Thursday, July 31, 2008

Totally missing all my fella's.. huhu..

Just now, I text my friend (xclasmate) at UiTM Srwak.. K-lee!! huhu.. i miss all of them.. my life here is so different without 'em. Thank God my friend, Liza, sent me an email about lectures notes bout account subject.. I totally still need her help! It's not that i can't study my ownself here.. but, its hard for me to study alone!!! i need friends.. study group or something.. I need someone to explain it to me if i don't understand any of the lectures that i've attended..
Uuu.. by the way.. this coming 6th August is my hubby's birthday.. i'd like to throw him a party.. Naah.. just the three of us.. me, Haven n him.. 1 lil' cute family.. hehe.. I've got something for him, I hope that he'll love it.. Talking bout friends, Not forgetting my Church's pal too.. these are their pics..

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My mum.. Sorry mommy.. for all the mess that i've done.. Huhu.. ='(
My favourite place.. my kampung..Sook,keningau.. And that's my Favourite Granma'!!!
Me n my sis.. Gloria..
My naughty Lil' Bro.. Gregory..
My Sis.. Georgina..
My Dad.. n Mum..
My Granma'..(daddy's side)
Me n Tutut..
My Fav UiTM...
My bestie roomate... together we go rockin' da Cluster A!!
My craziest friend of all..!! Tutut n YuQ!!
My sweetest friend.. They were always by my side during my pregnancy.. Love them..
Team Puisi UiTM Sabah(DBP KL,final pertandingan baca puisi pelbagai kaum peringkat kebangsaan).. We won 2 times in a row.. Yeepiee!!

Another boring day in my life..

Today, i've changed my course group.. new friends.. again.. huh.. so tired introducing myself to them.. duhh?
But i guess i can handle it.. cuz this new group is quite OK.
Uhh.. this is my new pic.. hehe..
See? we're back on track..
Thank goodness he apologized to me.. (after he read the previous blog!)
I was sorry too cuz i write stuff bout him here..
oo.. speaking bout my boring day? i don't have class these whole morning.. except for accounting class tonite..
I still haven't covered any of the chapters that he taught us.. stupid me..
Well.. guess that i'll be going now.. have to study and find some materials for my presentation and notes for my assignment.. sooooooo many have to do.. but at least i still got time to take a peek on this web.. hehe.. not forgetting, posting the latest bout me, myself & I.. (currently listening to Where is the love from Black Eyed Peas..) hehe.. My Fav Group..
Where is the love.... Where is the love... YeeHaa!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008


Haha..its not Gangstarz from the reality show..Its about my friends..(But actually i know Mimi from the 1 nation Emcee Gangstarz..)
This is D.I.A!!!
Diploma In Accountancy..UiTM Sabah..

Sleek isn't it? hehe..yeah..I know..The guys wears JEANS!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

My friends..


Miss all those moments..

I'ts been a hectic life for me being far from my hometown..
I miss all my frieds.. my Xclassmates..
I'm a lousy gurl before..A bubbly and loves to laugh a LOT!
Now? Just an ordinary gurl.. not as chaotic as before..coz i'm in a new scene of environment..hard to find best friend once told me that i'ts not impossible for me to find new friends..but it seem so hard to say that right now.. Coz it really hard for me out here.. thank God that i've survive for these last 2 weeks..
Everyday is a odd day for me..
People stares at me like i'm some kind of a freak..I'm not!
But it really freak the hell out of me too when they stares at me..
I miss my life.. My old life..Back there in KK sabah..
Here? There is no life at all..! no wonder the students here performed really well..bcoz there's no outside influence at all... that is so boring..
i can't live like this.. I like being in a crowd.. here?no way..
Well.. i guess i have to follow the beat of the songs here..
(i had to..Urgghh!!)
What else should i do.. Have to move on no matter what, isn't it?
Miss u all, guys!