Sunday, January 29, 2012

I'm not a slave for you.

Yes. I am not a slave for you.
Please stop giving me orders of doing this and that. Settling this and that when you can actually handle it yourself. Plus, those business over there, settle it there. Do not simply transfer the responsibility to me while I'm right here across the sea just to settle your matters...Utilities matters!!! For god sake..
I have my own businesses to be handle and to suffer migraine.

Day by day, I feel like I am a complete fool. Keep nodding on everything I was asked to do, without hesitating or even a thought of saying 'NO'.
The time has come. It's time to be BellaWild.
But, how long will this 'wild' lasts? Perhaps not even a minute. Because I'm too soft.!!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

...........Mona what?


I hated marketing so much. Although I got an A+ for my Marketing subject, I never like it in the real world. But because of wanting to make ends meet, I had to do it. But not in a pyramid thingy way. I won't be actively promoting it to people. Because I don't like sweet talks. And I'm not good at it. I apply only 1 theory. Economic theory. Where there is a demand, there will be a supply. ^_^
So, what product I'm actually selling? Monavie Drinks. Google it yourself to know more. All I know is, it's like supplement drinks. Health issues. No other.

When you want it, I can supply it to you.
I'll make a blog site sooner or later for more information on it.

So...yeah..I have migrated from Accounting-Auditing-Taxation...and now..Marketing.
What u've said before really will eat you up later. Like me. I hate Marketing, now forced to like it. =P

Friday, January 20, 2012

Thanks again CathJ..

I know I'm a little bit late to brag about this..But I've won a GA December contest by CathJ!! Yeepie!! 
Lately..I couldn't spare some time to pun late post suda nih..hehe..I've been super duper busy, handling cases at work..and then extra unpaid work which I voluntarily volunteered myself to help check the BR1M status.. nyeh..nyeh..nyeh.. For the sake of friends and family, xpa la unpaid.... I'm happy when their status is 'Lulus', a little bit unhappy for 'Tidak Lulus/Tidak Layak'.. and much much more UNHAPPY when they started to criticize why they didn't get it.. Sigh! Diberi betis, mahu peha..Siap cakap "ko boleh tolong buat sesuatu ka?" What? Ingat saya ada kuasa veto ka mau tukar tu keputusan.. Bukan saya yang buat keputusan...huhuhu.. I'm sorry..I couldn't do anything else, except help to check the status only..

Btw.. wanted to show off dulu lippie saya..hehe...

Sebenarnya, time join GA si Cath tu mimang sy target mau lipgloss..hahaha!! Coz I like them so muchy..! 
Ni half of my collection..lain lagi yg di ofis..huahuahua..laki saya pun heran..1 saja bibir, tapi baaaanyaaak lipstick,lip balm sma lip gloss! hahahaha... Guys will never understand.. =P

Lipstick - they're nice..and stays longer..but my lips tend to get dry, and then start to crackle..
Lip Balm - they moisturize your lips, treat it, but kinda dull..because no color..or maybe too 'colored' especially the one that changes color when applied too much..
Lip Gloss - they're fun! Vibrant and pout your lips! But hey..some of them are sticky enough, to make your spouse/boyfie get away when smooching..haha! (18SX!)..owh..and your hair will keep on sticking on your lips.

I mix them (when I have time to prepare!!)... ^_^
Lip balm 1st..(apply a little bit as base only)..then lipstick (using lip brush)..then lip gloss, to pout your lips or enlightens it.. But frankly speaking.. I don't actually..usually follow this crap rules that I've make.. I usually followed my mood..=)

Ay caramba! 

Gegirl's post pula ni kali..sorry guys.. =)


Monday, January 9, 2012

A shakened thought of security..901.

I bet most of you already know about the freeing of Dato Anwar Ibrahim from sodomy accusation held by High Court this morning. I don't care what the result are, for me it's a stupid case. Being sodomized, and then swear it happened..bla bla bla..
What really caught my attention is the incident outside the court. As soon as the decision was announced, all of his supporters outside the court and along Jalan Khidmat Setia (right in front of my office) yell happily..and arrogantly..with all the banners of 'Bebaskan Anwar', 'Reformasi' the mask of Anwar's face that they're wearing on their face - too much influence of V for Vendetta..  All I can say's scary..much scarier than Scary Movie. =P
They've been waiting outside the court since early morning. Even the distance of my house to my office is only 5 minutes (without heavy traffic), I still get out of the house today as early as 6AM. All because i don't want to be stuck in traffic. many road has been closed and police traffic is everywhere doing their job. When we passed the supporters, I forgot to took out my phone (gosh! I hope I did!). The scene is ugly and scary. People were everywhere wearing the scary mask (imagine..Anwar's face with 2 hole for your eyes only).. Anwar is everywhere! The even distributing it..for free.. People likes free stuff.. Reporters are well as the police..controlling the situation. Thank goodness the demonstration haven't started yet. I succeeded going to office. Yeay! =P
I have lived for almost 25 years in this country named Malaysia. All this time I feel very grateful for staying here. A country known as peaceful and harmony place. But, I doubt that now. Is Malaysia really a safe country?
My feelings of insecurity arose the moment I sees the large number of people gathering and yelling. Too radical I guess. For all these times, I only watched it on TV.. Now I watched it and witnessed it right in front of my eyes. A little bit of excitement there, but too many insecurity. I've taken some pictures and video. But maybe I'll upload the pictures only. Since there's a background of my colleagues voice. Scared that it might be exploited and says we are not working. =P

 This was taken right after the decision of releasing him. The road was already closed. See the building next to the crowd? 'Pusat Penjaja Selera Duta'. That was our medan selera where we buy our breakfast and had lunch. Today, I didn't dare to buy my breakfast there. Notice that the upper side of the building is empty.

The number of people are getting larger and larger. I hear. d rumors that 45 buses were there bringing all the supporters from other state. Notice the building. Those two people were reporters. Yeah. Getting the news in any means that they can get. The closer, the better it is..and higher pay they'll get. Oh.. forgot to mention. Opportunist also didn't let go of the opportunity they get in doing business. Selling foods. Yeah. haha.. See the white food truck? ^_^ My colleague says "brekpes dulu sebelum menjerit-jerit".

 Ahh.. too crowded already... and the building also has been fully utilized by the MC who leads the yelling of the supporters. As well as the reporters. A free stage for demonstration.
 Oopss! While taking pictures and videos, I almost stepped on these cute 'food'. My colleagues has been farming at the emergency stairs. hahaha...
After the 3rd gun shot, then the crowd started to dismiss. Actually.. the 1st gun shot that we've heard was actually an explosion of a hand made bomb. heard that 5 were injured. 
For a moment. I felt like the whole world is crumbling down. And only waiting to be teared apart. Inside me were crying. Why do we have to be like this. What happen to the 'Bersatu Kita Teguh. Bercerai Kita Roboh'.? Malaysia supposed to be a peace country. I'm still wondering.. Why do they have to do the 'Perhimpunan" even after the decision has been held? It caused many problems. People don't have parking..since tomorrow is the last submission of  PCB. Traffic jam..injury..lost of property.. (I noticed a few cars were damaged behind our office..some says it was a bomb explosion. No wonder forensics were there..CSI thingy..).. many ambulance came and go picking up the injured people..not mentioning yang pingsan-pingsan!.. A friend voiced out her opinion. She said..If Anwar is a good man he should've told all the people to dismiss by saying "That's all..I'm okay..really..Thank you for supporting. You can go home now".. I smiled at her. It didn't happen. 
What I can see during this incident.. the arm force are doing their best in protecting and controlling the situation. No further chaos happens. And it ends quite well. I feel much secured when it ends, and continued my work. ^_^
A thought came to me. Too few police handling a large number of radicals demonstrator. How can they accused police being brutal to them in few demo before?
Whose the brutal here? Many of my colleagues says this is only a pinch. Last year's demonstration is more scary and brutal. A lot of damages and injuries... I admit that. But this 'pinch' is enough for me to say that, I'm starting to feel insecure. But despite the insecurities, I still feel grateful for having Malaysia as my country. I love Malaysia...and always be.. May all of us unite together and brings harmony to our beloved country.

-Patriotisme mode-

Grace a.k.a Bella Ace

901.. I was there..I witnessed it even from a distance..And it shakened me..

Friday, January 6, 2012

It's Friday! Friday!

I was on my way back from work and stucked in traffic when I witnessed this beautiful sky scenery..Which I call Gates of Heaven.. ^_^
Haha.. x la.. I'm just amazed with it..

Mana satu gates of heaven ni ah? hahaha...

Well, Friday ends really well with this scenery as closing.. ^_^

Happy Weekend all~


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I had so much fun with google!

I don't know about you, but Google is the 1st search engines that I've knew when I was just a darling newbie with internet a long long time ago during my stone age.. Uguagauguaga ayaiyaiyaiyai....!!!..Haha..
Then came Yahoo..Bing..and the list goes on. But, still, Google has always been my homepage,my toolbar etc..etc..
Recently, Google did the 'let it snow' (which makes your screen snow and frosts) thingy and I'm pretty sure all of you might already knew about it since it really makes people tweet and posting about it in FB. ^_^ (I've also post something on my blog). And after doing some digging, (ceh dig la kunun) I also found 'Do a barrel roll'.. try typing it on Google homepage and your page will do a barrel roll! Haha..and I thought my screen got problem for a while..after blinking twice *kelipkeliping my eyes*, I laugh.. hahaha.. Pheww..their engineers are really having so much fun and free time doing it ey... =P
Well..Apart from that, if you happen to notice Google also celebrates almost every occasion.. They really brighten up the partay huh. Hahaha... Check this cute Google Doodles out!
Google doodle Easter Eggs

Google doodle waiting for New Year

Google doodle for New Year

Google doodle Happy Holidays 23rd Dec 2011

Google doodle celebrates Halloween
Google doodle for total lunar eclipse
The Raya Merdeka Google doodle..(Thumbs up Google Malaysia!)

Quite a lot of doodles...try googling it.. =P

Ahhh....and not forgetting bah...

The most awesome & exclusive Google Doodle..!!!

Thank you Google for making me one of your doodles.. XD