Friday, October 26, 2012

Dialogue with lil ones..

The other night....

Me: Tidur sudah..pukul 10 lebih sudah ni.. (sambil muka garang dan suara yang garauuu..suara mama-mama)

*sunyi 5 saat*

Haven: (sambil berbisik)  mamy...saya kentut.

Terus pecah ketawa saya yang tersangat kuat di hening malam... (o_O)... lepas tu, paksa diri tidur walaupun pandai mau ketawa sikit-sikit bila teringat balik bisikan kentut si Haven.


The other day....
Me: Haven cuti la hari ni k? Kasi kawan mamy di rumah.  (I was on leave)
Haven: Ndamau..saya mau pigi sekolah... (sambil buat muka kesian...)
Rajinnya anak mamy nih pegi sekolah.. sampai mamy bagi kebenaran ponteng skool pun dia tetap mau pegi sekolah.. hihi.. Good boy my Haven.. jangan terpengaruh sama mamy kamu nih.. =P


This morning....time kasi mandi the rascals..

Me: Haven balik Sabah awal la ok? Ikut mama sama papa balik nanti... Bulan 12 nanti mamy sama daddy balik juga.. ok?
Haven: Ndamau.. mamy please...saya sayang mamy sama daddy sama Abie.. huhuhu.. please mamy... saya mau tinggal sama mamy... (sambil menangis teresak-esak)

Aduinah... luluh hatiku....  ='(

Apa dialog2 yang pernah kamu bualkan sama anak/anak buah/kazen/anak jiran atau budak2 yang lain? Share2 lah... hehe.



Nerd is sexy!

I'm trying to prove the above statement. Since most of K-pop idols wear big bulky glasses, not mentioning the 'no-glass' spectacle.. hahaha.. I've tried on the frame spectacle, and I feel really weird.... (o_O).. why on earth do we wanna wear frame of spectacle only? What's the use? Uh! Oh! I guess that's KPop fashion... And NO, I'm not criticizing..

So...tadaa!!!  (borrowed my colleague's no-power spectacle).

Somehow I feel sexy though.. Hahahahaha!

Euww...looking at this pic longer, tend to make me feel freaky...


Thank you God for the blessings.

Hello there. ^_^

I've got a good news. Actually I received it last week, but too busy to share it here. 
My last interview went very smooth and yes, I got the job... I've got raised! yeay!!! And more thankful, that I was posted still at the same place, the only different is different building. Currently I'm working under Jalan Duta branch, but starting 3rd Dec, I will be working under Non Resident branch, dealing with foreigner taxpayers. I heard a lot of Sabahan were placed there, most of my friend said it's because of the ability to speak English. Haha! No, I don't know the real reason. Maybe it was just a coincidence. ^_^

I'm thankful to God for answering my prayer, my family especially my mom I know she has been praying for me too, my sweet husband who's always there for me listening to all my crappy thoughts, and my dear friends who  always give me support morally..Thank you for all the love. ^_^

I know this is not really a big deal, just an ordinary position, but from here I can start from nothing to something. I've already started from scratch, considering working as 'sambilan' for the past 1 year, exposing myself in almost all the activities at work, performing my best in work and achieve high monthly statistic.. Only the people around me can see how much effort I've filled in working so hard getting a permanent position in this 'industry'. Although there are few that wanting to claim that this is 'their' effort, I will ignore it and trust in myself that I deserve it and earned it myself. Thanks to my Tim.ketua Unit for giving me such a high mark in my laporan prestasi khas, he even recommended me to be employed in his short report.. And to the panels during my interview session, thanks for the marks, I've already done my best during the session and yes I've talked too much because I was too comfortable with them. Despite them provoking me a few times, I still can handle it and although I misheard 1 question, which I've answered confidently with wrong section and acts (hahahaha!), they just smiled and said that actually they were asking about "Seksyen dua puluh satu b, { Sek.21(b)}", which I heard as "Seksyen tujuh, satu B,  {Sek.7(1)(b)}".  Punya jauh tu bunyi dia... =_="

Nasib baik lah walaupun salah explain, tapi apa yang saya explain tu betul juga cuma tidak menjawab soalan..hahaha...lain kali dengar betul-betul sebelum menjawab...hahaha

Last but not least... Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha to all friends and families who celebrate it. ^_^


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Kaulah Yang Satu - Grace ft Khif KL Quartet

This song is our unofficial song.. Lyric by me and music by Khif. ^_^
Enjoy yaa....
This was recorded during lunch hour.. hihi..
Totally raw music...lirik pun lupa2 sebab last minit buat.. ingat2 lupa..