Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Game Is On! (1st paper for final xm) + new header..

Wish me luck on my first final exam paper today.
Hope I can do well and memorize all the notes (the whole text book hopefully!!)

Owh..And btw.. notice my new template & header? Wink! Wink! Oink! Oink! (Snobbish face)

All the best to me! ^_^


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Away for a while..

My final examination will start on 28th.. And end at 9th May.
Frankly speaking.. I am not well prepared. Adrenaline rush. Panic.Nervous.

It's because of :
28th April Internal Audit
29th April External Audit
30th April Corporate Finance (Uh! I hate maths!)
---------1 week off`-----------
7th May Accounting theory
8th May Accounting information system
9th May Strategic management


My preparation is still 0.01%..
Due to tangle in my head regarding my sick son..huhu..
Well.. I'll be starting right after publishing this post.
I'll be away for a while.
Hope I can do well in my final exam.


..::Exam mode turn ON::..

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

When I'm home..

Yeah! Study week for UiTM Students have already started since Friday last week. But as for me? Duh..Still have quiz this Thursday. Since Diploma & Degree students will start different semester session next semester, the final exam for this semester also have been split into 2 parts. Diploma first starting this Wednesday..And then followed by Degree students starting on 28th..And by that time, all the Diploma students will be home already. Left. Me and a few degree students staying at hostel.. uh! Oh! Thinking of staying outside with my other classmates, but..Naah..Depends la..I prefer to be alone at my room..Studying. (Kalau study lah..)
Owh! Btw. Yesterday I met my husband. Go dating sekejap even for an hour only. Hahaha..nearby UKM KTM station only bah.. Go for drinks only. And some chit chat. Like kawan-kawan. Cian dia.. He still got class. So..can't force him to go home. This Friday he'll be home. Me too.. Haha..a bit complicated for me. Just reach home yesterday..Tomorrow have to go back Segamat for Audit Quiz on Thursday..And then be back to KL on Friday.. ^_^
Apa saja untuk keluarga terchenta.
Well..At home.. macam biasa.. Both my son were very happy.. Last nite when I reached home, dorg masih dgn baby sitter. The aunty bawa dorg jalan2 pg KLIA sbb anak tu aunty balik Rusia. (Doctor la katakan)..Then bila dorg sampai, si Harvey already fell asleep. Si Haven sj excited nampak saya.
At home, I take shower..then I heard Harvey's voice. Owh..Dia bangun suda.. Monolog dalaman. When I came out from the bathroom..I called out his name. He gave a first glance. Then he gave me another glance. Trus dia senyum-senyum sambil goyang-goyang kaki minta turun dari lap grandpa dia.. hahahaha..laju trus pi terkam saya.. *aww..sho shweet..*
And then bedtime..Macam biasa la wayang wajib dorg. Ratatouile..*Ratatikus da blang si Obon*
Dua-dua minta peluk. Aiyark! Camana nih? Terpaksa la saya yang tidur di tengah2 sambil letak dorg kiri kanan. Wah..bahagia dunia sa skejap. Ya la.. It's been a while didn't get the chance to sleep with my 2 boyfriend. ^_^
Hari ni kira mo babysit dorg. But my in law suruh jg hantar pi tmpat aunty. Dia suruh sa study. study apa..Buku pun x bawa..hahaha..nasib baik ada soft copy notes dlm lappy..
Actually want to go out ba today. But guess my friend si Appy still tidur. Yesterday she got Java Contest. Xtau menang ka x.. K la..Will update later.. Coz' lately, no time to update. Ni pun sebab boring di rumah.
For students. All the best in your upcoming final exam. And to you friends, include me in your prayer, so I'll pass with flying color in my Final Exam for this is my Final Semester as student. ^_^
Till then. Goodbye for now.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

AF? My opinion..

Who doesn't know AF (Akademi Fantasia) an academy and a fantasy.. =P
For those who wants to be a singer or just a celebrity, you're chance are blown by the wind already because AF this year will be the last. (wonder it is for real or just as a provocation).
Welll..I've watched the Tirai AF.. And of course I've watched Nera's performance.. O ow... She can sing.. but sometimes she misses the tempo..x sharp org cakap.. Yep..She can dance! ^_^ Tym dia nyanyi waka-waka... Hehe..funneh..kontrol2 jg dia tu..sebab pakai heels kan..
But if' you're talking about showmanship? I'd prefer Lena.. another contestant from Sabah.. but..I'm people will fall with her voice+dance or fail because of her bubblyness.. Bubbly is nice.. But too much will be annoying..I think Pak Nil was annoyed when she kept interupting him speaking until he said 'diam!'..haha.. But I love her voice tho.. Rock-rock gtu..And paling sa suka..tym da nyanyi lagu dangdut 'Dag Dig Dug'..*pandai da pilih lagu*..And her dance.. WOW..Goyang gerudi mcm Inul.. haha..tapi x melampau la.. yang sedang-sedang begitu..I like it.. Ngam untuk pembukaan Tirai Akademi..
From voice view? Hm... *Cewaah..mcm pengkritik seja sa ni..* I like Amir.. He sang 'Aku Scandal' Hujan..I like it..He sang it like it was his song..really nice.. I really love people who can sing other artist's song like it was theirs.. And his voice is very..Macam mana mo cakap ah? Sedap didengar.. Walaupun muka x sberapa..tapi..suara menusuk kalbu..Tambah2 lagi bila dia nyanyi lagu 'Seribu tahun' by Imran Ajmain..Another good job...
Well.. Overall.. I didn't watch the others..haha..i only watch this three contestant based on my friends preference.. =P
Nera can do better.. And I support her.. *tapi x undi..hbs keridit saya..* Hope she will show more of her talent in the first assignment..But too bad.. lagu dia dapat 'Cinta Gila' by Mila.. Adess... Si Lena dapat lagu 'Lagu untuk Kuala Lumpur' by Tom.. Ngam sama suara dia.. Come on Nera.. get out of your safe place.. Give us more!!
Go Nera Go! *Ala2 lagu 'Jahat' Stacy gitew*

Well.. Goodluck to all the contestants.. ^_^

Monday, April 4, 2011

AOB Seminar was a success!

AOB (Audit Oversight Board) Seminar organized by us (final year student), Bachelor of Accountancy UiTM Johor, was quite satisfying and received some credit given by our Program Coordinator Pn.Mus.. She said, it's the best formal occasion so far organized by accounting bachelor students..Hahaha.. *Bongga la!*
Well...just like any other seminars, there will always be audience who fell asleep during the talk. The speakers notice itself..Hahaha..
Well.. I was the emcee of the ceremony accompanied by a classmate, Naim, who is a very taaaalllllllll guy.. I can conclude that it's not my fault for being short.. It was him, for being very taaaaalllllll.. hahaha.. Of course I felt nervous *sampai x kluar dr hall utk mnum pagi* tambah2 lg the we have to conduct it fully in English. Nasib la emcee text sa suda prepare awal2..Yep..there's butterflies in my tummy at that time.. Scared that there will be changes in program all in a sudden. But thank God no major changes. Only minor..but me and Naim can handle it. (^_^)v
 Enjoy some snippets during the seminars and! hahaha... *selected picture*

The Emcees
 The Ad-Hocs + Mc
 The birthday girl
 So colorful..Everyone got free gift bag ^_^

*More pics to be updated*