Saturday, November 26, 2011


No time to type longer post...
Pic sj budak2 betul2 fully utilized my time..haha..

 "Harvey..senyum..." Then ni lah senyuman dia...
 Berebut kertas..

 Peace si Haven tetap 3 jari...hahaha...
 Yang abg 3 jari peace adik lagi teruk..4 jari...haha
 Aik? napa jauh??
Oooo...untuk si Haven..haha...funny si Haven...bila kami tunjuk ni pic sama dia, dia cakap "Obon kawin baby kan?" hahahaha...tu girl dia panggil baby sebab xtau nama.. Saya pun x ingat nama tu girl.. Kecil2 suda pandai cakap 'kawin'..habislah saya...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The 2nd child of the 2nd child will be arriving..TOMORROW!!!! yeay!!! At last.. I can take care of way.. ^_^ I'm the Queen!!!! hahaha..

BTW..2nd child of the 2nd child is Harvey. His dad also the 2nd child...and me...also..the 2nd child.. hahahaha..orang cakap 2nd child degil.
Memang pun. =P

Happy² yeepie yeepie yeay! yeay!


Sunday, November 20, 2011

1st post in November

Hi there. it's been a while since my last post, and this is officially my 1st post in November 2011. I bet most of the blog feeds were buzzing about the great 11.11.11..or 20.11.2011.. Well..It's just an ordinary date for me since nothing unusual happened. =P
Well..gewd news. Haven is in town! yeehaa! Too bad I still can't bring Harvey. Pity him.. my heart ache and hurt so much seeing him crying while pointing at me the moment we're in the car heading to airport. Tsk! Tsk! I spent 4 days at Sabah during the Raya Haji recently. And yes, I did fully utilized my time for the kids the moment I reached my in laws home. Haven was still awake when we got there, he's waiting for us. The lil bro couldn't managed to wait for us..technically, he did wait, but fell asleep at the couch holding his teddy. ^_^   it was midnight.
It was a short trip, but I'm quite happy with it. Such a short period, but many things happened..especially with the two kids. They've grown up so fast. With Haven being so talkative and always cheerful..and Harvey who is still shy to speak..he only speaks when he wants.. and when he accidentally spilled a word, we will get excited! Like it was his 1st word.. haha.. jarang2 bah dengar dia bercakap. Bila dia ter'bercakap, kiyut betul ni cara dia cakap.. ^__^
I've bought them backpack. Ben10 for haven and AngryBirds for Harvey. And they were super liking it! Haven even wants to sleep holding to it. Of course I'm happy and proud..because when people ask them who bought it? They'll said, 'mommy!'.. I even bought the Ben10 watch for both of them during jalan-jalan at 1B. They really like it. The moment we reached home, both of them hurried to the door and yelled "mama! saya ada jam Ben10!!" Budak-budak..hehe..funneh..I think my smile lines are getting obvious whenever I'm with them. Aahh..wrinkles pun wrinkles la..tu wrinkles happy. ^_^
Fair enough.. I'll spill you some of the snippets of my boys..

Tehee~ Jahat me! Mengamuk la dorg Haven bila besar nanti..hahaha...
 Look at Harvey..he was running away from the 'Crime Scene'.
 Haven...sweeping away the dead cockroach.
 Playing with the webcam.. See how naughty Haven is putting his finger as 'tanduk' on his lil bro's head..
 I put this pic as wallpaper on my office desktop..
 How I wish I can celebrate Christmas in Sabah.. let's wait & see if my wish will be granted.. ^_^
 Poking the deer's eyes...whether it's real or not..hahaha..this thing really grab their attention..
 The Little Uncle Koyo trying to put on his nephew's shoes... Mind those blue cans. =P
 My mom..destroying the environment.. =P Bakar sampah bei..
 With my eldest & youngest bro'. Look at my lil bro...really look like a monkey! haha..
 Took this pic early morning...aaahhh...siuknya dorang tidur...sejuk2 gia di kampung kan.. =)
 Ini pun siuk tidur...saya yang bangun awal memandangkan dia ni siram saya..habis basah tilam,dia kencing..aihh!!

 Steal some time at Tanjung Aru beach.. ^__^ Sometimes let them play with dirt bah...
 With Aunty Noulin and her daughter Sandra Lisa,who's sitting for SPM this year..Good luck & all the best to her...
 Jalan2 @ 1B..
Muka fotostat!! haha!

Well...that's all for now.. I miss my Harvey so much..Yesterday we 3G call him and he was yelling 'Mommy! Mommy!'...I can't stand's the first time he ever called out 'mommy'..usually he will stay quiet..malas mau bercakap.. hubby also cried.. a lot more than me..pity hubby..I just told him that make Harvey & Haven as the reason for him to pass in flying color in his exam..All the best in your exam dear hubby..
You might be wondering why only bring Haven back here in KL? Well.. That's because my in law can't stand the way the babysitter there took care of him. Since he didn't eat rice or even rice porridge, the baby sitter couldn't bother to feed him with his food. Some more he needs to be 'pujuk' to eat. When I got back recently, I almost cry looking at his skinny skinny..huhu...and ada kudis di dagu dia..nampak sangat x kena lap or cuci lepas makan atau minum susu..kesian..Harvey is ok la,sebab dia jenis makan nasi...So the baby sitter can sumbat apa sja makanan masuk mulut dia..Pity my Haven..That's why we brought him here...Harvey will be brought here too...but maybe it will take a little time.. Sabar saja la..
Nasib sekarang, I can smile looking at Haven. Badan dia berisi balik suda..pipi pun boleh cubit suda balik...Dagu dia pun sudah sembuh sepenuhnya.. Thakn goodness...

Well..have a happy weekend everyone.