Sunday, October 30, 2011

Be proud of yourself... everything that you do with perseverance and determination.

And..don't forget to thanks those who deserves it including yourself.

I am proud of myself. Congratulation to me.

Thank you Lord, Mom & dad, dearest hubby who is always there whenever I need him, both my sons for giving me the determination in continuing my studies and also friends who are very supportive. Most the supportive friends are you out there dear blogger friends. All your comments in my previous old posts has helped me so much, since I've always share my thoughts & feelings here. Thank you for being so sweet. ^_^


Aim high.. 
Reach your goal..
And be thankful of what you have..

Happy weekend everyone.

*Mo bangun awal bisuk..hantar parents pi airport. Farewell mom & dad. Have a safe journey. Betul2 Heaven sa rasa when both my parents around. Somehow I enjoyed being nagged by my mom. Hahaha..

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pieces of my heart..or, what's left of it.

Hi Saturday's blogger.. I didn't even enjoyed the weekend I have at home. I woke early just to run the house chores so that my hubby won't be naggy when he got home. I've checked my mobile and I got an sms from Ely, the housemate. She sms'ed me last night telling me that she's going to her sister's. Okay..Left me alone at home since the other housie already went back to Melaka to settle her preparation on getting married this coming December. How I've wished that Sabah can be traveled back by bus. I'm pretty sure, every weekend I will go home to see my both prince.
I've prepared lunch for dearest hubby, since he's sick, and requested before going home. He haven't eaten a single rice for 2 days, so yeah.. I've asked him to come home so that I can take care of him, give him meds on time and also satisfy myself. Being apart from him during sickness, is not a good thing for me. I'm 24/7 worried about him. Because I love him so much. (Puke here, be my guest)
Haven called me just now, telling me that he didn't stayed at granny's house today. Only Harvey stayed with my mom. Haven is not very familiar with my mom, that's why he cried and said that he don't want to stay. Plus, my sis is not there anymore to accompany them. Well Harvey is not very tough to handle. He cried a little bit, but when my in laws went back already, he kept playing with my little brother. ^_^
Thank goodness I have a little bro, Gregory. He's in standard 3 now. because of him, I learned to handle a baby since I'm a little girl. Actually, form 2. And I am glad I was the eldest sister (2nd after my bro), which trained me from a young girl to take care of kids. I even take care the whole pre-school back then helping out my teacher. My mom used to be a pre-school teacher at Yayasan Sabah, so maybe the passion of taking care of children goes down to me and my other sisters. ^_^ Thank you mommy.
Being apart from my sons, made me a bad mother in the eyes of the people who doesn't even know me at all. They just knew that part of me that I am married and have 2 kids that was left in Sabah, taken care of my in laws. Sigh. A really bad introduction of me huh. I hate myself. But the other part of me, the 'mother' part, asked me to be strong. Never fell for their harsh words. It was just another test of being mom. It's not like I'll be leaving my sons forever. This was just for temporary. Once I've got my license to kill drive, then I can kill those nosey bastards send and fetch my both sons to the babysitter's house during weekdays. It really gets my nerve when hearing whisperings of people behind you when you can actually hear what they were whispering about. You.
yes, I've cried many times in the office toilets, just to release the grudge inside me. But then, I walk in pride out of the toilet straight to my desk, because I am a proud mom. Forget those friggin piggies. They're just don't have anyone else to picked out onto.
Mind my post for today. I don't have any pictures to show you what is felt inside my heart. Reading this until the end, makes me really thankful and how sweet of you to keep on reading this piece of my heart. ^_^
Thank you. 

Have a nice weekend everyone.


Sunday, October 9, 2011

You can't fool me!!! I have an honours degree coming in 2 weeks time!! =P

Too show off ey the title..hahaha.. I'm just excited that my convocation day is around the corner! Yeay!

Ok..The story goes like this. Since my parents in law moved back to Sabah, so the whole house, I'm in charged of it. The bills, the maintenance (huahuahua...baru sj kami kc pecah pintu bilik hari tu sbb ttinggal kunci di dalam)....everything!! Including chasing out the lizards. (=_=")

Call me 'terlampau ambil kira'.. yes, that's who I am. A picky person.. Calculative and also a naggy one. ^_^
I'm talking about bills!!!! Water bills.. Electricity, doesn't really bother me as long as they didn't reach RM50/month.
Our water bills is not billed out by the Syabas themselves. We depend on the Apartment's Management clerk to issue out the bills. They issue it once for two months. Well, that's okay for me. the only thing is, I suspect that they have been cheating us for the last 5 years I guess... last bill was for June & July water consumption. My MIL said, she will pay it because they've moved out end of July. So, I helped her made the payment which I noticed something is wrong with the bill. Extra charged RM30!!! See the pictures below.

Noticed that 36.07M @ RM1.50/M ? try to multiply it..How much did u get? It supposed to be RM54.11.!!!!!
So, looking for supporting documents, I went through the old bills.. Yep, it has been going on for a long time....even before I am married!! I told my MIL about this and then she said "kena tipu la kami ni..lama suda..saya pun x pernah cek owh.." The next day, I went to pay the bill. I asked her directly whether there's a fixed charged or something for the water consumption. She said 'No'. the I asked her to calculate again the water consumption. Her face changed in a sudden. Then she said, "owh..there's something wrong with your meter actually..I've already called the people to come and fixed it."  I stayed calmed, and think...why on earth she suddenly said that she already called someone to fixed it, the fact that we've never made any complaint before. i didn't query much more, considering my MIL's advice, just leave it that way and wait for the next bill. if it happens again, I am pretty sure I will let the relevant authority know about it.
So....i've waited for the next bill..and this is what it look like. ^_^

Tadaa! No more wrong calculation!!! Perfecto! nasib baik...! kalau nda, mengamuk la saya sana management. Ya la..Bila suda start bayar bil sendiri ni kan, sangat2 berkira.. Masuk akal juga la jumlah bil utk bulan 8 sma 9 considering there's only 3 of us using water to bath and wash. means..1 bulan kami guna RM15.++ saja..hahaha...jimat..Jimat..
Yang RM80 lebih tu kan...Bukannya kami guna air banyak tiap2 hari.. paling-paling untuk mandi sama cuci kain saja. Anak-anak pula mandi di rumah babysitter. And then after considering the old bills, semua salah kira..even before saya masuk jadi menantu lagi suda start salah kira..maybe the clerk tempered the figure, who knows..
No more nightmares..puas hati suda, kiraan betul dan seswai.... Who wants to mess with me, try lah..even before leaving the Tesco counter, I've doubled checked the items..there are cases, where they double scan the item.. (=_=") Even the sticker yang dorang kasi lekat barang-barang dapur pun begitu. Saya beli daun sup sticker dia kena tulis cili kering...wadepak btul.. Tapi..bukanlah sampai tingu satu-satu tu bil depan counter sampai urang lain mo bayar pun susah.. hehe..just go through which my English lecturer called it 'scheming' if I'm not mistaken lah..
Well.... I'm not telling you to be nosey bitches.. hahaha.. (pengaruh Pretty Little Liars).. I'm just telling you to be smart. Buat apa sekolah tinggi-tinggi kalau bil air pun buli kena tipu..hehe.. Senang ja ba...

(Kiraan meter baru - kiraan meter lama) x Caj/M = Jumlah bil.

Selamat berkira-kira!! Selamat juga duit kta!!
Salamat Po!!


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Update with photo..

I don't really have the time to blog these days. Actually, I've lost my mojo. But here,I'm trying to get it back by posting this basically all pictures post. =)

These pictures were taken during the LHDNM Raya Celebration which I perform together with friends presenting Jalan Duta Branch..
Then...right after the occasion, we went straight to PJ branch for LHDNM Puspanita celebration pla.. Presenting  Jln.Duta yg ni cari best Performance. Kami menari..hehehe...modern dance.. Tersangkut juga la no 3. Yahoo!!! ^_^
Senyum lebar Pengarah Cawangan kami..hehe..

Penat lelah berlatih tiap2 hari sebelah petang dan berkorban masa waktu bekerja akhirnya dibayar juga.. Tapi, kerja yg slow berjalan tu kena dihabiskan juga...! Stat saya bulan lalu turun...huaaa!!!!
Nasib baik bos memahami.. =')


Sunday, October 2, 2011

I'm back with gewd news! ^_^

Yeay!!! I'm a step closer on getting my license to kill drive. Hee~

Perhatian para pengguna jalan raya!!! Sila kasi siring kereta kamu, because once I've got my license, sengsara la kereta kamu..hahahaha.. Road bully in the making!
Even when playing Daytona with my husband, dia cakap "ih! men langgar saja ko ow kan?"
hahaha.. The truth is...saya memang zero in driving.. Harap2 la saya x jadi road bully ah?

Yeehuu!!!! Lulus!!! 46/50 based on logical thinking.. =) (proud of myself)

*I like to move it move it! I like to move it move it! MOVE IT!*


-Si Sakai-

Short post

Going for E-test (Computer test - law) today!
Wish me luck... jangan suruh bayar 'kupi2' suda..

Weekend will ends enjoy it!

Catch with you bloggers later..