Monday, November 30, 2009

Glad to be home

It's been 2 weeks since i'm home..*so happy*
That's why no update from me lately..hee~ so busy la..enjoying the food and relaxing my self at home..I miss here so dearly..
Just singgah kejap to update ckit2...enuff lar... mo tdo..hee~ ^_^
Lurve myself here..

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Scars..not mentioning about luka or somewhat..but scars inside my heart.. lately been hurt by many things around me.. haha..'things'? as if they were things..peeps I mean..
Maybe it was me, being thinking too much..overreacting or misunderstood..but whats important is, it hurts me.. Though it wasn't a big deal, but it has been a frequently-done-action..I hate it.. but it still haunting me.. I used to be a happy-go-lucky girl, smiling all the time,and being a laughy² person.. but the true me, revealed inside me.. what I do to make me feel relief is by blogging.. here..
I used to write my glimpse of heart in a diary..but that was back then..Now..In blog..I know its kinda unsecured by writing it here because someone whom I might mentioned their name here might find it..but I've already set my blog that can't be searched by searched engines..only those who follows me can read it..But nothing to be worried about..Because I did't mentioned any names that might bring up controversional thingy..

I can't wait to be back in Sabah soon.. I wanted to forget all these things that happens to be scars in my heart.. I miss my family so damn much.. Sometimes I feel abandoned here, unattended..out of nowhere.. I hate this feeling.. Altho I have my hubby and my sons beside me, but they don't understand whats cirlcing in my mind.. He might say that it was only me, being too sensitive or what..But leave it like that..I don't want to be so pushy and hurt his feeling..

Not too much to say about what makes me hurt and left scars in my heart here..Just let it be a secret of me inside me.. So far.. I felt like a huge burden was off my shoulder by blogging it here.. Its enuff by letting ya'll know that I have scars hiddden inside me..

*I'm crapping here*

GTG.. my baby is crying..

,hugs and kisses from me..

Sunday, November 1, 2009

22th October 2009...he finally wants to see his mommy.. ☺

Sorry for the late post..well..I was busy nursing my 2nd son..We named him... Harvey Clinks Tomson..hehe.. *It was my hubby's idea*
Supposedly, he was expected to be delivered on 16th Oct..but after 6 days of praying, and hoping that he'll come out..He last...finally!! My worries are all the cries of my new born baby..

That day..I still have my time surfing the net and facebooking.. till around 9am I feel a little bit tired..and pain in my I've decided to go offline and get some sleep..Until the clock struck 12pm *SHARP!* I was awaken by a weird feeling..not only a feeling.. I broke my water.. and the bed goes *bash!!* wet all over..huhu..and so is my clothes..At first I thought that I pee in my sleep..But hell no!! I'm about to give birth...hehe.. I quickly go to the toilet, change my clothes, pack everything that's needed for being admitted in ward and call my in law.. I was all by myself that moment..alone at home..I sms my husband because I know that while he's working he will not be able to bring his hand phone inside the 'cleanroom'..

After 15 minutes, I checked again the V area, and there's some blood.. OMG!! am I going to deliver the baby at home?? Huhu... *scared..*scared..
As soon as my in law reach home, I quickly got into the car..and off we go to the Hospital.. Damn! It was noon..peak hours..a lot of vehicles on the gosh! I'm starting to feel the contraction..I realized that father in law was looking at me through the mirror..I acted normally, like I'm not feeling any pain at all..But the truth is..Only God knows how painful it is at that moment..

Reached the hospital at about 12.40 something..I don't know the accurate time cause so busy focusing on the pain... admitted into the labour room..and the nurse checked my condition..already 5cm...My oh my...that fast? my 1st son only after 5 hours of breaking my water then I'm starting to feel the pain..
After went to war with my life, 3pm *SHARP!* Harvey was born...he was sooooo the doctor estimated before, he was 3.8kg..almost accurate..before this the doctor said my baby gonna be 3.9kg..
Thank goodness my hubby was there all the time..He was able to reach hospital before I gave birth..My mom in law also witnessed the beautiful moment..and She managed to snap some pictures of that be kept in memories..and show it to my son in the future..hehe...

Here are the snippets....♫♪..sharing is the best part..♫♪..That's why I'm not that ashamed to show you part of my life..

P/s: For those whose phobia of blood and yucky things, DON'T try to be brave on seeing the pictures below...

That's it for today's post...will update soon...Trying my best to have time for blogging these days, but still my son is my priority..

*Kissy!*Kissy! from me,
Mommy Ace..