Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Spending our weekend at Ancasa

Last Saturday, we've spent our weekend at AnCasa Resort Allsuites, Port Dickson. It's a nice getaway for family. You can view the information here. They have many activities such as Tai Chi, water sports, swimming lesson for kids, kids club, cycling, and lots lots more. They even got small gym, and karaoke room! My advice if you're planning to stay at Port Dickson on weekends, Book Early. We've call a few hotels 1 week before to book a room, but all of the hotels are fully booked! Woow.. Then we found out about this AnCasa resort. It's an apartment with choices of 1 room apt/ 2 room apt or 3 rooms apt and the rates vary between sea view and garden view. Of course sea view would be a little bit expensive. The apartment is quite okay, everything is clean when we checked in the apartment. ^_^ Jadi rumah sementara... hehe.. We've enjoy ourselves during our stay and feel quite satisfy with the services.

So, enjoy the pictures..
Si kecil yang sangat gigih mengayuh dalam air..hahaha..
Si Haven yang fobia air..Last time when my MIL brought him to PD for their office event, Haven accidentally almost drown. His grandma terlepas pandang. Palis palis.
Main tepi kolam seja la..
Daddy giving swimming lesson to Harvey..hahaha..
Didn't managed to capture lots of pictures around the garden..padahal garden dia cantik..xpa la..
Jalan2 at pantai..

Collect batu2 untuk akuarium di rumah..^_^
Aahh..the boys..Busy digging up hunting for treasure chest..haha
Mata Kuyu Harvey..is actually a weapon to kill..Bila buat perangai x sampai hati marah dia..
Showing off my skills in front of the kids..haha
Their 1st time playing with dirt..haha
Ini macam mo bikin jamban seja ni..haha
With MIL & FIL
Going back to apartment to get our stuffs and then check out.
Singgah sebentar kasi chance budak-budak main game..cewah..macam la terer..kena kasi duduk seja pun..haha..
At the balcony..Almost pengsan tingu bawah..aiyaa..Gayat..
A little bit blur, but u still can see Harvey on the floor.. Ini la budak punya perangai kalau x kena ikut apa yang dorg mau..kalau di shopping mall lagi la..x kesah mana2, dia baring seja..
Penat..sampai tertidur...tingu tu mainan pasir dia..kena bawa naik katil jg..hahaha..
The family outing is satisfying. many things happens and yet to be remembered..Bila dorg suda besar2 nanti, maybe jarang sudah sama-sama..Tau2 ja la..busy hal masing2..have their own circle of friends suda kan..hehe..

FunFact: Harvey's 1st scoop of the sands goes to his mouth. Hahaha..mentang2 tu scoop nampak macam sudu, terus senduk masuk mulut bah..haha..nasib baik tangan saya cepat tolak to scoop. Tapi sempat juga la pasir singgah di mulut dia..Yuck! Tiapa lah.. bila lagi mau rasa menu pasir kan Harvey. hahahaha..

That's all folks, till next post.


Monday, June 20, 2011

Thank you MIL

All my life..I've never received such a gift. And I never thought that wrist watch will be fuckin'-make-me- wanna-die-price!!

In conjunction with recent Father's Day, my dearest MIL gave my husband a wrist watch. SEIKO to be exact. And my eyes almost popped out when I saw the price tag! Buli bili hp lg 1! Wah!..Baik hati btul my MIL ni..and she even bought 1 for me..as a birthday gift. BTW, tomorrow's my birthday. Hehe..

Uuu....Saya takut mau pakai...tp kalau x pakai lg la kna marah..Mcm x appreciate kan? Xpa la..sempena sa mo start keja sda 1 July, bgaya2 dulu lah..haha..



Peace yaww~

Friday, June 17, 2011

Thank you God. (Goodbye full time student status!)

I've just received an email from UiTM regarding examination result. Finally.! I'm officially a Bachelor Degree in Accountancy Graduate! ^_^
After this I can start working..cari makan to feed my family.

Thank you to all the remarkable lecturers. I will never forget about them. I didn't only learn the subject they are teaching, but the advices they've given along being their students. Human sense, positive thinking and not to forget positive attitude. I've learned a lot from them and I am very thankful for having them as my teachers.

To all my friends, Congratulation!! We'll see each other during convocation in November!!

Goodbye full time student status!! I'm gonna change it to 'part time'. Yess! of course.! I'm not stopping here. Still have a lot to go. I'm planning to sit for CIA (Certified Internal Auditor) exam and maybe pursuing ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants). Having this 2 title will make me feel very satisfied. Yeehaa! Still got goals to be achieved!!! I will never stop learning until the last breath of my life.
Then again..It's only a plan. Who knows what might happen in the future. But, there's no harm to be a dreamer right?

Thank you for all the 'good luck' wishes during my exam. ^_^

Till next post.
Peace yaww~

I'm Dying..

It will be a freaky situation when someone told you that he/she is dying.
It will be more freaky + funneh when a 3 years old child told you that.

My babysitter is very closed to my sons. She and her husband is like a second parents for my sons. they really take care of them and caring. They sometimes brought them for jalan2. And their own children are also very close to my sons. My sons even called them 'abang' and 'kakak'. Thank goodness that I have this aunty as my baby sitter. 

The situation was like this. Recently Haven fall sick. He experienced fever, flu and cough. Then 1 day, before my baby sitter's husband goes to work, he talked to my son haven. then Haven said "Obon sakit ni uncle..Saya mo mati suda.." Uncle was very shocked to hear that and he freaked out. After he go to work, he called her wife almost every hour to check out on Haven. Yes, he was very concerned. 

In the evening, my babysitter tell me about it, and I talked to haven. I told him to never say anything like that ever again. "Obon sakit sj bah..bukan mau mati..Obon masih muda..Obon masih kuat..tu la mesti minum ubat" Altho deep in my heart says that we can't control death. Tsk! Tsk! X sangka Haven bleh cakap mcm tu.. adei..

Our guess is, he overheard my in law conversation bah. Everytime she sick she will mention about death.. Haha.. For instant: " Adei... sakit saja..mau mati sudah ni mungkin"..
I understand it was just a 'keluhan'. But maybe it's not good to say it in front of a 3 years old kid who already starting to understands things.

This is funneh yet a bit scary for me. hopefully nothing bad will happen lah. Plus, haven is getting better now. Finish taking his antibiotic already.

That's for now.
Till next post yah?

Peace yaww~

Sunday, June 12, 2011

For Haven & Harvey.. We give them FISHES!!!

Since both my son loves animals so much...(They really loves furry animals and fishes!) Even most of their sleeping toys are teddys.. =P
We grant their wishes to come true.. (too much promising Haven to bring him see fishes just to make him drink his meds)..
So today's activities is Jalan-jalan at Aquaria KLCC!!

It is located at Kuala lumpur Convention Centre Building. From Suria KLCC, you can go to the building through underground tunnel (near Cold Storage). Boleh thn juga la jauh dia..haha..
Enjoy some of the snippets... ^_^

Tiring but lotsa fun..

Admission Fee: Adult (with MyKad) RM35, Foreigners RM45
                          Child (3-12 years) RM25, below FOC

Peace yaww~

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Wow..Never thought that blogger will have a new look huh? Haha.. I'm still getting myself use to this new look. Ketinggalan keretapi bah saya ni..Busy beberapa hari..

Well.. People.. I'm almost officially not jobless anymore.. haha..almost la..sebab belum lagi start keja.
I've attended 3 interview and guess luck are on my side..They accept me. All three of it. ^_^
2 private and 1 government sector.
Nope.. Still thinking and timbang-timbang air mau pilih yang mana satu. Mau the best, the nearest and paling convenient so I can spend my time with my kids too. 

I've applied job vacancy online through jobstreet. Phase 1, I didn't put my passport photo in my account in jobstreet. Mau privacy sikit la kononnya. But it turn out, I didn't get any offer. Langsung. haha..Then I uploaded my photo, baru lah ada offer interview masuk. Wah..trully, pictures does makes a difference. Padahal dalam resume format word sy ada jg gambar. Dorg mau juga tingu gambar yg kna upload di jobstreet.

After this I will not make jobstreet profile available anymore. Sebab banyak recruitment agency yang kol2 and sms tanya2 mau kerja mcm mana. Rimas pula. Fear pun ada jg skit.Takut kena tipu ka apa kan. Mana lah kita tau. Palis2.. Touch wood.

During my interview with the private firm, I thought I didn't have any chance because they underestimated me for having no experience and and said that even if I have practical training, doesn't mean I can perform the work. Well, everything must have a start right? And of course training will help a little bit. Plus I'm a fresh graduate. FRESH. Period. Can't do anything else about that. But hey. I didn't expect that they'll accept me. Haha. Guess I have marks during the interview. Yeehaa!

Interview with the gov sector was a little bit funny. They asked me if I can sing and dance. What the eff? Hahaha..I said, yes I can. Thank goodness I was active with extra curricular activities during Uni. And yep. They accepted me. ^_^
Guess what. Another candidate was asked why they want the job. The guy gave a very honest answer. "Saya malas bangun awal". (previous job starts at 8am) Bhahaha.. Altho this job start at 9AM, but he gave the wrong answer. Of course la kena reject. Too honest is bad sometimes. Hahaha..

Hopefully I can made up my mind, and chose the best offer. For the sake of both my prince. ^_^
Wish me luck.

Peace yaww~

Friday, June 3, 2011

A 'Bla Bla' talk..

I'm starting to lose my appetite these days. Duh? Confirmed.. if you met me in another 2 days in person..You'll see a skeleton walking without a soul. Pity me. My gastrik has taken up the toll and become worst. And my husband keep on forcing me to eat! eat! and eat! although he knew that after eating I will accidentally vomit it. So, I have to take food in small portion. And adding the portion day by day until my stomach is normal again. Sigh! The old skool paranoia came hunting me back. And NO. I DO NOT HAVE ANY ANOREXIA OR BULIMIC PROBLEM. Been hearing that word since high school and I really hate those words. My skinniness has nothing to do with those 2 friggin' word. Confirmed by doctor already.
This sudden attack came due to forgot to take my meal 1 whole day few days back. Too busy cleaning the house and taking care of the 2 rascals who turns the house upside down in less than a minute.! Imagine.. 2 rascals who's 3yrs and 2yrs running around the house and can't sit down like they've taken ecstasy being hyper-super-active. My! And for sure the neighbors recognized my high pitch voice already. (Tahap urat keluar di leher)
Despite all the madness and can't-have-some-peace-moment they do entertained me and my husband. ^_^
That's the beauty of having children.
BTW, me and my husband is now trying to make Haven feel comfy without his diapers. Teehee.. 3 years already. Must train him to go to.. well you know.. hehe.. And Haven is really proud of himself when he didn't 'terkucil' in his pants. hahaha.. (altho he failed many times..another hahahaha..)
"Mamy..Obon tidak kincing dlm suay kan?" he said.. 
"Dady..Obon mau kincing..." then dady bring him to the toilet..but it's too late..hahaha.. (ketawa la konon..last-last saya juga yang lap lantai..aishh!)

Lately Haven is soooooo talkative and sometimes reach the annoying level. Paning kpala sa dengar dia bercerita. Siap paksa dengar lagi tu. Ish! There was once when it really gets to my nerve sebab dorg bungkar semua tu kusyen..adei... HAVEN! I yelled his name. Then he replied me this with mata berkaca-kaca.. "Jangan bah marah...isk!isk!" he almost cried. Then I quickly grabbed him and kiss him.."Sorry.." All that I can say.. Jahatnya saya pula ni..huhu..


I guess it's not too late for me to wish all dear folks and friends..Tobpinai...Sabahans.. Kotobian Tadau Tagazo Do Kaamatan kumaa saviavi dikoyu.. ^_^
Well ..Kaamatan is over and congratulation to winners of UN State level..Heard many rumours regarding the result..But what the hell that I care. Hahaha..

Haven't heard of Miss Earth? hehe.. Since 1 of the finalists is my dearly tobpinai Hannevy Vivie Harry.. Do visit this fanpage..(here) and 'like' her picture if you want her to be the next Miss Earth 2011.. ^_^
Also UN Tambunan 2010
If you favor another contestant, no I won't be mad. Just 'like' their picture to show your support. Hehe..
Just as a sharing..

Not only on recycling waste..But also power saving! Maklumlah..Tarif caj elektrik kan naik sudah..miahahaha....
Peace yaaw~