Sunday, May 24, 2009

Uhuhu... Fixed me... I'm bored..

Adeii.. its Sunday, but feels like nothing.. Usually people are glad that it was Sunday.. Coz its time for free from all the work and busy life... But me? Duhh..? my schedule are not that pack for this intersession, so I got a lot of time to spend for day-sleeping!! Whoa! So I became a lazy girl.. woopsie.. mom to be correct.. Hehe..

(due to some reasons, i deleted half of this post)


See..the teddy is bigger than him..but, both of them smiling...sama lg tu senyuman dorg..

I miss my son... he's becoming more nottier day by day.. And I really enjoy seeing him walking.. you steps are funny to look at..

Mommy will be home soon.. Just wait k baby Haven?

I miss his daddy too... ^_^..
Uhh.. I almost forgot that my son's birthday is coming... this 7th June, he will be 1 year old.. and me? 22nd June also, will be 22 year old... I'm old already??? OMG... I better go and find some lotion to reduce wrinkles!!!!

This an edited picture of me and my hubby! So, which one is my son's face more to?

Monday, May 18, 2009


Yep.. Shortcourse has just started today.. And of course I'm at these very beautifull jungle of Segamat. Duh? Back at here makes me wanna finished all these quickly...Please!! I wanna go home!!!
But still... Though I'm here at these city of boredom, but I still got a life with my friends here and it also feels a lil bit like home for having TV in our hostel room (syyhhh... ^_^) and broadband!!
hehe... At least I wont die of boringness here..
Adei.. Even makan pun siap dgn rice coker and multicooker ni.. Bru ja kmi siap makan td ramai2.. best jg la.. hehe.. ble save duit.. time2 teda duit lg ne. my mom pun oD call tadi tnya ada duit atau x.. mmg la ckp mc ada.. tp..the truth is kering kntang sda ne.. bikin tambang blik KL pun teda..cmana ne mo survive? hehe... Dun worry.. ada jg cara da tu nnt..


TV kitorg...

1 week holiday, I tookcare of my baby.. It was a WooHoo!! penat gila!!!! tp... mmg tu la keja seorg mamy kan... hehe..He's getting more & more notty each day.. adei.. mo kejar pun x larat.. Tp, da bertambah2 manja dgn sa suda.. hehe... his momy kan. he recognizes me... uwa!!! I'm so happy.. Ok2... now mo tingu TB lu.. buring uda... kikikik... Mmuahh!!


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Told ya I'll be Back..

Well.. just reminded of something that we've celebrate last week.. We had this BBQ farewell party and also in conjunction of our very dearest friend Saly's birthday.. It was nothing big actually, but it was very meaningful to all of us that night.. Because most of them are graduating.. Congrats ya'll!! Here a piece of snippet that night..Thya leading the cook..

This is Thya telling gossips with all her heart..and me..laughing the hell out..Sooo.... BIDA!!!!
The BBQ team.. With an umbrella barbecuing?

Ju Tai Ti time..

'Potong.. sampai hancur...'

Ace and Thya.. "True Game" time..

Waiting for 'Cendai' (the guy) to answer the 'how many times do u mastrur*ate in a week?'
7 times!!! Does that mean.... EVERYDAY? Yikes!

With Princess..

Makan time!!
This is Saly during the True game..

Transformed into a Pontilanak....!
The Prankers Team!! Appy, Tony and Gracie!! Habis penuh kicap+tepung c Saly..

Always in my memory.. will miss ya'll..

Well.. thats all.. hehe..jaatnya kami kasi kena buffday girl smpai mcm ni teruk..hehe..She thinks that we totally forgot about her birthday.. because we didn't wish her right after the midnite strucks 12... Haha.. And she almost wanted to go to bed becaus nobody is wishing her.. Huahuahua.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAL...

Yuui!!! 1 paper left to go!!

Hee~ ^_^ Tommorow will be the grand finale of my examination paper..yeepie! can't wait to be home... Spend time with my baby and my 'big' baby.. hehe.. Hopefully I'll pass all the paper so I won't be repeating any subject next sem.. Speaking about spending some quality time with my cutie lil family, my holiday is only a week! after that I had to come back 'here' (Segamat) middle of the woods... JUNGLE to be exact! adei.. It's all because of my stupidity last sem.. sepa suruh kasi fail paper.. timgu, now have to sacrifice my almost 3 months cuti² Malaysia with this crappy Intersesion.. Adei.. urg bercuti, sa pla pg kuliah bln May-Jun.. huhu.. X dpt la ni smbut Kaamatan.. Oya.. for those who don't know or pura² xtau apa tu Kaamatan, tu Pesta untuk urg KadazanDusun.. Pesta Menuai kaa dii malayu.. hehe.. this year.. again.. I'll miss all the excitement of being part of sugandoi kaamatan.. huhu.. 2 years in a row? what a heck! I miss the old me.. ikut contest sana sini.. dady sa pun sibuk² mo hantar pg saringan..cari mom pla sibuk jahit² baju untuk sa.. and me.. sibuk kasi manik², jahit labuci di baju koubasanan sa.. adei... I miss it.. Totally missing it! Urghh!! sabar...Lek dlu ko Ace..
Wui? Ko tia mo blajar ka ne Ace? klu Lou kung ko tau ko dcni memblog sakan, abes la ko bisuk kna pacik kpala.. hee.. ^_^..
Ba.. Sa mo belayar dlu pg site sana situ sini... I'll be back... In an hour.. I guess.. hopefully.. Guess I'm not comin back.. What the F? Just.. Daa~

Monday, May 4, 2009

The day after yesterday..

Hurm.. Just finished my LAW paper just now.. It was bloody COOL!!! hee.. ^_^ I've managed to answer all the four question.. Thank God I've studied this morning.. Actually, yesterday I just got back from KL.. SO.. Study last minit la piple say... Hee... Nsib bek la suma soalan spot kluar.. Ckit lg sa bw toyol p XM, x pena² guna toyol ada keberanian ni kunun hari ni.. But for God sake, I didn't.. I remember what the Priest say during my confession.. He said that in order for people to be honest with you, you yourself must be honest first... Thank you Father for the advice.. Hehe... Sa x buat toyol la.. tadi sa jawab pun suma pakai utak... Brabis recover blik ni apa yg tdelete dari utak sebelum ni.. Penat juga la tangan menulis bait-bait kata merepek.. hehe..
Oya... my baby ba.. pndai suda bejalan... limit 5 langkah.. xtau la hari ni mcm mana.. sbb da hari2 blajar jalan.. kiut... makin manja ni.. adei.. how I miss them both... (pdahal baru kmarin ni ba jumpa)
This is my house map..Tmn Puterajaya Telipok...

I dun noe wat to say else here.. just that, tomorrow I have paper also... Accounting!!! yeah.. the paper that I've failed last sem because of my stupidity... Haha... Recently, when I received my test paper, buli tahan juga rupanya.. pandai juga ba sa jawab.. cuma, sa x study ba tu last sem tu la tu buli fail.. hehe... tinggi2 ba kunun markah sa dapat tmasuk la assignment sa.. wah... yang paling tinggi lagi tu.. kakakah... pdahal last sem pnya teruk.. bgus la tu kan... ada improvement.. Ba.. Thats all for todays' mumbles and craps.. Chaws~