Saturday, June 2, 2018


When someone who usually texts you using a 'name called' suddenly changed the way they text you to another 'name called'. It actually triggered something.

It shows how they usually text other (girls maybe?).
And that small mistake is actually picturing another picture.

So girls beware.
Don't be too negative.
But don't be too naive too.
Somehow people u trust, changed.
You should be glad that you've open up ur eyes and come to your senses.

And no... my husband is not cheating. This is just an advice to all the girls out there. 🤣

Sometimes we as women, becomes too stupid for holding on, trusting and denying the realities that lies right in front of our eyes.
If you were one of this stupid women, you are a very good and loyal person. Don't abuse yourself. Let go. You deserve someone better. 😊

All the best and goodluck.

And to the guys out there, don't lie to the person who love you.
They know it when you do it. But they kept pretending that they don't know.

Till then..
Happy weekend..

-Bella Rabbit

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Blessings or cursed?

Sometimes I hate the blessings that I've received.

Others sees me differently now. They assume that I'm changed.
Because I'm no longer where I started as.
Just because I've stepped up my game doesn't mean I am changed.
You see me changed because you're the one who decides how to look at me now.
You're the one who differentiate yourself and mine.
Its not fair for me when they judge me like that while actually I'm not.
At first I was thankfull for receiving many blessings lately.
But when people around me started to tease me.. jokes about me. Or even put a gap between me and them, I feel like I wanted to throw it all away.
But why must I throw away everything that was given to me just to please all the other people around me? Am I sure that things will get back to normal the way it was before? Or they will keep on teasing and making jokes on me.. of how stupid I am to throw everything away?

I've tried to be positive.

But it hurts me everytime when they labelled me.. "mentang2 ko naik pangkat". "Untunglah gaji ko besar".
"Best la pangkat bos2"

Fuck all that shits!!

Even he made the same statement everytime we had a small argument. I know he's insecure. But it was never my intention to looked down at him. If I ever look down at him, I might already dump him even from the start. But I've stayed. Haven't I?

Not only him.. a few of family members.. even close friends. I can sense that they were avoiding me.

A title is just a title. A real friends will support no matter what.. being happy together.  Not questioning every achievement that I had.

It's just a small milestones. I never thought it will bring much disaster to me.
Until I have to feel like this. Questioning the blessings that God has gave me.

I hope I can be strong.
All these means nothing.. If I don't have the support from all the important persons in my life . Because they matters to me.

At this very moment. I am writing this at the back of my car seats.. crying.

Stupid as F.
But I don't care. Sometimes I need to be stupid to be my oldself again.


Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Blessed be..

Please don't ever leave.
If you have to, please come back..

If it's not us.. either you.. or me..
Still holding on together.
Aren't we?

I never left.

Sunday, August 27, 2017



I guess you are used in doing all these before.

Everything that you said you are not is actually who you really are.

I hate you.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

No one

It's such a pathetic feelings
Knowing the fact that you have no ears to listen, shoulder to lean on and a heart to comfort.

You used to be the one
But now you're no longer the one

The one who knows when I'm down
Without even telling you a word

That look you used to gave me
As if you were talking to me, comforting me by hearts
No words uttered

The more I cried, the tighter the grip of your hands as if you were telling me 'be strong'
No words uttered

Tried to accept the fact of reality
Tried to deny it too
What a hypocrite I am

Right now?
I just need a hug.