Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Hehe..last week was a superb! Hehe.. me n my in laws family along with my son and hubby go to P.Dickson to join the BM Klang Camp...It was held at Golden Sand PD from friday till Sunday.. It was fun and my son seems to be so overwhelmed by the presence of many children.. He was so excited, I can see it from his reaction seeing other who is just as small as he is playing around him.. Of course it was somtimes kinda intimidating for all the noises and yelling of them.. Well, you know.. Kids!.. So many perangai yg bkin gerigitan buat sa mc mo cubit.. hehe..

Well, the view were very nice and peaceful, the activity site was facing the beach, and you can see the waves at the shore..hehe.. so nice.. But sadly, I didn't get the chance to mandi manda.. huhu.. Well, considering my condition as pregnant women, and we were avoiding to have direct contact with the crowd.. The H1N1 thing gives us the creep... Speaking about the H1N1..Huhu.. I'm in the high risky group.. The group that have the most risk in losing their lives if infected by the virus.. DARN those Pig flu..haha.. No more swine flu.. Its PIG FLU! here Piggy Piggy... ^_^

Oya.. My last post, I used orange theme...kinda nude a lil.. and natural.. this time I've tried Purple.. My Fav.. hehe.. Ermm.. Here goes the result..

Jeng! Jeng! Jeng!

hehe.. Husband yg sangat sporting tingu sa men mikap² bereksperimen sndiri di rumah..haha..Tahan hati ja da tingu sa ne..huahuahua...

Oya.. gmbr d PD nnt sa upload K? hehe..


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pieces of me..

Well..thanx to the bloggers who blog about makeup and stuff like that in their blog that I am following.. I've learned how to pimp my own face..haha..*mcm pimp my ride pla..* With help from the pic that they took, I managed to DIY adding colours to my face..hehe..Uwaa....And the result is.. Walaa! Suweet.. I lurve it.. I will follow you....hehe..

I'm still learning...hehe.. ^_^