Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Out of Gas!!

Just woke up.. Didn't even brushed my teeth yet.. haha..
Today, I didn't go to any class, cuz there's no class.. well to be frank, I do have, at 4 pm, but I couldn't make it.. I was in town with my friends enjoying our KFC meal and singingout loud at K-box.. hahaha.. At first I do wanna go to class, but the car suddenly stopped in the middle of the road.. what a hectic day for us to push the car to the side of the road.. haha.. But after solving the prob, we paid all our sweat with singing 13 songs in a row at k-box! hahaha.. This is pic of me and Appy..
Me n Appy tryin' out our new outfit.. hehe..

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Oops! I did it Again!!!!!

Today is the 'Pertandingan Baca Puisi Pelbagai Kaum (IPTA/IPTS) saringan Zon Selatan Smnjung.. So me n my group(Gemala Sari) represent UiTM XXXXX in this competition.. And.. as i've predicted, (hehe) we wo.. and this year i won the Best Deklamator again.. last year i won this title back in Sabah.. This october will be our Finale held at DBP KL.. this is the 3rd year i joined in this competition.. I've used my previous experienced in baca puisi and syair and share it with the rest of my group members here.. Thank God, all our hustle and bustle had finally paid off..

But too bad we didn't got the chance to tae picture together.. But I'll worked on it.. In the mean time.., get to know with part of the group members first.. the girls part.. hehe.. ^_^

Adarina, Grace& Appy

Monday, August 11, 2008

My New Fwen

Hehe.. This is my new friends here at UiTM XXXX.. Her name is Appy.. Cute, isn't she? hehe..
I've spent much of my times here with her.. cuz we're both Sabahan, and it really turn out to be a great day for me here with her.. We've laugh a lot.. and play pranks or jokes with people here, cuz they don't really understand of what we were talking about.. haha...

Thursday, August 7, 2008

A trip to Beryl's Chocolate factory

Yesterday, we had atrip to KL, Beryl's chocolate fectory for our Costing subject.. It takes 3 hour to reach KL.. it's a very long time and hectic to me, though I didn't do anything along the way except sleeping..
We're supposed to visit the MIA in the morning but our plan has been cancelled because UiTM sent the fax to the MIA late, so it's not had been approved.
So we go to KLCC to hangout and enjoy the view.. (no view at all)..
Me and my other friends felt bored so we go to Pavillion.. Its a long way, because we're almost got lost.. Hahaha.. Furthermore, we're on foot! Stupid idea isn't it? But, we've reach Pavillion at last.. then we go to the KFC to have our lunch.. Not long after that, Faiz (our class rep) called.. he said our lec is already bising².. hahaha..
So we have no other option but to go back to KLCC immediately.. We took the cab n paid RM15.. Know what? it's really that far lah.. buat rugi jak woo..
So here's are some pic of us during the trip.. hehe..
Ow.. by the way.. The Indian man is my Lecturer.. Mr Abd Thaher.. Amakarai? hahaha...

Ni kawan² sa yg baru.. sa blum hafal nama² dorg.. hehe.. yg sa tau Irma,Zua,Wan,Jo,Aini,Grace!,ShiduT,
sama... err... lupa.. hee~

Ni kmi dpan tu kilang coklat.. kicik ba kilang dia.. tp tym kmi msuk.. perghh!! wangi gila coklat dia.. Bliur beb..

Monday, August 4, 2008

Monday Madness..

Today i woke up late!!! But though i know that i was late for class, I'm still going for it, cuz i don't wanna miss another class.. When I reach the class, the lectures had already started.. Huhu.. when Sir Abd Thaher saw me, he called me to be in front of the class.. Then he asked me why I'm I told him the truth, 'bout me waking up late.. he shook his head and said it's a bad excuses..And he said that I should be going home at that moment.. But he gave me another chance..And I feel relieved.. Thank God.. ^_^ Err... why i'm late for class? That's because last nite i got back to hostel late.. I've reached hostel at 9.30 PM.. Thank god that we could pass the Guard..If not, then it's another problem to be taken care of.. Fuhh.. What a hectic day for me.. After taking all my stuffs to my room last nite, i go straight to Speaker corner for practice.. my other friends are waiting for me there.. but I've told them to carry on without me at the first place.. At midnite, we've finished and i started to settle all those assignment that i've abandoned and supposed to be submitted this morning.. I've finished it, but still have another one that should be submitted before 5PM tomorrow.. I'm so tired.. (But here I am.. Posting my post!) How's my weekend? Ermm.. quite ok, but I've almost gone crazy..! cuz my baby can't sleep at nite.. And in the mean time, my hubby is also sick.. He caught a fever.. and i have to take care BOTH of them.. What else should i do.. This is a job of a wife.. I had to fulfill my duty..
Uuh.. not forgetting, I'm a fulltime student too!!

What a LIFE..! Fewh!