Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Blessed be..

Please don't ever leave.
If you have to, please come back..

If it's not us.. either you.. or me..
Still holding on together.
Aren't we?

I never left.

Sunday, August 27, 2017



I guess you are used in doing all these before.

Everything that you said you are not is actually who you really are.

I hate you.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

No one

It's such a pathetic feelings
Knowing the fact that you have no ears to listen, shoulder to lean on and a heart to comfort.

You used to be the one
But now you're no longer the one

The one who knows when I'm down
Without even telling you a word

That look you used to gave me
As if you were talking to me, comforting me by hearts
No words uttered

The more I cried, the tighter the grip of your hands as if you were telling me 'be strong'
No words uttered

Tried to accept the fact of reality
Tried to deny it too
What a hypocrite I am

Right now?
I just need a hug.


Thursday, July 13, 2017


Satu rasa yang tidak diduga
Terbit menyisip ruang hati

Benar dikata
Manusia sekelip mata boleh berubah

Mungkin tidak berganjak sekadar untuk tidak jadi yang pertama untuk berhenti

Dari getar suara dapat dirasai perbedaan
Yang dulu kini tidak lagi kedengaran di bibir


Bukan cemburu
Tapi kerana janji
Tidak dikotai

Tiada lagi bicara gembira

Seolah-olah tidak diingini lagi
Namun masih disimpan
Sekadar untuk tidak jadi yang pertama untuk berhenti

Apa janji itu sudah pudar?

Rasa itu dirasai..

Rasa tidak diingini..

Rasa dibenci..

Sekadar mengisi ruang masa yang terkosong..
Bukan mengisi ruang hati yang kosong.

Bicara Hati,

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Hello there..

It's me..

My last post is in January.
I'm back for good in Sabah. And been living my life the Sabahan way.. 😅

I kinda miss my 2nd hometown. KL.
All my friends.
I do have friends here too. But nothing can replace friends that I've connected to back in my old workplace.

I am friendly. I make friends with people easily.
But for close circle of friends. I keep it quite hard for anyone to enter it. Those who are in it are special to me. Some quality friends.

Many things have been going on with me here lately. Too many to describe in details..


Things happened aren't always picture perfect.


Its quite hard to even post it out here. Everything is clumpy inside me. Clump.. clogged.. that I can't even spit it out.
Perhaps I'll do this some other time.

My goodness.

I'm typing to my ownself.

-Gadis Sabah