Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We're INDIE Band? Yeerr.. I wish so..

Haha.. last Sunday me and my roomie have a performance for Sector B Dinner (hostel pnya).. and we sang Ternyata&Stay by Estrella and Selepas kau Pergi by Laluna..Lagu 'Ternyata' tu kmi bawa unplugged..(pinjam gitar kawan) c Marion yg main.. Well..sound da x kuat..kici ba amplifier tu gitar.. Overall I'm not quite satisfied with the performance because of here and there pnya problem..such as sound system x besh.. X ckup mic.. kelam kabut.. tu Multimedia pnya urg salal click lagu.. macam mau turun stage ja tym da salah kc bunyi lagu..ada ka berulang balik tu lagu..and she keeps arguing "Ini ke? Ini ke?" dari jauh.. padahal baru ja kami nyanyi tu lagu.. Now that's what I call STUPID.
Ahh..WTF la suma tu.. yang penting suda selesai.. keesokannya..ada nota di bawah pintu bilik kami stating that she ants to join our band and gave her phone number as well as her name.. adeih.. Dik..kami bkn band yerk.. Kami suka suki seja nyanyi².. Sampai tahap YDP Kolej pi egur kami sebab melalak time Maghrib.. haha... (which is so funny..kuang kuang kuang) mana kami tau tu suda maghrib..(sorry yaa)..
Enuff the nagging .. here some snippets of camwhoring..hihi..
 K.A.M.I B.I.S.I.N.G
 Posing di jalan raya..miahaha..
 Notice the inner and legging? heiya..ni la ni Uni x ble nampk aurat..
 Ya la.. muka saya..
 Nella.. hee.. I love this pic.. Sa yg ambil kan.. ngee~
 What a mess..ni baru separuh..4 meja semua penuh..
 Ace & Appy
 B.I..T.C.H(Beautiful, Intelligent, Talented, Charming & Hot)
 Marion, Ace, Nella & Appy
 Like this too.. kalau teda tu baju di bahu lg smart.. haha!
 Yerr..teda saya.. ='(
 Trip sexay..
 Yang ni pic tym pi karoke hari tu..miahaha..gila la! Urg di luar pun sampai terjenguk² tingu di dalam..

P/S: C Marion kc rusak tu tali gitar bikin sangkut di bahu.. ^__^ babaalibaba..


Friday, March 26, 2010

I play..G.u.i.t.a.r

Treng teng teng.. hihi.. ^__^
 Ni kunu sa men gitar..haha..bida neh..

Got interview..

11AM today, I got an appointment with Miss Mary Ann from EMS audit firm to do an interview. Yesterday, my in law gave me the company's phone number (she got it from a friend of a friend of her) and she asked me to try call and asked them regarding doing my practical training there. So I called, and this Ms Mary Ann asked me to fax her my resume. I faxed it, then she called me back. She said OK in a very excited way and asked me "so what is your expected salary" I was blurr.. Because I was only going to do a practical training. They were the one who determine the allowances. I don't care how much the allowances is, what's important is the experience and filling my log book. When she asked me what is my expected salary, I thought she misunderstood me of wanting to work there. Or maybe she thought I was going to work there even after my practical training is done. 
Then I told her "I'm not sure about that because I'm only doing practical training. Usually the company determine how much the allowances is." then she said, "ow, OK. We'll talk about that tomorrow. By the way, can you start early as in April?" I replied her "April? I'm still doing my exams." Then she asked when I'll finished the last paper of exam and gave 17th May (supposed to be 1st June) to be my 1st day job. Hmm.. That means, I got the job right? Then why does she still need to do the interview? And as far as I know, for practical students there's no need to do interviews. Maybe I should make it clear when we meet each other during the interview. 
Uww..Btw.. I wonder why she wanted me to start as early as 17th May? Maybe...(maybe la kan...teori sndiri ja ni) they are busy during the month to prepare the company's financial statement for 2009. Sebab annual report must be out paling last pun 6 months from the date of closing of account last year. Usually 31st Dec kan? So..June mesti ada..Ghaaa~~~~ mati laini kalau la betul..mesti kelam kabut banyak keja..
Ok..now I'm hell nervous. never done any interview before but got many tips and lessons from attending Carier talk during in Uni. I hope it'll help me.. Wish me luck! And..if she really wants me to work there for this 6 months, waa.. I will be happy.. because I'll get my own paycheck! No need allowances. I want Paychecks! Haha.. bagusnya la kalau betul..Instead of doing practical training, jd employee trus for 6 months. lagi berbaloi. nah.. x suda sabar mo pakai baju keraja ni..hihi.. ^___^  laku jg pla resume sa..Untung jg la ambi course akaun (walaupun I hate it.. only a part of it la..hihi)

******some snippets for the most recent activity of mine lately******

 "Tiada bintang...dapat menerangkan hati..."

Photos are taken on 21st March..while attending Battle of the Band and Azlan & The Typewritter charity gigs.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Recently my bro involve in accident..here are some pictures of it..

What a waste...but thank goodness he's safe..

Still can't sleep..that's why i post this..owh..by the way, my left under eye keeps on pulsing..What was that supposed to mean?

Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday the Free day

As I've mention above..Friday is my free day..but it means nothing to me today..Can't go home..$ problem..which is the thing that I hated the most... Urgh!!! I miss my son.. and him..next week also can't go home.. Got video project to be done..huhu.. 
Yesterday, my big bro involve in an accident.. what the? thank goodness he's safe and sound.. but the car..huhu..imagine..tin cola yg kena kc kemek..huhu..pdahal da bru habis duit untuk kc cantik tu kreta..cat baru..tinted window..nahaa..skarang rugi2 ja byr bulan2 tp x guna kreta..my dad ckp tu kreta x bole bikin sda..sgt teruk..well he knows it well.. he's a mechanic kan..
Tadi pagi my sis call me.. then I heard Harvey's voice.. he's laughing.. ow me gowd!! He's soo cute giggling..huhu.. I miss him.. very much.. here is some recent pictures that my bro sent to me..

 Arghh!!!! I think I'm going crazy!!! hari2 tngok video da..huhu..video da sgt bikin kesian..da mcm merungut2 nih.. "jaat ow dolang..kaci tnggal sa sturg2 cni sabah..huhu..namau kwn kmu lagi.." some sort like that la mungkin da mrungut2 tu..huhu..
 Bikin kesian kan? kmu faham ka apa da ckp tu? kc translate sa..huhu

 Ni pla video dia betiarap..huhu..
Uh! Oh! sangat sakit hati pada diri sendiri!!!
Walaupun hari ni ialah hari untuk bermalas-malasan, tapi tetap x siyuk nih sa rasa... A lot of things is missing.. huhu...

Monday, March 15, 2010

My handwork....

Last nite was my roomie's course Dinner nite.. the theme was Masquerade featuring Black & White Nite.. And they asked me to be their makeup artist.. Haha.. i'm not that good.. Still learning.. But I dare to take it as an experience.. Hee.. Experimenting colours on others.. Here goes nothing..
 Nella... During makeover..hihi
 Huh..bidanya mak andam dia nih.. Puih!
 Rambut...yg di bikin2...haha
 Huh..jangan pandang 'itu'.. haha.. Bersemangat kan saya?
Lepas tepek2 bedak sana sini, then the Drama begins....
 Both of them, saya yang mikap..hihi.. Nella & Appy
I love this pose.. Appy looks hawt!
Phantom of the Opera (Versi prempuan)
Drama Queen
Busted! Sneaking out~
Kertas Dinding girl..
I like drama.. Drama! Drama! Drama!
Cinderella Story..

"Ade Bakat Ke?" Ada bah...

I've joined a singing contest a few days back, and I've proved them that I got talent...Haha.. Though I only join it just for fun and never intend to win any title, but thanks to God.. It was my fortune to win it.. The other contestant were also very talented. I admit I was hell nervous that nite because its been a quite long time I've stopped singing actively (except during shower). It as also a Flop Poppy Mini charity concert, and YES I was able to get their autograph and picsy..hihi.. Here is the video of me singing (x la sedap mana pun sora sa..xtau mcm mana ble menang)

Thanks to my supporter that nite. KAMU MEMANG BEST!!! hihi..sangat menghargai apa yang dorg buat utk sa mlm tu.. Walaupun kmi sikit, tapi semangat setinggi gunung. Xda yg ble kasi kalah..haha.. Paling kuat suara lg tu dorg teriak (walaupun beberapa 'ekor' ja)
Siap ada banner G R A C E lagi tu..huUuhu.. so kiut la kmurang nie.. terharu sa..

Kiyut kan dorang.. huhu..sangat terharu dengan kawan2 saya..
 A friend..and a fan..huahua..Ada fan ni..jgn main2! haha
 Ow yeah.. Flop Poppy (not that interested la..but that nite, they perform live acoustic version..sangat suka!!!)
Me..simple seja me that nite..pkai dress (tapi ada seluar jg..UiTM kan..mna bley seksay) rambut pun urai ja..tambah tocang ja sana dahi..a lil bit hippie ni sa rasa..)
 Hee.. Nella.. My roomate.. She's a Sarawakian
 The guy is one of my fan...
 Ow yeah.. mo pelayang piala nih..jaga..haha
 I WON!!!!!
 Hee.. macam artis..
At first when the MC announce the winner (they announce the 1st place dulu bru yg 1st runner up) saya pun blurr.. siap tanya orang lagi, saya dapat nombor berapa? And they laugh.. "U dapat No 1 la kak grace".. sayay pun.. huh?? haha..siap ketawa lagi saya.. betul2 x sangka sebab the 1st runner up lg mantap gila sora dia. she sang Langit Ke-7 and the other one I forgot the title.. Fuhh...punya smart da nyanyi tu langit ke 7.. She is really good at high pitch part.. respect dia.. Me? I sang Cobalah Untuk Setia by Kris Dayanti and Seindah Biasa by CT Nurhaliza.. Both my fav artist. Yg lagu CT tu ada sa tersalah masuk verse...ngee~ But syukur dapat kejar balik..1 ayat ja sa tlampau awal masuk..haha..bsmangat btul nyanyi part tinggi kan..haha..
Bha..itu2 ja la.. penat suda sa minta puji nih.. Hee~ ^_____^ (senyuman paling lebar).. lama suda x mengangi ba..Nasib bek masi buli mengangi..my passion for life nih..huhu..


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Budak2 zaman sekarang

Dia siap marah lagi kalau saya  off ni laptop..Jadi..habis la keyboard sa 'tak! tuk! tak!' oleh c Haven.. he's too cute to be mad at..hihi

Friday, March 5, 2010

Walking on foot....(Updated)

 Jauh kan sa jalan kaki? huhu...
 muka happy lagi tym yg bru tnggu monorel
 Sempat lagi peace
 Ni tym bjln kaki....huhu..itu hujan bubut saya
Tadi sa balik sama c APPY dari segamat. Tp bpisah di KLsentral...
Just reach home in Segambut.. I am so damn tired hell to death.. With my stomach grumbling..and the thunder and lighting outside striking..huhu.. I'm hungry.. Nasib baik x kempunan along the way home td.
I walked on foot from the KTM station Segambut until Apartment Nilam (where I stay)..huhu..sakit kaki dowh.
Thank goodness I wear wedges.. If I wear heels, confirm, bkn lg terseliuh tp PATAH KAKI..
It took me half an hour to reach the apartment. And I also lied to my in law, She called me and told me that they can't fetch me yet because they will only be home at 5pm. I can't wait that long.. It's another 2 hours to wait.! So I said I'll take a taxi.. (sa xmau dorg risau bha..huhu..) 
I dare myself to walk on foot. Not because there's no taxi around. But because I only got RM5 in hand..huhu..poor me..bulan tua ba..

Dari dulu lagi sa mo jln kaki dari stesen sampai rumah, but my hubby won't let me. Now I know why.. Because its FAR.. too many motorcycles and cars on the road (suda la segambut ni sempit2 jalan dia) I'm a woman. (sa mo ckp girl ba tu tp sa bkn girl lg pla tu..hihi)
Along the way, many honked at me.. sampai tersasul2 sa memaki nih.. Kuat ba tu hon dorg.. Bikin sakit jantung. huhu.. sa rilek ja jalan.. macam x dengar apa2.. dorg heran ba tu, sbb sa prempuan kan...bawa2 beg laptop sma beg baju lg tu bjalan kaki. 
Sa pun berhati2 la kunuk sbb takut ada snatch theft dr blakang. nah..kluar bha ilmu2 yg sa pg seminar antijenayah hari tu.
1.Berjalan bertentangan laluan jln raya...supaya kita nampk kereta atau motor yg mo dekat kita,
2. Beg tgn letak sblh kiri klu tu jenraya sblh kanan. Mo mengelak drpd senang kena tarik beg.
3. Jgn senyum2 sipu kalau kena honk.! (bikin malu bei....'perasan' dorg blang)
4. Buat muka rilek (walaupun takut2)

uih..tips buatan sendiri nih..!

Oya.. Tadi..time dekat2 rumah suda, there is this boy. He keeps on following me from back. Budak lagi nih! Macam tu baru darjah 6. Dia mcm ragu2 juga sa tingu..tapi makin lama makin dekat. Saya pegang beg laptop sa kuat2 sama beg baju. Suda tersedia bersilang tu tali beg. Supaya susah kena tarik ba tu.. 
Suddenly I realized he was at my back trying to reach my laptop's bag. I quickly turned back. And stared at him with my big googlie eyes. He was terrified and then pretending to ask "Aunty..Tau rumah Zan kat mane x?" I replied him "x kenal!" Keteh! Sia-sia kena teriak.

What kind of question is that? Punya banyak housing sana tu. Ingat kampung ka? kenal stiap urg yg tggl sana? I know he was pretending. He's trying to cover what he was going to do. Kedapatan suda kan. Aih! Budak... ingat sa takut ka? sa bubut ko balik klu ko berani curi laptop sa. Nyawa sa nih! heh!
Eeiiye.. i tot pelipin seja yg brani mncuri budak2 dia.. Ini muka Melayu bha.. Baru sa tersedar..sa kena panggil aunty..haha..siyuk pla sa rasa.. macam urg besar suda ni..

Lesson of day:
Saya tua suda dii..kalau dulu bejalan kaki dr rumah sampai pekan Telipok rilek seja. Lama suda x berlatih pgmindahu bha..huhu.. So, next time kc cukup itu duit dlm tgn..sama jangan tembirang mau jalan kaki lagi!

1 benda lg sa belajar hari ni.. Rakyat Malaysia suka buang sampah!! Brapa kali sa kna plastik sma tin mnuman kna buang dr tgkp kreta.. Kurg asam tul! So..sesiapa yang asa diri dia rakyat Malaysia, JANGAN BUANG SAMPAH MERATA-RATA! Take Singapore as an example. Teda 1 sampah pun ampai2.. (kwn2 sa yg ckp la..hihi..)
Errei..panat deh.. Sa tidur dlu..sambil tggu dorg semua datang.