Tuesday, October 20, 2009

4 days overdue...what will happen next?

Huhu..well..I'm 4 days overdue on giving birth to my second son.. This 10 A.M I'll be going to see the Doc at Lourdes Hospital in Jln Ipoh..I'm so nervous and a little bit scared..Because I don't know what might happen next.. I'm shivering right now, just by thinking about Caesarian that might be done to me if this baby has any problem.. Adess..! *Aiyoo..Baby arr...nakal arr xmo kluar jmpa mamy..*
Yesterday, something farnie happen to me.. *haha! laugh! laugh!*
I was alone at home, like usual because everyone's working..and left home early..Haven was sent to Aunt Angel's house like usual..*Hehe..Angel took care of Haven..wink!wink!*
The story goes like this..I was viewing my Facebook account,when suddenly I felt a little bit tingling inside my tummy..Something like a contraction *sakit mo branak*.. so I hurried up reach my phone and sms my husband.. TET! Message Failed! WTF? cek², rupa²nya teda kedit dow.. Uhh! Frust! Then, sy request la RM1 dr my hubby..
*Donor failed to respond* da blang..wuu~~ Start sda to have teary eyes... mnangis jg akhirnya..With flooded eyes, I lie on the bed hugging my son's teddy bear and crying... sniff! sniff! the contraction, happens again..It keeps repeating after 5 minute.. Nah! mo branak sda la ne.. mcm yg dulu tu.. huhu..*I mumbled in my heart*
Suddenly, got an idea.. DING! *lightbulb moment*
I turned on my chatbox in FB..and I found my friend Tissuepaper Tanchimo online..hehe..*what a farnie nick name kan?*
Then I asked him to do me a favor..to msg my mom tell her that I need credit for my hp..Instead, he call her!! Adeh... malu jg la sikit... cuz mamy sa bingung² ni trus..kna call oleh anonymous person..hehe..sy pun blum pna jmpa da.. kwn tenet ja..hehe..Anyway..Thanks to him, my mom called me and asked how am I doing.. she also top upped my credit.. But the darnest thing happen kan, the baby didn't come out.....Yet!
Cian...mnyusahkan org² ja sa ne..huhu..buat org rsau ja..tp x juga tbranak².. So today, it will be the judgment day..hehe.. *maciam mo kiamat pla*
20th October 2009... will this date be my son's birth date? I also don't know..huhu.. but hopefully la.. 'cause I can't wait any longer.. Waiting is killing me!! Tengoklah skrg ni... Hari² online to kill time at home..during this pregnancy...Others' are almost facing their exams.. I'm left behind.. Unattended..wuu~~ =(
Hmm.. You might be wondering kan why I asked Tissue to call my mom instead of my hubby or my in laws? well..here's the reason.. My in laws are working kan? so, if the contraction was only a false alarm *which is.. a false alarm* they have to rush back home and send me to hospital, sedangkan x juga tbranak..cian kan dorg? what a wasting of time only la.. My hubby pla, I know that while he's working, his phone will be kept at the lobby locker...because he can't bring handphone inside the 'clean room' *some sort of company's policy to ensures quality in their products*..that's why I asked Tissue to call my mom back in Sabah..hehe... ^_^
Well.. I gotta go now.. have to quickly browse my facebook, check emails, clean the house a lil bit and get ready for my appointment.. Pray for me and my son's safety.. Oh dear Lord... Bless us, pleaseeeee... Amen..

Mmuaxx~ a kissy from a young and cute mom.. Aha!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tsk! Cian my hubby..

This is nothing really, but if you still want to read on, go ahead..
My hubby had started working since Sept '09 as a Technician at Western Digital company *a hard disk manufacturer company* and since then he often had his O/time and seldom have rest day..so weird la the company..having 4 days working day and 2 days rest..no 7th day..so my hubby cannot go to church from that on, seldom have time for our son and the most important thing, didn't get enough sleep everyday..! I felt pity to him..huhu..didn't get enough rest just because wanting to support the family..
He also told me that he can't continue his study for these mean time instead he asked me to finished mine first..Since theres only 1 and a half year left for me till graduation.. He had sacrificed a lot for me and this lil family..huhu..Dun worry cyg.. I will finished my study then u can continue yours while I'm working later on..huhu
Although he'll be at home only 12 hours *the rest working hours* but he still makes me comfy.. I mean he still treat me as usual eventhough he was damnly tired hell yeah.. He still plays with Haven..and he still kiss my tummy before go to sleep and go to work..*Yep..he's a loving father*.. I'm so glad that he was my husband.. I really² do appreciate this relationship and I'm hoping that our love will never fade away.. He's the most nicest guy I've ever met.. Cheers for him.. hehe.. (_)
See the pic with the ring that I've posted before? It's our wedding ring..hehe..It's real.. I didn't mean to show off or but to show peeps that it really means something to me..a very meaningful life to be proud of.. Altho people used to talk behind me of me being so young to get married and have kids, but I don't really hurt even a lil bit of it anymore.. Because life is so beautifull..and cannot be predicted.. I love kids.. and so do my husband.. so there's nothing wrong with that..we're married.. I admit, we are young phisically, but mentally and in attitude we are matured enough..thanks to this marriage..It teaches us many things on how to be matured.. We might be sometimes be childish, because we want the title of 'papa rock' and 'mama hot' to be our tagline..hehe.. Farnie.. (^^,)
Well...guess that i've mumbled a lot for todays post, I gotta go..want to cook special dish for my honey before he go to work this 5 pm..hehe.. His fav.. Sweet & sour chicken..hehe.. I dunno if it will be yummy enough for him or not, but at least I made it with lots of love from my heart.. mahal tu mo mkn mkanan yg kna tabur ..hehe.. Okies.. GTG..
P/S: ♫♪... I ♥ you.. u ♥ me.. we are happy family... ♫♪

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A very retarded day..

Hmm..hari² pun boring ba bg sa..sebab sa sturg lg tggl d rumah..hehe.. But its ok, cuz at least I got something to do besides facebooking,playing mafia wars, blogging *currently* and finally snapping pictures..Kinda jealous of looking at other people's artwork, and it made me determined enough to take make my own piece of artwork..hehe..I'm still learning on how to be creative and opened up my mind horizon so I can imagine things and create visions through my own critical thinking.. *WTF am I trying to explain here?*
Phew..!! At first I have no idea on how I will take the snippets, but then something pop up in my mind and these are the results... enjoy the pics... only a few pics..Cuz the others sux!

Keindahan baju suku kaum Lotud (Dusun jg tu).. Well.. I've decorated it with my own 2 hands.. My mom sew the clothes..I dun noe.. I like to decorate stuffs..hehe..Sesepa yg mo tempah, sila la tempah..hahaha..
That's all.. Daa~

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Yeei...! So relief la cuz nothing bad happens to us here in KL..Yesterday evening, there's an earthquake in Padang, Sumatera Indonesia.. And the tremors felt in Singapore, Thailand and MALAYSIA!! NO wonder our building bguyang² kmarin.. I was seating on the couch next to my hubby, and my mother in law on the other couch opposite us.. Then I felt the couch shaking right and left.. At first I tought my hubby made it moved by shaking his leg or what..So I look at him with fierce eyes,almost wanted to be mad at him..And he looked me back with fierce eyes, like wanted to be mad at me too for shaking the couch..Then I realized, it wasn't the couch.. I heard something outside.. The front door was slightly opened, so I can see the grill shaking and making a weird sound like someone shake it,but there's no ones there.. So I cried out loud "ni rumah bguyang ow!! Bguyang!!" Then the panick moments started..
All of us were running here and there, dun noe wat to do.. "Ambil brg yg penting!" I said, so we grab our purse and head to the door.. I was the last one out bcoz of turning off the TV..Then we head to the elevator.. In time of emergency, elevator is not a good idea, cuz if anything happens, U'll be stuck in it.But there's no other option,cuz we lived on the ninth floor and I am currently pregnant 9 months..Waa..so connected la the no 9..hehe.. Thankfully, we reached the ground floor immediately *my mom in law was praying the whole time*.. My son and my dad in law was on the ground floor the whole time, cuz my son loves to enjoy the evening view.. So we head to the car, and quickly drove off from the building making our our way to nowhere on the road..No clue where to go at all.. after a few minutes, hubby asked me "ko suda kc mati tu api yg ko masak bubur ka?" Ow SNAP!!! "Bulum....." I replied with guilty face...
OMG!!... How cud I forgot that! Habis la klu tbakar 1 bgunan... Guiltiness is all over me.. Huhu.. So, no can't do, we drove back to our residence building quickly, hoping that the tremors had stopped.. As we reached the building, my hubby quickly off from the car, heads to the elevator to turn off the gas. The rest of us, remain on the ground floor, still felt trauma with the incidence.. When my hubby is back on the ground floor, I was relieved that nothing bad happens.. The porridge is well cooked, and nothing to be worry about anymore.. So we go up, when we felt that everything is safe.. Good Lord, there's no collapse or stuff like that happens.. Huuu... Very scary moment la... At night, we watch news on TV.. 7.6 richter scale earthquake happened in Sumatera.. we thank Lord that no tsunami happens.. And for that, I end my blog with a glimpse of heart of mine..

We are the servant of the Lord..
For we only stays for a while in His world..
Be afraid of death, its time for us to repent our sins..
It's not too late to ask forgiven from Him..
For he is the Lord our God..
The forgiving Lord..

God Bless Us All..

Bye for now~