Sunday, November 18, 2012

Habis gas... thank you.

I hate it when we're out of gas in the middle of cooking!

Called the kedai gas, and no one answers. Maybe it's Sunday? Ughh! Geram.
What else to do. Hubby asked me to tapau KFC instead for dinner. Hahahaha...!

After 1 week holiday, so yeahh... tomorrow is Monday. =_="


Friday, November 16, 2012

Katy's Engagement and bla bla bla

Her name was actually Fanisah but we used to call her Katy. She is like a sister to me because we're quite close since we're in the same team CDC (Cadenza D Colors), a dance team. We've perform quite a few performance together already, I'm a newbie but all of the other members gave me a warm welcome and yes, they are very friendly to me. I've known them almost a year already, and I must say we are like one big family. It's good to have friends like this. This is what we called 'chemistry' in friendship. No pilih-pilih bulu. 
This is my first time ever attending a Malay Engagement ceremony. Yeay! I should've worn something much sopan and tertutup in order to respect bah, but I don't have any pink baju kurung or kebaya, and last minute tau theme pink. But it's ok, this dress is much decent juga lah. =P

Her fiance is also one of the group member, whom initially ikut-ikut saja jadi photographer and assistant time performance, but then recruited jadi dancer juga. Hihi.. orang yang berbakat jangan dipersia... ^_^

Congratulation to both Katy and Hafiz, setapak lagi ke jinjang pelamin.


Adeih..lenguh tangan. This is what I get after bowling. That's why I don;t really like it. Yesterday went bowling with colleagues and we had 3 games. I lost 2 games, and most of the time 'masuk longkang' saja.. Ya la... what do you expect from a bowling hater, and didn't played it for almost 3 years? Uhh..wait.. 4 years wooo... But, after making the other 2 members penat, I rise at the 3rd game. and yeah.. I win it.. at least pecah telur lah kan.. hihi..

And so, I took picture of the result to show to my husband that I can bowl.........and yeah.... to show off my winning. hahaha...

Funny kan? Who took picture of the result after bowling? =_="   Me.

There's only 4 of us (the other one xmau masuk pic..rela jadi photographer), maybe next week there will be more joining in on Saturday for CKHT staff la kunun. =P

Why not we have a bowling match for bloggers kan? Instead of bloggers gathering saja, mari buat match. Cehh.. (Says a blogger who never been to any blogger's gathering... sigh! Jeles sa tingu pic si Tom Rungitom post di FB  highlighting The Awesome Bloggers Gathering organized by si Arms and Rexs.  =P

Cheers for you guys!

Owh.. and by the ways, I know most of you readers know sis Cath J current situation kan? Let us pray for her health, keep on supporting her morally in her journey fighting breast cancer. 

Okay..too much info in one entries... I am such a lazy ass head in doing post entries these days.... that is so me. =P

Thats all for today. It's a wrap and I'm heading to bed now. 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Dialogue with lil ones..

The other night....

Me: Tidur sudah..pukul 10 lebih sudah ni.. (sambil muka garang dan suara yang garauuu..suara mama-mama)

*sunyi 5 saat*

Haven: (sambil berbisik)  mamy...saya kentut.

Terus pecah ketawa saya yang tersangat kuat di hening malam... (o_O)... lepas tu, paksa diri tidur walaupun pandai mau ketawa sikit-sikit bila teringat balik bisikan kentut si Haven.


The other day....
Me: Haven cuti la hari ni k? Kasi kawan mamy di rumah.  (I was on leave)
Haven: Ndamau..saya mau pigi sekolah... (sambil buat muka kesian...)
Rajinnya anak mamy nih pegi sekolah.. sampai mamy bagi kebenaran ponteng skool pun dia tetap mau pegi sekolah.. hihi.. Good boy my Haven.. jangan terpengaruh sama mamy kamu nih.. =P


This morning....time kasi mandi the rascals..

Me: Haven balik Sabah awal la ok? Ikut mama sama papa balik nanti... Bulan 12 nanti mamy sama daddy balik juga.. ok?
Haven: Ndamau.. mamy please...saya sayang mamy sama daddy sama Abie.. huhuhu.. please mamy... saya mau tinggal sama mamy... (sambil menangis teresak-esak)

Aduinah... luluh hatiku....  ='(

Apa dialog2 yang pernah kamu bualkan sama anak/anak buah/kazen/anak jiran atau budak2 yang lain? Share2 lah... hehe.



Nerd is sexy!

I'm trying to prove the above statement. Since most of K-pop idols wear big bulky glasses, not mentioning the 'no-glass' spectacle.. hahaha.. I've tried on the frame spectacle, and I feel really weird.... (o_O).. why on earth do we wanna wear frame of spectacle only? What's the use? Uh! Oh! I guess that's KPop fashion... And NO, I'm not criticizing..

So...tadaa!!!  (borrowed my colleague's no-power spectacle).

Somehow I feel sexy though.. Hahahahaha!

Euww...looking at this pic longer, tend to make me feel freaky...


Thank you God for the blessings.

Hello there. ^_^

I've got a good news. Actually I received it last week, but too busy to share it here. 
My last interview went very smooth and yes, I got the job... I've got raised! yeay!!! And more thankful, that I was posted still at the same place, the only different is different building. Currently I'm working under Jalan Duta branch, but starting 3rd Dec, I will be working under Non Resident branch, dealing with foreigner taxpayers. I heard a lot of Sabahan were placed there, most of my friend said it's because of the ability to speak English. Haha! No, I don't know the real reason. Maybe it was just a coincidence. ^_^

I'm thankful to God for answering my prayer, my family especially my mom I know she has been praying for me too, my sweet husband who's always there for me listening to all my crappy thoughts, and my dear friends who  always give me support morally..Thank you for all the love. ^_^

I know this is not really a big deal, just an ordinary position, but from here I can start from nothing to something. I've already started from scratch, considering working as 'sambilan' for the past 1 year, exposing myself in almost all the activities at work, performing my best in work and achieve high monthly statistic.. Only the people around me can see how much effort I've filled in working so hard getting a permanent position in this 'industry'. Although there are few that wanting to claim that this is 'their' effort, I will ignore it and trust in myself that I deserve it and earned it myself. Thanks to my Tim.ketua Unit for giving me such a high mark in my laporan prestasi khas, he even recommended me to be employed in his short report.. And to the panels during my interview session, thanks for the marks, I've already done my best during the session and yes I've talked too much because I was too comfortable with them. Despite them provoking me a few times, I still can handle it and although I misheard 1 question, which I've answered confidently with wrong section and acts (hahahaha!), they just smiled and said that actually they were asking about "Seksyen dua puluh satu b, { Sek.21(b)}", which I heard as "Seksyen tujuh, satu B,  {Sek.7(1)(b)}".  Punya jauh tu bunyi dia... =_="

Nasib baik lah walaupun salah explain, tapi apa yang saya explain tu betul juga cuma tidak menjawab soalan..hahaha...lain kali dengar betul-betul sebelum menjawab...hahaha

Last but not least... Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha to all friends and families who celebrate it. ^_^


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Kaulah Yang Satu - Grace ft Khif KL Quartet

This song is our unofficial song.. Lyric by me and music by Khif. ^_^
Enjoy yaa....
This was recorded during lunch hour.. hihi..
Totally raw music...lirik pun lupa2 sebab last minit buat.. ingat2 lupa..

Friday, September 28, 2012

Video: Dia ~ Sheila Majid

Hey there.. This is a video taken during my performance back in July.. Enjoy the song as much as I've enjoyed it..
Owh..and btw, please don't ask me why I'm wearing that colorful costume..wahaha.. right after the singing performance, I dance! Zapin la... hihi..


Monday, September 10, 2012

3 in the morning..

Hahaha.. Ya...this is crayzey! Macam ada instinct sj buka chat FB jam 3 pagi.. pastu chat sma Mr.Hubby.. ^_^

My Harvey really likes to drink plain water... I mean A LOT!!! So although I've changed his diapers before going to bed, he WILL fully utilized the diapers before dawn. Hahaha.. lucky he didn't wet the bedsheets (I've just changed it!)

Rite...this entry is another crayzeyyy thing, it's 3 in the morning! What am I doing here? =_="

Alright, going back to sleep. have to wake up @5AM.. It's Monday?? Heh..


Sunday, September 9, 2012


Hi there.. Happy Sunday!
My blogging mojo is back so you will be seeing most of me from now on.. ehe.. ^_^

Mr.Hubby is already back studying after his long semester break for almost 3 months I guess. Good for him, since he's getting bored at home (besides playing online games) aha!. So now I'm a real housewife, juggling between working, taking care of the kids, sending and fetching them to babysitters house, taking them out on weekends, so on and so forth. Currently my baby sitter is on leave until Wednesday, so I have to send my kids to my office child care. Thank goodness they accept them although in such a short notice and 'tumpang' for few days only. Owh.. by the way, Haven is in Pre-School already. ^_^  
Meaning that I will be fetching him during lunch hour, then send him straight to my office childcare. Sempat ka saya makan tu haa?? =P

I can say I'm very proud of myself because I can still handle them myself, including changing the subject 'mamy, mana daddy?' everytime that question arise. hehe..It's tough to be straightly honest with the kids you know, because they don't understand clearly and will keep on asking again and again. 'I' too, am missing the 'daddy' but what can I do. I have to stay's another year to go. If he can bear it during me being a student for 3 years, I can too, right? 

So here is some pics taken yesterday, whilst taking the kids out @Jusco Kepong.

 Oh..My Haven is all grown up already...Time flies so fast.. it's been 4 years already..

 My Harvey too... And he eats a lot! Fuuhh!

Owh... and did you notice me being specky? Teehee.. Can't bear wearing lenses any longer because I limit myself wearing it max 8 hours. Longer than that, I will feel unease. 

So, how was your weekend?

Chiaws ~

Monday, July 16, 2012

Totally clueless..

Gahhhh!!! My blogger side of me is not functioning really well lately..

I'm clueless..busy...lazy...moody..

Hmmmm...all the negative words.

But hey, here's some positive one! I got an interview for permanent post on 24th! Hopefully I'll get the job. I need to nail the interview. So it's time to Suit Up! hahaha!!! All I'm saying is, wish me good luck. hehe..

Currently juggling between being a mom, a wife and a worker. And actually thinking of furthering my studies. But have to hold it first, and give way to my husband. tee hee.. ^_^

So, goodnight everyone!

I had to wake up @ 5am and prepare the boys.


Sunday, June 24, 2012


Since little, Haven and Harvey were not really closed to my side of family. Well, blame it to the distance. Ya lor, we're staying here in KL and my family is there..back in Sabah. I've always wanted to stay longer at my mom's place whenever I get the chance to go back. And the longest that we've stayed is only 4 days. Macam ni la kalau sudah kahwin. Mana boleh stay lama-lama tempat mamy. Mau bagi muka juga in laws bah..hihi..nasib baik my mom's house and the in laws is not that far.. Telipok sama Sepanggar saja bah..hihihi.. bila terasa mau makan masakan mamy, balik la Telipok.. ^_^
So, this time since my holiday is a bit longer which is 3 weeks!!! I managed to go back and forth to my mom's place quite a number of times juga owh.. hahaha.. Bagus juga la.. Now my sons becoming closer and closer suda with my side of family. A big smile on my face when I saw Haven sendiri naik perut my daddy sambil tengok TV.. hahaha..
 Owh...sorry for showing you a not-so-wanna-see picture of my dad's big fat belly. Hahahaha..

A tap on my shoulder. I've always wanted them to be familiar with the environment that I've grew with. Kampung style. Kena gigit nyamuk itu #ohperkarabiasa!
Macam-macam dorang belajar. Excited seeing their Aki catch the fish. Dari situ dorang anggap Aki dorg hero. terus mau rapat2 lagi tu. hahaha...Ngam la tu daddy!!m Santiki dulu! hihi..Budak-budak.. easily amazed...haha..
With aunty Lala.. oh...Mamy lala koyo bilang si Harvey..dia ckp aunty dia mamy dia juga..hahaha
Sorry Lea.. biarlah ko masuk blog saya.. hahaha...

 Hands up!! Armpit smell check!

 Pura-pura nangis..

 sama lagi kunun tu baju sama rambut kambang dorang...kihooiii!
 Excited! Tengok ikan kna kasi mkn...
 Manja sma nenek..3 bulan kna jaga nenek dia dulu.. =)
Matahari berlabuh.... 
Till next post ya!

My 'little' Haven is a 'big' Haven already.. ^_^

This was supposed to be post last 7th June..but due to holiday and temporarily disconnected (xda gia internet sy d KK..berebut broadband sma laki x best) hahaha... yep.. my Haven genap 4 years. My's been 4 years already?? His weight is 18kg and height I'm not so sure yet. But he already passed my belly. Tinggi bah si Haven ni, walaupun kurus sikit. Tambah2 lg mamy dia ni ngam2 5ft saja.. aihh...mesti dia lagi tinggi dari saya ni naaanti..
We went for buffet dinner at Promenade Hotel with parents in law and sis in law with boyfie (they're about to engage this December) and ate till we're full. Hahaha..
Then after reaching home, Haven blew the candle on his cake. Actually beside his cake..hahaha.. we couldn't find the cake's candle, and Haven insisted wanting to blow a candle. So sis in law,Beth, went to the kitchen and only managed to find a big candle that was supposed to be used when there's blackout. Hahaha..boleh juga la.. yang penting tiup lilin...
We sang the Birthday Song to him.. Actually all of us did. Haven himself and also Harvey, although he was out of tune since he started singing. Cumil!!!
When  Haven were about to blew the candle, Harvey also prepared to blew it. Aik?? Sepa yang birthday ni? Then the daddy quickly covers Harvey's mouth, so the candle was blewn by Haven. Harvey mau mengamuk sj time tu. Hahaha.. apa bole buat.. Birthday ko October la Harvey...hihihi...

Happy Birthday Haven Trent Tomson! Mommy,Daddy and Harvey loves you so much!!
Be a good and wise person my dear. May God bless your journey in life. ^_^

Friday, June 22, 2012

So..yeah.. I'm 25 today!

22nd June 2012.. I'm 25 now.
Quite a big number for me to accept. Well.. everyone has to move forward right?
I hope everything will be okay for me onwards.

Hey Mr.God... I know you've plan something good for me. Just help me to be patient will ya'? P/s: Thanks for giving me chance to live until this very moment...and hopefully more yearssssssss to come... =P

Thanks to everyone who wishes me through sms, FB messages and wall post. And of course to you whose about to wish me after reading this post. Aha!

Tonight will sure eat a LOT!!!!! Kak Mazlah belanja makan!!! Omnomnom!!!! Her birthday is tomorrow. ^_^



Thursday, May 24, 2012

There's no place like home..

Yuuhuuu.....Hey there! hehe...  I'm here in Sabah since 19th May.. ^_^ and will be staying till 12th June. What a holiday! Yeepie!
Owh..and the very 1st thing I did is... tadaa!!!

 Attending my exDiploma Classmate Nisa's wedding..  Congratulation darll!!
From left:Jumardi, K-lee, Gil, Ace, Adi, Gogo, Nisa, Aznif, Vic, Lena, Guru & Ameng.
My circle of friends are my husband's circle of friends too. Klee, him and Vic were schoolmates during secondary school. ^_^

Minus my husband, all of them are my ex classmate during diploma. ^_^
Owh don't be offended hubby.. You're not a stranger to them.. =P

 We kept our promise to the kids, and beach it is!!!! mau main pasir-pasir bilang si Haven.. hahaha....
Cakkk! mamy dia hilang skejap.. pigi jadi munyit... miahahaha,,, my husband rolled his eyes and couldn't be bothered with my childishness.. teehee.. =P

Owh..and the prize of being home.. is a bruised knee.. Congratulation Grace! Please don't blame the climbing part. I got it the night I reach Sabah. I was about to sleep when I accidentally knocked my knee on the bed's frame. That was when I realized, the bed was changed. =_=" And now.. it has swollen like I was beaten up.  Plus the bruised that I get when trying to save Harvey at Borneo Paradise lobby. Both knees were injured, scratches, cuts and bleed... huhu.. ='( PERFECT! How am I supposed to wear that dress to attend wedding? Buruk nya lutut saya sekarang.. 

Forget about that bruise thingy. (Sakit hati!) Pic above were taken at V12 Bt.payung as we call it. A new home! yeay! Since KKIP took our land and home at Kg.Sukoli Telipok, they give us a home here. Technically, my parent's. hee~
See how happy Haven is? He & Harvey really likes to be friend with their lil uncle Koyo. My youngest brother... =)

It's been a long time no update! I was on a hiatus.. hehe.. reflecting myself..and self building after hitting a rock bottom downfall.. ^_^ I'm good as new now!

And towards all of u Sabahan people!!!! 
Kotobian tadau Tagayo Do Kaamatan!!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Still holding on..

Lately I've been posting posts after post on my Facebook wall...

"This is too much..Can't bear it anymore"

"Spurs me thousands kind of blackmail, truth will reveal themselves. Only God knows"

"Accusation without proof is a bold act, It might eat up ourselves back"

"Stronger than yesterday"


Too obvious that I'm having an acute troublesome..
It would be too immature if I post about it in details here though I really wanted to do so. But after considering all the mights and maybe, I choose to stay shhh..
Well.. its better to post about how things are getting better..much-much better...though there's still some question mark left unanswered such as WHY?

Something bad happen, but I can feel that something GOOD is coming in... No doubt about it.. hee.. ^_^

I am thankful that I have my husband to hold on, who have faith in me and loves me unconditionally..(Love you hubs!)..My parents and siblings.. especially my mom who keep asking me to pray for the best, and listens to my side of story before jumping into wild accusations..and my friends!! yes! Friends.. you know who you are..a few friends know about this drama,..thanks for lending me your ear..time..and spaces for listening to me and giving me advices, supporting me and encouraging me to stay brave and 'hang in there'. I really appreciate it.
Now things had turn a lot better, I wish it will stay like this..although deep in my heart there's a hunch telling me that this kind of things will strikes again. I just hope, my hunch is wrong. But, be prepare for any circumstances. We don't know how the future goes.

God is testing me, I know.
Did I pass this test? We'll see what happen next.


Monday, April 2, 2012 KSP's son's wedding ceremony held at PICC (31/03/2012)

Wedding ceremony of Dr.Wan Afdzal & Dr.Ili Safia on 31st March 2012.

Best dapat perform untuk wedding dorg.. ^_^
Everything was nice.. my 1st experience being at majlis orang2 'besar'. PM & wife, Yg Dipertua Sarawak pun ada..wah wah..wah..bukan main gembira lagi mak masa ni.. haha.. =P