Thursday, September 25, 2008

I hate all of you...

It makes me sad... whenever I started to think about all of you..
Why? Why do I have to suffer all these miseries...?
Is He trying me?
Do you hate me?
I hate you!!
Why do we have to be far from each other?
Can't we just be like we used to be?
Chill out at Memo..
Loafing at cinema..Throwing pop corns..
Gossiping about people we hate..
Laughing at our never ending jokes..
Rolling our eyes until we misplace it...
Capturing the stupidest pictures...
Glancing at 'toyol' while doing our quizzes..
Urghh! It hurts me...
All these for what?
What? Tell me!!!!!!!!
For a stupid degree scroll? Duhh??

No...(Voice I heard)
Its for our life..
Degree scroll is not stupid..
You are Grace..
You are stupid..
Can't you see it?
Just by nagging here wont bring you to anywhere...
Except.. Telling us your heart..
Your life..
Your craps..
And your never endless whining about everything...
Look back...
They will never leave you..
You still have them..
In your heart...
And they still got you..
In theirs...
Once a D.I.A, forever be a D.I.A..
Especially your badge..
The UnForgEtfuLL Badge..
And now.. Known as..
S.i.L.e.n.T C.o.U.r.s.E

I'll be back on track this November prens!!!
Wait for me!!!

Wrong daughter...

Yesterday, I am so frustrated... I'm out of credit.. So I asked my dad to reload me..
"Daddy, c topup sa.. xda topup Digi cni..lgpun sa xda duit.." Then after 5 minute, my sis sent me an sms..
"Ace, daddy kc sa pin topup td.. teda² sa mnta ni.. sa bru bgun lg ni.. hehe.. sa untung.."
Then.. I go like "Sial ko!!!!! Tontolou ow!!! Sa yg mnta daddy tuh!! bkn ko!! da sala anak tu!!!" She rep me.."Hahaha..kotoh.. sa untung.. len kali klu msg daddy tulis nama besar² d bwah..wahaha"
I was like.. kimbettt!!!!!! Bkn rezki sy la.. huhu... so.. I just ignore it.. Tp still gerigitan.. so I msg my dad"Bkn gintut yg mnta la.. daddy sala send tu.. sy ba yg mo kredit.. c G****L*s"
Hehe..budu ne.. Brebut kredit ma my sis.. Sot! ^_^
Ya la.. mntang² la sa jarg uda mnta topup or duit or stuff like that la... trus na lupa ni.. siap sala urg g.. haha..
I still remember when my dad use to nagged at me at home.. I've just got back from hostel that day.. weekend kan.. so blik rmh la.. (time diploma) I was sweeping the floor when my dad msuk then start marah².. Sa pun blur la.. x tau pa² ni.. So I just listen to his mrepek².. duduk diam² mcm urg salah.. Then my sis came in.. Limpas dad sa mcm tu jak naik trus p blik.. Dad sa pun heran la.. siap 2 kali pandang lg.. then da pkul dahi da.. " Aiya.. salah urg pla sa bsing" da blang.. Mmuahahaha.. Buli² dad sa x knal mna stu anak pmpuan da yg tua ma yg muda.. hahaha...
Maybe its because of our face.. Identical twin sister?? Like Aubrey and Dakota?? (except the stripper's part)..
No la.. we have many in commom, but too much differences.. Huh??
Sa mrepek benda yg teda²... Palui.. haha..
K la.. Inconclusion, td daddy sa x salah c topup sda.. da c topup sa.. hehe.. happy sda ne.. ^_^

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More than words..

Time will never change the things you've told me..
after all we're meant to be..
Love will bring us back to you and me, If only you could see..

You hug me and the t.e.A.r.s come from the eyes that show our soul..believe it or not, we dance..!

Remember the first day when you s.m.i.l.e.d at me..
R.e.m.e.m.b.e.r the first day when you took me out, we had butterflies although we tried to hide..
But we both had a beautiful night..
Remember the first day when we had an argument, we apologized and then we compromised..

Looking at the pages of my life, faded memories of me and you..
I've lived, I've l.o.v.e.d, I've lost, I've paid..
I have everything..

Nothing that I can say.. But.. When I smile.. You know what I mean..
When I c.r.y, you know what I need..
When I laugh, you know what to do..
When I eat, you know what you should do..
When I nagged, you know how to make me stop..
hehe.. You know everything I think.. Thanks a lot..

I don't know how to say that..
Like I said the love words cannot show right..

Just.. this is s.p.e.c.i.a.l for you.. ^_^

He didn't contact me at all...

He didn't S.m.S me..
He didn't C.a.L.L me..
He did't Miss Call me..
Equals to: He forgot about me..

Life.. M.i.s.E.r.A.b.L.e without him
He's un c.O.n.C.i.o.u.S about my needs..
He totally F.o.r.G.o.t.T.e.N about me...
I missed him.. Should I or Shouldn't I miss him..
Is he a some kind of a J.e.R.k??

I H.a.t.E him..
But I L.o.V.e him..
Stewpid..moron.. me!! me! me!!
But?? Why didn't I make the 1st move?
why didn't I just gave him a call?
Why didn't I just sent him an sms despite been waiting H.e.L.L like this???
Duhh?? Because I dun have any credit.. LoL..
Stewpid me again....!!!!

Naah.. Just.. *b.L.u.R*

Sket sa mandarin

Haha.. tonight there will be a speaking test for mandarin..And i am Wan's partner(my classmate).. We've made some story la kunun².. Tp xtau btul ka x.. haha..

Ace: Hao jiu bu jian, ni hao ma?
Wan: W hen hao. xiexie.

Ace:Xianzai ni yao qu nali?

Wan: Wo yao qu tushuguan nianshu, ni ne?

Ace: Wo yao qu gouwu zhongxin mai dongxi.

Wan: Ni zenme qu?

Ace: ZUo bashi qu.

Wan: Ni hen piaoliang, ni jiehun le ma?

Ace: Shide. Wo yao yi ge erzi le. Ta jiao Haven.
Wan:Gongxi.Zhu ni xingfu wu zhijing.
Ace:Xiexie ni. Ni you nan pengyou le ma?

Wan: Hai meiyou. Wo hai nianshu.

Ace: Ow.. Wo ming bai.Zhu ni neng.

Wan: Mingtian wanshang. lai wo jia.Wo qing ni he jia chifan.

Ace: Hai hao. Ji dian?

Wan: 8 dian.

Ace: Hao. You kong de shihou, ni lai wo jia, hao ma?

Wan: Hao, xiexie. Zaijian.

Ace: Zaijian.

Wahaha... Please.. Don't laugh.. sa tau ada bnyk salah².. tp pliss.. jan ulu.. Klu ktawa pun jan c dgar sa.. huhu..

Wo jiao BeLLa Ace.

Wo de shengri shi liu 6 yue, 22 hao.

Merepek² ja ni.. haha..

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just Got back from class

I've just finished my FAR 400 class.. Hell no!!!! I don't get anything... guess I get only 1% from the class.. Stupid me.. Published account.. I've learned it in part 4 Diploma.. But I couldn't remember any of the format that Sir Wan taught me.. haha.. And now.. the lecturer is way too far fast in teaching compared to Sir Wan..
I'm feeling dizzy by just looking at these words... huhu..
Guess that I have to sit back my diploma..
Uuu...B.T.W.. I didn't go to class today.. haha.. supposed, I have 2 class in the morning.. But i skipped it.. Too tired..Because I can't wait for the coming holiday..(haha..bkn sa smbut raya pun)..
I don't know why am I getting lazier day after day.. The exam is gettin' nearer and I'm still not ready for it..
I have no preparation for it at all.. Why am I being such a jerk hah? Slalu blajar last minit... Budu woo.. S.H.I.T.M.A.N...
What else ah? Ow.. I've just watched a dvd titled "I know who killed me" main role by Lindsay Lohan.. haha.. its a quite creepy movie.. If you're a kind of person who faint after seeing B.L.O.O.D then do not dare to see it.. Because you need a lot of courage to watch it.. me myself, I almost puke when seeing Lindsay's fingers fall out.. Its a more like the Long Khong movie in english version..
Synopsis of the movie:
Aubrey(Lindsay) is a college girl and has a boyfriend name Jarod..There was a case in her school, Jennifer Tolando's body was found in school without her right hand and leg. Aubrey was kidnapped after her BF's rugby game..Then a girl who looks like her appear on the side of a street after 18days.. without her right hand and leg.. (sound familiar?) But the girl who looks like Aubrey deny that she was Aubrey.. Her name was Dakota Moss.. An identical twins of Aubrey being separated at birth.. In short, what ever happens to Aubrey, happens ti her too.. So Aubrey was still in the kidnapper's hand.. she was buried and using Dakota's twin instinct, she founds her.. The killer? Aubreys piano's teacher.. He was mad because Aubrey quit her piano class though she was very good at it.. (Hmm.. not really interesting right? So go and watch it yourself..) Uuu... Not forgetting, the best part is when Aubrey's Bf slept with Dakota..(the stripper) Its good to see Lindsay acting like a w.h.o.r.e.. Looks like she's very talented in this profession..
There you go.. My comment on the movie.. haha.. Since when did I get to be a Movie critics?
Ow.. Suka ht sa la.. heh!

Monday, September 22, 2008

My Lil' Bro story...

Last night my mom sent me an sms saying
"cerita lucu oyo- smlm oyo masak air pkai jug dan guring nasi pkai piring.. Habis piring hangus dan nokurunsong.."

Can you believe that? My 7 yr old lil bro is trying to be on his own foot!!
Haha... I laughed a lot after I read the msg.. Stewpid.. haha..
But actually, I'm kinda missing him.. my home... I'm a lil bit homies ya know.. hehe..(busted!!!)
K la, I'm about to offline right now.. Got assignmemt to be done!!
p/s: I love you my hubby.. ^_^

I'm not alone...

I'm not alone..
That's the fact about being here, far from home.. across the sea..If near, then I'm already jalan kaki balik sabah..Huhu..
Though I'm far from home, but it won't be an excuse for me to escape my obligation to my belief.. It was stated in the 10 commandments..(those whose RC should notice 'bout this).. Go to church my dear fellow christian..
Ok..Back to the topic.. I felt happy.. Because I'm not the only Sabahan here.. In fact, there's other fella's from sarawak.. So we were like Borneos lost somewhere in Johor.. Haha..
here, we didn't go to Church on Sunday's morning.. we go on saturday's evening.. itu pun attend the suset mass ja.. An English mass.. On sunday morning, it was Tamil mass.. Sure, we won't be attending that mass.. Hehe.. (Ktawa pura²)
So here are some pictures of us, after church sedang mansau² dpan Giant Supermarket.. Sian kan, teda tmpt lepak lain..(I'm not in this pic..I'm the cameragurl..)ceh.. takut na ckp teda ni..
So, these are the Borneos that was lost here in this isolated place... In peninsular... You might see us as 'sikit', but it doesn't mater.. because when we gather ramai², feels like I'm home.. Aww..... ^_^
Another one for you...
The Borneo's Sumandaks..
You see.. These are the only sumandak yang cantik² dsini.. (plus another 3 gurl...dorg sda nek bas pulg UITM)
teda sda yg lebih cantik dr kami..Wahaha... What the so much perasan!!!!
X ba.. but thats the truth.. (puih!! X hbs² jua c geres ni..)
What i'm trying to say here is, kami ja yg puti².. kikikikik... Siap na ckp cina lg.. wat² paham ja la.. Kesian ni kami.. duduk siring Giant jak la yg kami mampu buat.. Urg yg lalu lalang heran tingu kami.. mcm kami kna anggp PTI pla.. haha.. ya la.. laen² kan bahasa.. But people around us love to hear us ltalk.. Because we talk too loud and too much.. haha.. SOT! Trust me.. Sabahan slang is unique!.. Sabah bah... Ko mimang buli!! Ko la yg mnang... (ba.. ckup la ba mrepek... o_0.. LOL
I feed you more pic....
OMG!! my face paling depan lg tuh!!!
You see.. I have a very big smile in this pic because i felt like I'm surrounded by all my friends back there in Sabah.. (Sure there is none like u guys).. despite all the hardwork and tests that I've been thru' the whole 2 weeks in a row, at least once, I felt free from all tiring days.. I felt lifted up.. All my hectic thoughts.. It kills me.. Totally!!
p/s: do not feel that you're alone.. though there is no one around you, He is always with you.. (actually this p/s is dedicated to myself.. for my own motivation..) hehe.. ^_^
So, to all the Borneos out there x ksah lah Sabahan or Sarawakian..., dun be a loner.. be a SuperMasive piple.. hehe..
Kumaa saviavi tulun Sabah.. kada lihuai tinaru yokoyu.. kada lihuai boros tokou.. miagal ie nokoboros i gadizborneo, okon ko tulun dusun yokoyu ngawi sokira do amu kou milo do mimboros dusun.. Sundung tu amu otopot grammar dusun yokoyu(mcm sa..hehe) kada oikum ikum do mencuba..kie? gadizborneo..? obuli ie kon dusun ku? haha.. rojak ma dusun ku tie.. Lotud om Tambunan bei gia molohing ku.. hehe.. Ba ..sonong² noh kie? Hino ko noh.. Haro nopo update ku kawawagu, uploadon ku hitid blog ku.. Tuuukoi... nokopiboros oku ie dusun hiti kie? bangga la mamy sa ni.. wahaha..

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Double Trouble..

(Uhh?? ohh??)

I haven't post any blog since....August.. hehe.
I'm too bz.. thats why..
The latest about me? Hmmmm..
I am the worst student in class.. bad... really² bad performance.. My lecturer said..
I just smile.. But deep inside my heart.. i am totally ashamed on myself.. Shame on mE!!!!!
My problem is.. How to explain hah? Lets make this simple.. Whenever I had a fight with my hubby, I'll get lazy.. Stupid isn't it? In short.. I often had a fight with him.. lately.. though we always settle the problem.. another thing came up to destroy our happiness.. And..,seem like it was me.. I am the problem..
3 days ago, we had a big fight.. He was just being honest with me..he told me that there is this girl..trying to flirt him via the sms.. He already confessed to that girl that he has me as his love one.. But then i found out that he was replying the girl's msg.. many time!! GOD!! i hate it.. I felt like i've been stabed on my the back..
So..I nagged a little..(liar)
I mean.. Quite a few(i'm lying again).. Ok fine.... A lot! He broke his sim card.. So now another problem arise.. he can't contact anyone.. Stupid isn't it? I didn't know about this at the 1st place.. I tought he was still mad at me thats why he didn't call me.. But at las.. he do gave me a call.. over the public phone.. haha.. But.. He said he misses me so much.. can't wait for this coming Raya holiday.. I fell terrible of what i've caused him to do.. I love him.. thats why I can't bear it when someone else is trying to get near him.. I'll zapped that Girl away... ZAPP!! hehe.. I'm just joking.. Of course he can contact other girl.. I won't get mad.. But, all i need him to do is.. make it simple..n don't drag a lot while on sms.. Type it simple to make that girl understand.. So that i won't be laughed by that girl.. Because my husband was replying her messages.. If that girl still wanted to ruine my marriage.. B.I.t.C.h.. Thats spell for you girl!! hate u!
By the way.. I totally solute to this be dare enough on proposing this Viviana to be his wife.. So charming..cute...n romantic.. Vivien.. If i were You.. I would say.. "I DO!!!!!!"
P/s: Appreciate the one who loves you, for he or she might be someone else's love ones if you are too picky..



(picture contributed by Christopher Brandon James)