Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm a stalker

I like to watch my both sons sleeping..haha..Yep..I'm a stalker, but not that pervert type..
Because, when they sleep...I see many funny things.. the tossing and turning to find the right place..I notice they like to sleep upside down..feet on pillow side and head at the feet side..haha...maybe It's cooler..I used to do that when I was a kid too. I don't like putting them in their own bed. I prefer sharing.. kenapa la tu bed sempit ka..sesak ka.. sampai si daddy pun berpeluh2 bila tidur..haha.. I like it that way.. I grow up that way, and it really ties a close relation with the family.. Plus I can hug them straight away when they're having bad dreams.
But later, when they start to gain extra size, I'll let them have their own bed. (Mommy promise ya...)

It's Friday, and I'm mumbling about Monday in my previous post..What a joke..haha.. I actually typed it at work..but didn't have the time to post it.. Everyday is a busy day.. The clock is catching me up.. Morning, I woke up at 5, woke my husband up..Then prepare his clothes, socks and stuffs..Then after he go to work, had to continue preparing my sons to baby sitter's house..7 AM like that, I turn ON the machine, wash the milk bottles, wash the dishes..Iron my clothes (sometimes not! hehe) on line a while (if have the time), take shower, make up, hair do, perfume............Until 8.30! Wah! Then 9Am-6PM at office..7PM reach home (blame the traffic!), take shower (if possible..because my youngest son cries when he sees me), feed my sons..then put them to sleep..I can only go to sleep when they're asleep..if not, well...If you are my neighbors, you'll hear someone's singing many tracks of songs every night..Somehow i've become my son's mp3..Heck.. X pa la.. Practice menyanyi..haha..
K~ Gotta go now.. Happy Holiday to people whose staying in state that cuti today.. KL? taik kucing la keriting...huhu..

It's friday..But I'm writing about Monday...haha..(Late post)

It’s true about Monday blues..haha..Not that there’s a blue sky or blues songs playing around..but the silentness of the office. Everybody seems a little bit slower..Ya lor.. It’s the 1st day of the week..Who likes it..
As for me…I almost knock my head on the table..Luckily my conciousness come at the right time.. I almost caught sleeping wo by my audit manager..Apa lagi.Pura² busy la bha kenen si kawan ni…
Sepa suruh tidur pukul 4 pagi!! Bukan juga disuruh ba, tapi susah betul mo tidur kebelakangan ni..Sejak kejadian ‘itu’..Huhu..
X bha..Bukan macam tu la.. But last week, something strange happen to me.. I was like experiencing a ghost whispers..Haha..Mo kasi kalah si Jeniffer Love Hewitt ni..hahaha..
It was not a dream.I assure you. I was awake at that time. My husband was working night shift, so left me and Harvey (my youngest Monkey) sleeping in the bedroom. Haven (My eldest Monkey) sleep with his grandpa.. They’re worried I can’t handle both since both of them suffers cough..As for Harvey..Too bad for him, he suffers fever too..
I woke up at 3 AM.. ya.. that creepy Emily Rose’s story gives me a nerve at my neck! But no…I don’t see any  creepy stuff..except, hearing crying voices..And its not a female’s’s a MALE crying..huhu..I quickly hug my little ones. Trying to protect him la kenen from anything that might happen..Then I pray ‘Our Father’..I don’tknow when I fall asleep. The prayer really helps. Then the next day, I didn’t tell anyone about it..then night come…Still experiencing the same thing..Creepy..but I’m not scared anymore..Since ‘it’ doesn’t harm us in any way.. Then the next morning, I got an sms fro my dad..saying that my uncle has passed away because of Leukimia..(RIP Uncle). I was shocked, then I understand what does the crying means..My mom said maybe your uncle come to visit you and wanted to say goodbye. This is not the first time. The first time was when my close uncle (my dad’s brother) passed away few years back. But that time, it was different. I heard his voice from downstairs saying ‘Es…minta air sejuk’… (Es as for nicky name..hehe..)..I replied ‘Ambi saja..dalam ice box tu’..Then silent.. He usually come to our house and asked for cold water..Especially in the afternoon..very hot weather kan..
Then in the evening, my dad call me. ‘Pray for your uncle. He’s been detained in ward’. I was shocked.. then who’s the one asking me for cold water in the afternoon? The next morning, my uncle passed away due to liver problem. I can’t cry. I don’t know why..But seems like all of us the closest family didn’t cry. No tears in our eyes. The sad feeling is very strange. When people come and greet us condolences, they’ll cry terribly beside the coffin.. Because my uncle died smiling. We just keep silent and even put the other relatives to calm down when they started to cry…in a very annoying yelling and shouting.. (Very hard to make them stop you know)
Well..maybe that’s all for my creepy story..And to tell you, I don’t have any mental illness..haha..this is just a sharing..I have believe in souls ahter death or near to deI believe you have the same experience too..But maybe in some other way..

P/s: I wrote this on Monday..ya.. a little bit too late already..hehe..Too tired to post in a blog..I go home, take shower quickly, then had to sing lullaby for my 2 little two’s..hehe..

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Please STOP baby dumping!

I cannot stand it when everytime I watch the news, there'll be news on baby dumping. I'm really against this act. TOTALLY NOT LIKING IT! 
"Pandai makan, pandai-pandai la cuci piring. Jangan kc tnggal macam tu saja."

-Angry Mom-

Friday, August 13, 2010

A Confessions of a Mom.... Not shopaholic ar...

Puih... Confess apa2.. teda keja baini..

Bah..Apa khabar genk? So long I didn't lepak here since the end of the peak period..Fuh! My Manager actually praised me for being quick in learning in just 2 months.. You know, my training is only a week..Then I have to train myself by doing some homework la..By referring the last years audit report..the working..what important documents to be copied..How to handle queries & clients stupid manners..Haha..Not stupid..But they act stupidly..Of course I hear clients complaint and mad sometimes but the brighter side is we often get free good-can-be-eaten stuff..haha..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my husband..actually belated one..hihi..We've celebrate it juga kan dear? (Oh..Its like calling my hubby a 'rusa')

Meh sni sa mo confess..
The other day..A friend sent me back..I was waiting for the bus at the bus stop, then he honk at me..He said he's going to the same place as well.. So I joined la...Free seats kan.. He was the 'computer guy' for our company..Nothing much to say about him..but we are the same age.. The thing is, my husband knew about this already.because I sms him the moment I get in the car... It's my habit..Even when I take a cab, I'll text him the taxi's plat number..hahaha..really scared of being kidnapped kenen...

At first he's ok with it..then..days goes by, suddenly 1 day he highlight the matter..He said "Kalau sy bg tumpang tu operator indon di kilang time pulang mcm mana ko rasa?" I was surprised... He did get a lil bit jealous pula ah...hahaha.. I told him, "Please don't do that..I'm sorry..It won't happen again..U can trust there's nothing fishy is going on".. I really made a promise to myself... Cross my heart. Very hard you know to see his true feelings. Sometimes he will ignores everything like nothing happen. Then I'm the one who makan hati because of his indifference..Haha..But actually,deep inside his heart, he do feels some insecurity. I'm glad about that. Means he still cares.. Wahaha...

Been a little notty and sneaky lately.. hihi..viewing my ex friends fb's and stuff.. Nothing la wei.. Just sneaking into their life..How they were doing now..haha..(Ex as in 'exes') haha..

Did you read the paper today? (Yesterday to be exact). There will be a meteor shower tonight until dawn..But thanks to KL polluted air..All I can see is haze..Geram tau..Last time I see is when I was still a lil kid..Dunno what year tu.. Sa kasi gembar gembur konon di FB last2 sa sendiri x dpt tingu..urg len dpt tingu.. huhu..

Tomorrow still have to go to work as usual.. My..My bosses was observing my outfit pla..nasib baik dorg puji, ingatkan kena komplen too sexy sakit mata memandang..haha..then my colleagues also crowd me asking me what type of make up I'm using..lipstick la.. I just said..compact powder, some blusher and lip balm only.. I dun like made my lips tends to break like wrinkles.

Listen up ya'll!! Now I'm doing accounts for some stupid company who is very cheap skate by not hiring accountants or installing any accounting software.Now I have to check all the invoices and payment vouchers page by page and do journal entries. A big THANK YOU for nothing.. I'll charge u accounting & audit fee mahal2..Padan muka!

Upss..Yesterday My hubby got a new haircut!!! Korean suda muka dia..and more younger..x Suda tlampau daddy'ish..haha..

Bye Fella's~