Sunday, February 28, 2010

Should a mother hit her own child?

Currently I'm blogging inside a train going to Singapore..But my destination is Segamat..bkn Singapore ya..
Seating in front of me was an Indon nanny babysitting an Indian girl. The girl's mom was seating in parallel with my seat. The girl was shouting and screaming *very bad behave* and I can see that the nanny is quite depressed by the child's behaviour.. Not excluding me.. Aiyaa.. sakit telinga woo dengar tu budak jerit2..She even throw her food on the floor..Poor Makcik cleaner..she had to clean it all over again..
The little girl's mother can't stand her child's behavior so she rushes to the girl's seat and she slap her. The girl was like shocked. And yes she cried..but not too long.. I guess she already get used to that situation.. Waa..I can't stand the 'picture' I saw in front of me. How could a mom slap her own child.. ya..maybe she's was educating (did I say educating? more like torturing..) her to be well behave.. but imagine what will be the understanding of the child? Later when she grew up, she'll do the same because she thinks that it is not wrong to do it.. I've imagined myself in the girl's mother's shoes. I see myself not slapping my son. but gave him what he want. If he cannot get what he wants, just say no.. Haven are behaving quite satisfying currently. He knew when I said 'NO' means he cannot. So he will not insist. Sometimes when he insisted, I gave him other option. And it always worked. In my opinion, I can't always give him what he wants. Or else, he will be spoiled. 
When I was in my childhood, my dad always says 'NO' and it makes me angry...because my friends always gets what they want, but me? A big 'NO' from my dad. My life as a child is full of punishments. But I never blamed my dad. Some might say that it will give a bad influence in the future of the child. But I see it from a different view. He teaches me not to be like him. Ya, me and my other siblings always got to do the 'ketuk ketampi' or 'injut' in sabahan dialect, not in the house. But infront of my neighbour house.!!
Konfem la bha malu.. But those are sweets memories.. Reminiscing the pasts makes me laugh..Skarang bila suda besar semua, my dad x suda dapat denda.. dia pla yg pndai ada angin kol2 kami semua adik beradik.. "saya pndai rindu kamu oh.." haha.. so sweet la my dad..Eh.. back to the topic!
Well.. Who am I to tell.. Other people got their own ways of treating their children. And I'm only a newbies. But, do we have to beat them?Huhu..
Child is the most fragile thing in the cud a mother beat her own little girl?
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Stuck again at KLSentral!!!!

Aiya!!!!!! Macam sa mo besilat wo dcni waiting area... delay lg train 1 jam..Ciss! menggugat kesabaran jiwa betul woo.. Why oh why we are among the slowest transportation in the world? tingu Korea..Tingu Jepun..huhuuuu... Masa itu Emas wahai Malaysia.. KTM nih kan.. kin panash tul woo..
Ngam la tu sa isi questionaire td semua "sangat tidak berpuas hati".. Saya terpaksa..terpaksa ambi ni train sebab puduraya jauh..huhu..beg sa lg berat..and sa penat mo nek turun tukar LRT untuk pg pudu seja..huhu..dats y saya snggup byr lebih untuk tren!!! BoooOOoooOOoo..

terima ja la.. other option.. "KTM Berhad memohon maaf ke atas kelewatan anda"..yeeii...!! geram wo dengar ni announcement.. As simple as Sorry??

Banyak kali sda mcm ni..malangnya nasib sa ni..huhu..thn ni la start delay2..before this x pun... huhu.. ini ka Rakyat Didahulukan, Pencapaian Di Utamakan? Chiitt...Poodah~

Org cakap, kalau mau awet muda, muka manis..sentiasa senyum walau dalam apa jua keadaan..bha.. mari lah kita bersenyum-senyuman.. ^_^ Ngee~~~

Penat jenjalan..

Hihi..bkn penat mana fact..enjoying myself..It's been a quite long time since we go out together.. Altho just went out to buy some clothes for my presentation (Mini VIVA) but I still have good time with him..
Bought a ladies blazer and slacks..uhh..mahal beli ja la..*mishkin suda ni* 
Is it normal for ladies to think twice about spending money? Or it was just me being too fussy? huhu.. Bepikir dua kali nih sa td.. 1 baju sda RM9+..tambah lg slacks dekat 2rat woo..bagus klu keja suda..baru presentation..huhu..tapi..apa2 pun. dia jg yg belikan saya..mana la sa ni mampu mo bli benda2 tu.. Itu pun marah suda dia tym sa mo c balik..haha.."bukannya selalu.." dia bilang.. then...fikir punya fikir..iya kan..tu blazer ble pasg dgn mana2 bju..sluar slack tu ble pakai hari2 pi class (terutamanya class BEL di mana mesti pkai slack ni..No jeans allowed)
Ambi ja la...huhu..banyaknya duit habis hr ni..bkn bli bju sa bli henpon dia..waa..bukan yg murak2..yg mo dkt 1K..
Tp..apa2 pun..duit dia..dan....sda bbrapa bulan dia keja..dpt gaji..dia x guna 1 sen pun untuk dia..dia spend untuk anak2 and sa pun kc biar ja..biar la..sekali skala treat his ownself kan..gembira dia..haha..
Hasil dr persetujuan saya..maka..Nokia XpressMusic Mini menjadi miliknya..hihi..suma ciri2 yg dia mau ada..wifi..3G..GPS ada..bole la.. RM850..sukup laitu..puas ht suda..
Yg bikin tmbah happy sa, da blang mo c bli sa 1 mcm tu jg nnt lpas adjustment gaji dia..hihi...kaler pink..waa..waa! x sabar tunggu bulan 4 nih!! saya tunggu!!! jaga kalau nangis2 smpai dia meluat tengok muka saya,..haha.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I miss baby Harvey damn much..

This is the latest picsy that my brother just sent to me..huhu.. i really miss my son.. ='( I cry every night..because I miss him.. and sadly.. my husband also cry because he was the one who sleep with Harvey everyday.. huhu..kesian kan kami? so..anyone who knows someone who wanted to be a full time nanny..let me know.. Senang ja keja..jaga dia time malam seja..siang dia kna hantar pi tempat aunty Angel.. so the 'nanny' ble rehat2..and help do some house chores la.. but.. work in KL la.. sebab kami dsni kan..

 He's getting chubbier day by day..
Mt lil brother also learn how to take care of young ones.. hehe..since he was the last one kan.. no 'adik'
Urgh!! almost the same size!

Huhu..the flash was too bright.. Poor Harvey..
Huhu..this is a 4month baby weighing 8.05kg.. Don't worry..He'still in the normal line in baby's development  graph.
Wait ah Harvey.. Mommy will be home soon.. Mmuah!!

Flu Season..

Lately..many students here in Segamat caught flu..Including me and my whole roomate...We cough and puff at nite..really annoying because disturbing our beauty sleep and the whole body feels tired to do anything.. especially 'Assignments'.. maybe this is the flu+lazy symptoms. At noon today, we go to Penawar that's what we call our Medic Unit. As we reach there, I can't register myself because I totally forgot about my matrix card dem me. So only the three of them go through. It's ok, because I'm feeling that I'm getting better compared to the last few days.. where I my nose stuck with Mr. Ingus.
Registration counter..
Drink a lot of water when you fall sick to avoid dehydration
Hmm..For the very first time, since I've been studying here for 2 years now, I've stepped into the Penawar Building..before this I only reached the outside area because we' were shooting a video about 'shengbing' for the Mandarin assignments. (shengbing means sick)
While waiting for them to finished up their check up or what-so-ever, I captured some picsy.. Feel bored kan..Paham2 ja la 'Hospital'.
Them..waiting turns..
 Tgkp gmbr dlu skijap!
Marion..feelin so tired..
Nella was smiling..but Marion..Abviously too sick to smile..
Altho we're sick, we still can camwhore..haha! True camwhore!
Appy 1st..
Click here to follow her 
Then Marion..she only nods at what the pharmacist said..but then she asked us.."yg ini bila mo mkn ni ah?" haha!
Then Nella..Dem you anonymous..u ruining the picsy!
Result...Lots of drugs to spoil..yeah!
And not forgetting..the 'ticket'.. So, bye2 classes..hee~
Same sweater.. huahuahua..
Nice decoration..To cheer up the boring environment..
 yeah..Nella..and ME!
Ok..time to go..last pic..
After stepping out from the building, we go to Ibu (a cafe) and I treat them lunch..hee..though I'm not rich or have lotsa money, but sometimes it's better to treat your friends.. ^_^ I feel glad..
Aiya..tomorrow my schedule is so pack! from 8am-6pm woo..huhu..and I haven't taken my shower yet..haha..And haven't done my laundry..Betimbun suda!! So, chaws..~~ 
P/s: Don't fall sick!
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Monday, February 22, 2010

Leadership gathering 2010!!

CSS VJ (Vineyard of Jesus)

I was hidden by the hairy leg!! Arghh!!

This is our group's version of The Mummy Return!
Us!!! Crazily having a blast time..owmygawd! i look like a bitch screaming!

This is our fellow Christian friend from West Africa..hi name is Mark.

Girls! Girls! Girls! Woman!

 Waiting for the bus at the Plaza Toll...

Too tired to tell the summary..huhu..its somelike a camp..CSS activities..MJCC thingy..
We have a very good time and of course some inputs from the camp in becoming leaders.. I say 'some' because many of them lost..well..I'm not really a seminar type of person.. I can't stand makes me sleepy.. All I remember is the exciting activities in the session.. Such as building trusts in groups by lifting every members..Cooperation and TRUST is a must..if not..then the person who'd been carried will fall and terhantuk la di lantai.. Lagi interesting.. Joshua, the biggest and heaviest participants in the camp was in my group!! wargh!! We thought we'd never be able to lift him..but praise the Lord..Nothing is impossible when we have trust. hee~ 


Bila waktu pulang ke tempat masing-masing.....
We were worry hell to death when the bus just pass in front of us without stopping.. we were all like screaming "arghh!!! pakcik!! berhenti!!" "Huargh!! sa mau balik Segamat! xmau tertinggal bas!!" "Bubut tu bas!!!" hahaha... alih-alih wrong bus lar..apa daa.. haha.. but it was the office operator's fault too.. when Appy call and asked what was the plate number, he said 'JLN 9787'.. When the pak cik RELA who worked at the plaza tol saw us running and screaming at the bus, he come towards us and help to call and asks the operator again..but this time the operator said "JKV 9787" what da... F?? JLN is way to far from JKV.. mo cakap Appy salah dengar, cannot be..because I saw her typed the plate number on her phone.. Stupid operator.. Whatever..but still.. we have a goodtime at the toll.. taking stupid pictures while many vehicles passed by us..haha..
Anywho.. I'm damn tired right now.. fuck off all the assignments.. will do it tomorrow..hehe..last minute work.. Off to bed now.. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm a bad mom

Ya..I am a bad mom..I left my son in Sabah.. in law can't take care both of them here any longer because they were tired of sleeping they were working during the day..And I feel sorry for them..because I'm in Segamat ,Johor..Studying and my husband is working in shift..If he had a night shift then he can't take care of them at night..
On 15th feb recently, I went back Sabah together with Harvey. I left him with my mom. She agreed to take care of him. Well..Serves me right. last night I cry to sleep. And my husband keep on pleasing me to stop me from crying. It was only for temporary. But still, I feel guilty to my son. I've promised myself that I'll be back after exam in May, and do my practical training in Sabah so I can take care of him. But then, I have to be apart for a while with my husband and my oldest son Haven..huhu.. too much dilemma for me. But this is the challenge of being a wife, mom and a full time student.. What a lot of decision to be made.
I love them.. all three of them.. my husband, and my sons. With all my heart. And that's for real.

Picture taken before I left him for KL.. huhu
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