Monday, November 14, 2016

Almost A Disaster

Hari Inovasi.

It was the most awaited event I was anticipating.
Train hard.. and rehearsals went smoothly..
But I guess I can't put up a fight with fever and flu!!
I had a fever few days before the event. And when the fever is gone.. I'm starting to have sore throat!
The day of the event. I let go all my stage performances.. I only stayed at backstage and harmonizing with bass voice. I can only hit low note. Pity my friends. There was 4 of us.. I trained them.. rehearse.. harmonize.. but at the end of the day I can't join them on stage.
And so.. I prepare myself for 1 more performance. D'Lucky Band. Since we won the battle of the band, we have to perform on stage for Hari Inovasi.
Few people told me just to knock it off and head home. Cuz I'm useless with this sore throat and scary voice. It hurts me. But it didn't kill me.
What hurts me most is thinking that I won't be able to perform with the band. People will criticize our winnings.
I gambled it all.. I change my clothes.. to rock theme.. and went downstairs.. at the cooling tower.. it was freakin cold inside the hall.. and it worsen my throat. When I was at the cooling tower.. the sun was shining bright on me.. berpeluh ketiak juga la. HAHAHAHA..
And I sang.. screaming.. forcing my voice to come out.
I don't want to disappoint my friends. My bandmates.
I can see the look in their face hearing my awful voice talking to them earlier.

Went up to the hall again. And it was our turn to perform.
I started singing in the middle of the crowd. Then run to the stage..
And guess what.. my voice didn't squeak! I sang it like in the video clip we've recorded. Except for the ending part where I have to improvise to low note. Hahahaha..
Overall.. the crowd enjoy the performance. My bandmates were crazy.. screaming guitar.. flying keyboard.. dubstep.. drums.. bass slapping. And it ends really well.
Our CEO was smiling widely from the vip seats.. as well as the other Vips.. the crowds. Hahahaha..
Its was really an enjoyable show.

I'm glad D'Lucky get to perform live.
I don't care about the other songs that I've missed.
It was not my time to shine.
My only focus was performing with DLucky.

Orang cakap jangan tamak popularity.. yang penting happy with what we are doing.

Enjoy the pics!!!