Monday, June 27, 2016

Hati itu


No words can describe.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Cheers to 29.

I am officially 29 years old. 😊
3 kids.
Permanent job.
What else?? Hmmm.. 😉

Happy Birthday Bella Ace.

Dengan ini saya mengisytiharkan bahawa KL cuti!!!
Bergembiralah dengan cuti ini. Hahaha!!


Saturday, June 18, 2016

Haven Turns 8 (07/06/2016)

Haven turns 8 years old on 7th June 2016.

It was a busy last 2 weeks. My sis in law and her hubs pays us a visit here.. She came on 4th June..stayed till 7th..
While my husband came on 6th and stayed till 13th..
So we celebrated Haven's birthday 1 day earlier.. We bought him his favourite cake, Secret Recipe's choc indulgence.. 3 hari baru habis makan.. 😂😂😂

Actually on the 5th we went to Time Square.. jalan².. tempat wajib shopping me and the sis in laws.. Coz we love the cheap dresses.. Cantik².. Latest trend.. And cheap!!!! We don't really care about the brand..yang penting pandai pilih kualiti. RM100 u can get many dresses!!

We bought the kids new school bags.. Hadiah Haven.. and Harvey as well.. sigh.. x boleh saturang saja dpt hadiah.. nanti yg saturang lagi ni merajuk.. Mcm ni la kalau anak beza 1 tahun saja..semua pun mau sama.. There's 3 items we bought them.. well actually my MIL.. siap kasi budget lagi utk hadiah.. Hahaha.. School bag.. Watch.. and a dragon toys.. Well actually the last one their uncle Nai yg belanja. My kids sgt² beruntung.. semua sayang dorang.. I pray that my sis in law and her husband will have their own kids someday.. They've been married for 3 years already.. Belum ada rezeki. Nda apa.. mudah² dorg dapat anak nanti. 

After shopping dresses, we went for a movie.. Ninja Turtle.. The kids a so crazy about it. Again my sis in laws lg yg belanja. My goodness.. They really took care of me and the kids. Not a single cent spent owh. 😂

Lepas berpenat².. (mmg sangat penat sebab dukung Sven!).. we went home..
Sis beth mention a few times (patut la kau slim saja Grace, 3 orang kau handle). Eya.. sampai terkehel bahu dukung sven pusing Times Square tu. Especially time dia tertidur.. Actually ada stroller tapi we didnt bring. Coz Sven suda pandai jalan..and will never sit in a stroller.. Maklumlah berlagak betul sebab suda pndai jalan sndiri. But nooo.. X berani kasi lepas.. cepat btul dia membelok time berjalan.. 😂

Sampai rumah..the in laws keluar balik pigi jalan² di Ikea. Me and the kids x join.. Tertidur kmi di rumah.. 😂😂😂
Balik ja dorg lewat petang.. kami mandi.. bersiap then had dinner at nearby restaurant.

The next day I was supposed to pick up my husband at the airport.. tapi saya bangun lewat!! 😭 Bangun² ja dia sudah sampai.. ingat sempat la mau rush 45 minutes to airport.. sekali belum smpat apa² dia naik Klia express.. then mnta ambil di klsentral.. Bagus juga la.. x saya kelam kabut.. And yeah.. Sy x sempat mandi.. sempat berus gigi saja hahahah.. terus drive pegi Klsentral.
Dia smpai saja..masuk kreta..dia mengulu.. "Ih.. ketara belum mandi.. Rambut baru bangun.. Bau lagi tu (sambil senyum sumbing)" Okeh that last part.. dia tipu.. smpat bah sembur perfume.. walaupun blm mandi. wangi juga.. hahaha😂

Dalam kereta.. Sy terus tumbuk bahu dia kuat².. Without any words. I knew he got it. Coz he said "cyg la tu.. kuat marah.. bikin meradang saja".
Thats the result of 2 months  quarelling..arguing..via phone.. All the yelling in voice calls, calling names in messages, blocking Is settled by a punch on the shoulder. Funny right?
Then he hold my hands saying "I miss you". 😢
Hearing it makes my eyes teary.. Because I know his ego really well.
"I miss you too"..
Then punched his shoulder again..but this time lembut2 manja.

Okeh ngantuk..

Nanti sy sambung.


Saturday, June 4, 2016

Such a short time

Last Thursday I was involved with acoustic performance for AKC event.. its an appreciation day to officers who perform well in year 2015..

The event went smooth.. our performances was also smooth.. even it was just a 4 days practice.

I received a call that morning. It was Khif.. ya, he's back in KL for a holiday.. All these while he was at Kuching.. Orang naik pangkat kan.. So he told me he was on his way to Jln Duta.. so might catch up for a while and say hello.. He was our bassist for Hasil Band back then.. well I knew him before there was Hasil Band..

He's the one who recruited me in 2012.. it was after raya ppnkl.. where I perform representing Duta (back then I only sing one or two verse only).. and he representing Ppnkl. Then after few weeks he contacted me thru email saying that he needs a vocalist for his acoustic band performing for Majlis Persaraan & AKC ppnkl 2011. So I agreed. Zaman tu sy sambilan lagi. So desperate for exposure to be outstanding amongst the others sambilan...dgn harapan ada peluang dapat tetap selepas tu. (Which is ya.. saya dapat!). I was very thankful to him la that time. For letting me being their vocalist. We were called KL Quartet. There's 4 of us. Hairil..Khif..Pak Abu & me. Time tu bosses selalu suruh buat persembahan. Datin JJ was so supportive.. Last performance with KLQuartet was in 2013.. Then masing² busy.. sy busy dgn kursus KAP & induksi.. the others busy dengan kerja masing².

During our hibernation, Duta Road Band (DRB) was formed.. initial line up are Rasikh, Dol, Khif, Pily, Luq, Zamri, Dek Ji.. Vocalist are Parida, Teha, me and Jai.

Then DRB was acknowledged by our CEO to be the new line up for Hasil Band.. (Band Hasil sudah lama wujud..cuma rebranding..and new line up.. tukar nama sikit Hasil Band).😂😂😂

Macam tu la ceritanya... start dari 4 piece.. acoustic band.. sampai la masuk Hasil Band..
The brotherhood.. hahahaha.. Iya.. Khif call me 'Kakak' or 'Der'. Believe me, he did treat me like guys. Kena carut2.. maki2.. nasib la sy ni tahan maki. Hahaha.. Oh.. dia tua dari saya, but its ok he call me kakak. He said 'its a sign of respect to u as a mother and wife to Tom'.

Back to AKC lst Thursday. It was my 1st comeback.. hahaha.. after a very long hiatus from singing. Last performance was raya last year. Lepas tu silent.. gigih buat kerja.

I am very thankful to have friends who would come to my performance. Even they themselves have their own performance jauh2 di HQ. I appreciate their company. Siap pg belakang pentas cari sy. My goodness.. Maybe sbb saling supportive. Sy support dorg menari.. even datang time dorg latihan.. menyibuk walaupun x kena jemput. And when it comes to my turn, dorg dtg juga.. support morally.. Its good vibes. I like this kind of having each other back. I was deeply touched. Terharuu.. huhuhu. Thanks!! 😊

Btw tahniah dear Ezza for receiving anugerah khas khidmat cemerlang sambilan.. It was time for ppn to recognize your commitment to organization and I wish you to be promoted soon.. To kak Elina for receiving AKC too.. 10% kau increment starting tahun ni... previous year max is 8% ja.. hihi.. xpa.. rezeki dia..

Dalam kami happy².. makan².. Ada satu kawan ni sentiasa dalam kepala.. jadi tanda tanya. Are u ok or not? Harap² emosi dia stabil semula.. so she can be crazy with us again.. Get well soon!! Come back! We are always here for you even you left us many times to be alone by yourself.

Woah.. bnyk juga topik masuk dlm posting kali ni. hahahaha.. 1.14AM.. wtf am I still awake at this hour?

Goodnight peeps!

Bella Love