factory last year.. hehe..But this time, it's Gardenia..We have a lot of knowledge gained here and also the answer for questions that arose in our mind.Whats more? we have a free goodie bag containing a gardenia's products that will lasts for a WEEK! yeeha!Recognize the other face excluding me in the pictures? hehe.. the same girls.. right? they were my friends, my very good friends here.. See..Segamat is not that bad at all.. We were all stucked in her (yes) but we've made some new friends.. Expanding our circles of friends.. hehe..Oo..Not forgetting, we also go to the MIA.. Malysian institute of Accountant.. I'll be one of the member in the future.. Ngeh!

Its time for PIZZA!!

Yep..the same faces again except there's a guy..
Me and Wan..she's a bestie..Good friend to work out in group with.Because she's hardworking! And I'm Queen of Lazy..Ngeh..
Yeay..the six of us...From left, Shidot, Ace, Wan, Ain, Chika and Nad..See..this time i remember their name very well compared to my old blog when we were eating at KFC..haha..
A lil bit shakey, but still captures the moment of being treated pizZa! haha..Actually wan, Nad, Shidot and Ujang have just received their PT loan..hehe..Guaibude ta qing women chi pizZa! hehe.. My mandarin is getting better..

Well..I guess that's all. have to be back to my bored dorm..had to redo the tutorials and do some assignment.. I thought I can foun the articles in the but the username and password didn't work out.. Heh.! darn all the assignments! the only reason i'm doing it is for the marks that I'll get for my assesment! Hell that Chris Brown for bullying a weaked women! (hate that king of guy). haha..Out of topic... pa² pun.. Dorg sda bbalik.. Gara Ipod btatahkan diamond ja.. heh! Dasar mata bling².. Pduli la ko Rihanna.

Stop mumbling... Go home.. THIS INSTANCE!