Friday, May 27, 2011

Family Outing!

Blogger is a little bit messy right now..And I'm thinking of getting my own domain.. Which is a dream haven't come true (since I'm currently jobless..can't afford any fee). Been trying to sign in since yesterday, but still stuck at this stupid Blogger Draft page.. Heck.! 

Thank goodness I saved bookmark of my blog and my setting as always signed in..But still..can't access my dashboard.. Argh!! So..can't check the updates from other bloggers..huhu...but another thank goodness, I can see the updates from my side bar blog's I followed in my webpage..wah..nasib baik.! Gila-gila ni blogger skarang selepas hari tu punya upgrade.. huhu.. I can see some of friends also experienced the same problem and kept posting about it in FB.

Recently the Tomson went to Putrajaya just to have some quality time with the family..hehe..thanks to my in law for giving us the chance..Since previously sangat busy study this daddy and mummy schooling kan.. So.. Here are some snippets activities that we've did.. hehe..
The slowest one..hahaha...terpaksa kena heret2.. =P
Muka masam Harvey..
My boys...Kasian saya..teda geng..
C Haven pun xmau tgok camera..
Senyuman 'manis' Haven dari kecil..
Muka yang sangat kagum tengok view dari bot..hahaha
Harvey the Grumpy...Marah saja kerja dia time ni..

Haven terbang..
The real driver is Daddy!!
Everytime Haven sees water, he will say "Ada fish tu!!!" (=_=")
Family Pic! *merah2 suda pipi Haven & Harvey time ni..Thanks to cuaca yang sangat CERAH*
Time to go home..I can't stand the heat!! Tembus tu payung sa rasa tu UV rays..
Kureng asam...DOrg nampak ni See-saw..huhu..terpaksa singgah lagi..nasib baik ada bumbung..
Kaki x sampai pun mau main juga c Harvey ni..
Singgah Alamanda.. *Saya sgt mengantuk suda time ni..mau pulaaaang!*

After this..Xtau lagi dapat keluar jalan2 macam ni atau dapat kerja, bagus sa spend the whole time with my two little rascals..and take as many pictures as I can..They've grown up so fast..Sebelum tambah besar  yang tahap keras kepala, bagus ambil gambar banyak2..nanti dorg besar, boleh kasih tengok2 dorg..then they'll feel appreciated..kena sayang dari kecil.. ^_^

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My blogging mojo are lost.. But here's some update.

I dun have the mood to blog nowadays...Don't know why...maybe because I was staring at the UiTM website all the time hoping that the result for degree programmes suddenly appear..bhahaha..Anyways..Congratulation to diploma programs who receive their result today with flying colors. For those who doesn't, have another try.. ^_^ teehee..
My husband's friend came to KL recently and stay with us for 4 days and 3 nights. We were able to entertained him by accompanying him to Genting (because that's his real purpose coming here) and we also brought him jalan2 shopping. But guess he's not a shopaholic guy..hehe..
I was surprised that my son Haven suddenly became close to him. Usually he doesn't want anybody to be near him. But Uncle Lip is something different..maybe..haha..
Enjoy the pictures...

Thursday, May 12, 2011

I make my own decision.

Hi bloggers.
Final examination is totally OVER and I have changed my status from full time student to full time jobless. ^_^
Hopefully I will pass with flying colors all the subjects since 3 of 6 subject I obtained the highest mark for assessment! Yeay! Good for me. And thanks to my bad ass efforts. =P
Now... I've been raised to be an independent person. Stand on my own feet. And my parents never push me in doing anything. Especially choosing my life path. Even after SPM, I made my own decision on furthering my study where, when and what course. They only support me. Because they want me to grow up and they have faith in me.
So..conclusion. I don't like being pushed. I know what to do. In fact I've already putting my efforts in it. What am I talking about? it is. Since I have just finished my study and just waiting for the result on June, I was pushed to apply this and that like I don't know how to apply for a job. I've been applying job since exam period for god sake!Ingat saya goyang kaki? Peh.. In fact..I've already attend an interview yesterday and I pass the personality test. This Friday will be the practical test. Doesn't mean that I'm 'jobless' I don't really have efforts to have job. I just want to lay low below the radar. So people won't be so cocky and keep on talking about it . Just wait until I really got the job. I don't care what post, as long as I have the chance to broadened my knowledge and not forgetting earning enough salary to support the family.
Aiyaa..susah juga ni bila orang ingat sa ni macam budak2.. memang la phisically I look like a childish person, but I am mature enough to make my own decision. If I am really a childish person, I wont be able to pass the personality test yesterday. Turning my competitor whose 32, down while he said he should get the job because he's more presentable than me. I just smile when he said that. But hey, at the end of the interview the interviewer like me because I'm honest and smiled from start till end of the interview. hahaha.. xda kaitan langsung.. Well.. We'll see on Friday. Whether the employer accept me or I turn the offer down. So far, don't know the details of what they're offering yet. 
Wish me luck.. ^_^

Friday, May 6, 2011

I cried..but I still have to win this fight.

It's sad when ever I have to leave both my sons for the sake of furthering my study. And today, once again i have to see them with wondering face..Looking at me and say 'bye-bye' without understanding the real situation that I was leaving them for a couple of days. *Sigh!*

Last night, I cried while hugging Harvey to sleep. Not because how pathetic my life is to be a mother and a full time student. But because of, I can't be with them in time of when they needed me the most. Harvey was sick every time I go back. Due to teething, now he got gigi geraham already. Still waiting for the 'fangs' to come out. That's why he always on fever lately.

I wonder what would happen to me if something bad happens to them *knock wood* while I am away. I will be the last person to know and the dumbest mother ever. *crying again*

Ugghh! They've grown up so fast!

But..Looking at the brighter side *trying to be optimistic* there's only a few days left for final examination. then I can be free. Go for job hunting and be with them. Most of the time. ^_^

Anyone interested to hire me *blush* are most welcome. hahaha...
Actually I blew out 1 interview this morning. I didn't check my email, then after I reach Segamat only..then I found out about the email. Pity me. Already replied the email hoping them to rearrange another appointment if possible because I'm still in exam mode. I've included already in my resume that I will only be available after 10th May.. But guess they've missed out that part *maybe*. Hopefully another chance will come up. I am desperate for job.

Well.. Still got another 3 papers to go for exam. All the best to my self.
Good night bloggers~