Sunday, January 15, 2017

'Happy Face'

What's the use of loving someone with all your heart but you can't make her happy.

You think that you owned her.
You think that she's yours.
You think that she belongs to you.

Artificially yes.. you do.

But actually no.
What matters most is her precious heart.
Did you win her heart over and over again?
Try to recall the last time you did.
Albeit you can't.

You can't even put up a smile on her face.
Because you keep on stopping her from being herself. And you keep insisting her to be what you want her to be.. not her true self.
How can she be happy with that.
Did you love her because she's somekind of a trophy to you?

I can fake a smile. But you can read a fake smile too.
So what are we now?

I'm sick of being a puppet.


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