Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ehm...What if the end of the world is tomorrow?

I wud be like"Oh please God.. have mercy on me... I'm u'r humble servant..."
Yeah...right...When the time has come baru mo minta ampun.. Pergh! Well..if it is tomorrow, wah... apa lagi yang sa belum sempat buat ah? Let me check my list..

To Do list while still alive:

1. Get married (/)
2. Have baby (/)
3. Higher level education (/)
4. Pg oversea (/) *klau tepigi semenanjung ja kira over the sea la ba tu kan? Hehe..*
5. Feed my parents with my own money (X) *lum lg sempat lg sikul..cmana mo c makan?*
6. Have my own house (X) *uhuhu..i do have my own dream house...*
7. Honeymoon (X) *huhu..sempat kawin honeymoon???makan madu sambil tingu bulan ja la ni mlm..huhu..*
8. DL in my exam (X) *belum pena2 tcapai....Duhh?*
9. Blogging before my time to go (/) *I'm doin it!*
10. Terer memasak (X) *Pandai ja, tpblum sampai tahap 'sedap'..huhu..*
11. ............*can't think right scares me...Tomrrow? wuu....bagus sa b'smbayang banyak2*

************Smbayang kunun***********

What's YOURs to do list while still have time????? Have you done it?? Uhuh ^_^ this whole the-end-of-the-w0rld thing is freaking me out.. Chaws!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

83% for Test 2!!??

Yeay.. finally..I can tap on my own shoulder.. "Congratulation Gracie..You've done it.." Hehe..Tadi, the Lec gave back our test 2 paper...Consolidated Income Statement..And I was like,"butul ka nie??" I was smiling all the way to my chair holding my test paper proudly..Wee...Amu insan oku kaanu markah miagal dino tinggi.. Wah..hebat jua pula...Hasil usaha keja kuat buat latihan bebeapa hari before the test day..WeeWeeWee... ^_^ 1st time in my life dapat markah tinggi dalam paper akaun. hopefully this intersession exam I will score....Next Monday tu..Wish me luck with prayer..then my pointer leh naik lg...hehe.. Tu la.. dari dulu mamy sa pesan, blajar awal2..jan tunggu last minit..tingu...kan btul pa da ckp? dei.. Now I miss my mommy..Huhu.. K.. bisuk ada quiz cash flow pla.. harap2 dapat fullmark! kakaka...Harap la dpt fullmark.. Pi study!
(Jap g ba.. urg bru mo online kijap)..

Hmm..Apa dii sa mo rait2 lg ni disini.. Nolihuan ku nodii.. Adei...@_@

Kawan sa bawa makan suda dii.. Ba.. Iri2 noh dii kaka story dii baino...

Hino yokou ngaawi poh..

Monday, June 15, 2009

Result? Bole la...

Hehe.. result for last semester exam are oD out.. Thank God I pass all the paper.. Hehe.. Though not really a flying colors result, but at least now I'm back on track.. Yeepie!! Got 2 A's, 2 B's and the rest C's.. hehe.. Haha.. Hoho.. at first takut gila ni mo cek.. ya la.. org len ble bbangga ba dgn result dorg, tp kmi ni yg killer course.. adeh... kegagalan itu sudah menjadi lumrah.. dan part extend mengextend smpai lmbat grade ni mmg suda jd tradisi.. te pa.. yg penting xda fail ni kali.. Compare to last sem.. Ada fail satu.. dan itu la yg membuatkan sa terperangkap time intersesi ni.. huhu.. te pa.. pointer currently 2.82 ja.. tp ble kc bgus lg.. Kluar ja result intersesi ni nnt mesti naik pnya.. weehee!! Bagus kalau dapat A.. Wakaka.. hopefully la.. lgpun mcm bole score ja ni skrg.. Faham btul2 juga la di kelas.. tp malas belajar kan.. camna mo improve.. ba k la.. Tu ja hari ni.. jarg2 sda OL ni..

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy Birth day Haven..

Sorry for the late post.. Been busy lately with the classes and going on and off to KL.. Recently on 7th June 2009 (last Sunday) was my son's birthday.. He's now 1 year old.. cannot call him baby lg la.. oledi tua enough.. Hehe.. The night before his birthday, the whole family (my in laws) go to Hokaido Seafood restaurant to have dinner together.. It was fantalicious.. Ummphh!! Sedaap.. But too bad cannot order the prawns and crabs (they can't consume seafood).. Well, I guess the Ikan Kerapu was enough to fill our hunger.. Together with Lemon chicken, Sayur Kailan and Soups.. I forgot the name.. hehe.. My son was crying the whole dinner time coz he saw a big fluffy cat under the table right under his feet! haha.. Funny.. Anjing da x takut pla.. Fevret da lg.. Siap imitate the sounds of the dog barking lg hari2 d rumah.. A few snippets of the birthday boy..

He's all grown up to be boy... Hee.. ^_^ Kiut Haven wif spongebob backpack..

Celebrating his birthday at home in KL..

The night at the restaurant...

F.Y.I.. i'll be back to Sabah on 28th June! Yeay!! I'm coming home.. I'm coming home.. ^_^ Can't wait to be home and have my family on my side.. It's been too long already and I'm tired of the life here in Segamat or KL.. So much of boringness.. I miss Sabah so much.. So many things that I've missed especially the Kaamatan.. uhuhu.. Oya.. my lil sis participate in the Unduk Ngadau contest peringkat Telipok Darat/Laut.. And she managed to get the 3rd place.. yahoo.. Though she joined it just fr fun, not even ready and complete with the accesories, she still got a place.. Haha.. And the crowd was quizzical with her appearance.. "who's that number 13th girl?" "Is that Induk?" "Anak sepa tu tu na numbur 13 tu".. That sorts of questions la btabur.. And my mom just smiles.. As wel as my dad... and people who knew her.. haha.. Bangga juga la being her sister..Kikiki... Supposedly, she can win the title, but because of the less accesories and the judge (having a family relationship with the winner) she didn't win.. But hey.. She wins the crowd ya'll.. That'll proved enough.. Wahaha... I know I'm a lil bit boasting, but I dun care.. coz I am boasting about my lil sister.. hahaha.. Here's the pic.. You judge it by yourself..
My sis is on the left (from your view), the right one with the gold bracelet is the winner (konon)..

Wah. next year can try lagi...! I'll be very helpfull in searching and renting all the accesories you need Sis! haha.. Good Lux...Next year lar...

***THE END***