Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm Obsessed with Gossip Girl...XoXo... ^_^

Yeah rite.. GG.. haha.. Its like my initial.. Grace G...My dad's workshop also called GG Workshop.. hee..
Ok.. I know this so not the time to be obsessed with any other things other than books! Its exam weeks. But no one's can stop me from sticking my eyes on my lappy screen watching GG season 3.. Eversince I watch Gossip Girl season 2, I'm obssesed with it. haha.. ( I skipped season 1)
Always in download mode, I'm downloading every movies that I missed watching in cinema.. (I'm not a teen nemore kan.. No more dating2..huhu..I miss it tho)
So far my exams is kinda gewd.. bole la senang hati.. because there's only 1 paper left! Yeepie!
Yesterday was a very hectic day for me. I didn't took my breakfast, and go straight to exam. Its accounting subject. So I was studying the whole nite, pisit-pisit senjata budak akaun=kalkulator. Without it, we won't survive. Then I go back to KL right after finishing my exam.. Another paper coming up is on 8th May.. Its 11 day gap!! What a holiday..haha.. So here I am.. at home.. alone.. my husband suddenly xchange his off day with his shift mate.. So tommorrow he got a day off with me.. 1 whole day!! Uh! Oh! So wanting to do this.. Go makan2 around town..hehe..
Felt kinda relief after exam, (no I didn't peek at any toyol) haha.. Its just that, I'm proud of myself for being able to answer all the question, altho i knew there's a lot of mistakes here and there.. naah.. who cares.. as long as I didn't skipped any of the questions.
Back to Gossip Girl thang.. You can watch it online or download it here and even download other TVShows.. feel free to enjoy it.. As I am.. but beware of downloading box office movies because its not 100% satisfactory.
So.. enjoy~
(Back watching The Vampire Diaries) Uh! Oh! Its also a Must-See Tv Shows.!! Currently I have the latest episode.. hee.. Don't envy me.. Wee~~

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

1st Paper..I freaked out...

Today is the first day of exam.. And I freaked out. I don't know why suddenly I feel nervous and my mind was blank.. Altho I've read a lot the last few days regarding this subject. My.. maybe it was because 1 semester break makes my utak betagar.. Hmm..
This subject.. AIS510 (Accounting Information System) is not that hard.. But full of reading and memorizing the terms.. huhu.. I managed to answers most of the question (note the word 'most') well.. not all of it.. though I've read the notes.. again and again.. and the answers is there...its just..my brain got stuck! And I can't remember!!! Argh!! I am very mad at my brain right now.. WHY CAN'T YOU REMEMBER WHAT YOU'VE READ!!!!!
Time dalam exam hall lg la.. x tahan ni tunggu lama2.. macam semua bunyi makin kuat sa dengar..bunyi urang mnulis..bunyi org ketuk2 meja..tu aircon lg..trus sa x tahan, sa cepat2 isi semua ruang ksong yang tinggal dengan ayat2 mengguring sampai hangus.. Then, cepat2 keluar sblum 30 minit terakhir..harap2 x sia2 dakwat pen saya..
huhu.. ok..I'm goin crayzay..
I'm a little bit worried about this subject..well..my on-going-assessment mark is not that gewd..only 28.7/50..sukup2 makan ja..huhu.. Well..altho I should be glad for not being in the failed territory..
Hopefully I can pass..wlaupun bkn dgn warna terbang..
Adeiss.. well..past is past.. tomorrow got another paper.. Ethics.. well..this one, I think I can score.. since I got the highest assessment mark..33.8/40..huahuahua... I tought I was barred from exam because my name was highlighted in red on the notice. It turned out that all my penat lelah x cukup tidur is worth it.. Syukur la nak..And I'm happy with it... with a big grinn on my face.. ^__________^
Also got good marks in 3rd language; Mandarin...30.30/40..
The rest...hurmm..I don't know..yet..
I'm hoping that I'll be able to increase my CGPA..currently..not something that I can be proud of..

Dear Lord...please let me get what I should get since I've worked my butt of for all these subjects... ;P (sorry lord..harsh word there..)
Uh! Oh! not forgetting.. My husband won't sayang me anymore if I fail. He said that.. during lunch..on the phone... (kiddin)
What ever the result will be, saya redha....

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


21st April..
22nd April..
26th April..
8 May...
wish me luck and full of of knowledge during answering..hihi..

Friday, April 16, 2010

"Dan Sebenarnya" cover by BeLLa Ace

Actually I was using the wrong chords..But who cares..as long as I can sing along..hihi..
By the way.. The chord I'm using is for Estrella-Stay.. ^_^
Enjoy my lousy voice...Not forgetting the out of pitch..hihi..

Oya..ujung dia sala lirik tu..hihi.. Ignore it..

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mocking Words...

I hate "Bebal" or "Bodo" or "teda utak"..
Especially when people call me that..
I don't care..who you are..whether you realize it or not..
I'm starting to hate you... I'll quit playing angel.. Now I want to be the devil..maybe its much more better..
You'll regret what you've said.. just watch and learn.. heh!
Hahahahaha! Ngrrrrrrrr.....

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I miss my dad grounding me at home..huhu

Kalau time dulu-dulu.. benci betul bila daddy marah kami kluar rumah ujung minggu..Sekarang..bila besar2 suda semua, x suda kna grounded.. Rindu pla ni mo minta marah daddy..minta denda injut depan rumah.. kna rutan.. hihi.. Apa pnya prasaan ni.. (@_@)
Sa rindu rumah baini mungkin.. Tambah-tambah lg x dapat balik bulan 5 ni.. huhu.. Sampai mamy tanya ni hari tu "...kalau daddy ada duit, ko pulang ah..."
Geezz.. Sedih sa dengar mamy ckp mcm tu.. dorg rasa boring kali tu sebab semua kami adi beradik sambung study.. Walaupun ada abang sma adi sa c Koyo di rumah skarang, tp mungkin mamy sa rindu mo mengumpat sama ketawa2 sma kami ni yg prempuan..kasian gia mamy sa..saturang ladies in the house skrg..
Tingu la ah mamy.. sa x janji.. Sob! Sob!

Lama suda x update.. Mc x tlambat ba kan kalau sa wish Happe Easter skrang..ada jg ba sa tepigi cuc..sempay lg berphotoshoot sendiri2..hihi.. 1st time sa rasa mcm Mass di Sabah..sebab dlm BM.. and ada Om..x sangka ada pla juga Om ni dcni.. Lucu jg la..dorg yg koir..trus ala ala hawai ni muzik dorg..hihi..
 Ni CuzZie sa c Cindy..sa baru tau dia praktikal jd cegu dcni Segamat..
 Nahaa! Mcm x besa..start suda ming model2 kaka..
 My legs look weird..
 Buli jadi iklan Cat Nippon ni..
 Sala setting..tlampau jauh..
 Iklan Rexona...
 See the legs la...
 Ni lagi kami CSS VJ yg tinggal..huhu..
 Jari sa paling kuyus..huhu
 Mcm antu di wayang cina ni..tggu boyfren..hihi

K la.. Wo yao kan shu.. Mingtian you Huayu writing Test..huhu..Zhu wo gudluck k? hee~~~