Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rainbow doesn't last forever.. ='(

I feel blessed having both my sons by my side..They made me feel special. Calling me out on top of their lungs whenever  they need me. They really teach me a lot of things regarding multitasking. Hahaha..I believe every mom is very good at multitasking.. =)  We are aren't we? hehe
For a second we can be the most furious monster in front of them when we're mad, another second we were their only savior..a place to cry on and a place to seek comfort..*Althou most of the time the 2 rascals bullied me *pinching my butt and touching my boobs* hahahaha... (Don't misunderstand the sentence.. little kids usually likes their mom's bobbies and hugging the butt part. =P
Sadly, I have to be apart from Haven once again.. This Friday his dad will be sending him home (Sabah) to accompany my's ok..berpinjam-pinjam la kami memadu kasih si Haven..hahaha... nenek dia rindu betul sama cucu-cucu dia, mau adil saturang satu la..Harvey will stay with me here.. hehe... kesian la the daddy.. he's the one who's very close to Haven..mesti dia sedih.. xpa la..hopefully he can concentrate on his study...
Don't worry..I'm okay.. Of course I feel sad, but I think I can handle it..Plus, he can be the reason saya balik Sabah nanti bulan 5!!! yeay!!! hahaha... *fake smile and wiping tears*

Mommy loves you Haven.
Haven la yang kawan mamy jamming di rumah.. I play the guitar, you play the drums...and also the vocalist..hohoho! jangan main-main..dia hapal itu lagu Someone Like You - Adele owh.. =P
X lari tune lagi tu...huiseh...bangga sa sebagai mamy dia..maybe he can pursue my once in a blue moon dreams.. ceh!
Si Harvey kurengss....macam bunyi tarzan lompat dari pokok ke pokok saja.. hahaha..Tapi si Harvey tetap kesayangans juga bha... sa suka bila dia makan apa saja yang saya masak...Bila sa tanya sedap ka x, dia angguk-angguk..hahaha...walaupun hakikatnya x sedap.. =P

The bare & naked face of me.. =)

Monday, February 13, 2012

A Birthday Cake.

I always love the Happy Birthday song. Because it's really a heart touching song when someone's sang it to you during your birthday. But lately it makes me feel annoyed much. =_=" sigh!
Haven has been singing it continuously since the last 2 days. I know his intentions.. He's asking for a Birthday Cake! What????
Last night before going to sleep he sang the song again. And he asked me to made a promise, 'mamy...nanti kasi beli Obon hepi beday ah?' and then he started to sing "Hepi beday kek Obon..Hepi beday kek Obon.." hahahaha..lirik sendiri.. Nampak sangat yang dia mau kek!!!
Should I buy him or not? If I buy him a cake, nanti lain hari lagi bila dia craving for cake? Xkan mau beli lagi sambut another birthday that supposed to be in another 3 months? macam-macam la si Haven ni..
Nanti la..saya kasi beli cuppycakes ja la.. hehe.. hopefully he likes cup cakes. =)

Maybe after I bought him cake, he will stop the birthday song. Urrghhh!

Sunday, February 12, 2012


I've always been a detective of my own, being busy at others life. Hahaha...Busybody..yeah..but only when my instinct tells me that there's something wrong with the person.
Nahhh.. actually I accidentally found a stash!!!! A stash of cheating pictures of a colleague... My goodness!
Blame him for his unprofessional keeping a personal folder in someone's laptop (which many people use it at work). Barang pinjam2 bah tu since office PC can't be used to go online.
I pity the wife, because as far as I know, he's been married for a few years already.. but still with no kids.. belum ada rezeki la tu..
What should I do? Should I shut up, or whistle blow to the right people?
I know I'm over reacting. But when they turn Sabah as a place to cheat, that I can't tolerate. =_="
I'm a wife.. I pity the wife... hopefully this thing will be far from my marriage life..

Happy Sunday all..

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fashion Story's Boutique Giveaway TIME!

Hi dear readers! A blogger friend GadisBorneo is currently hosting a Giveaway contest Big Time! haha..
Everyone can join the contest by simply liking the fan page of Fashion Story Boutique and bring a minimum of 20 friends to like the Facebook page to qualify for the contest.

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Consolation Gift:
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Rules and Regulation:
  • This contest is based on whoever brings the most friends to like our page (FASHION STORY BOUTIQUE) will be the Sole winner, means only one contestant with the most friends to like our page will be the sole winner and the second highest will be receiving a consolation price.
  • Each contestant must bring at least minimum 20 friends to like our page to be able to enter this contest; if a contestant failed to bring this min. amount of friends then the contestant will be automatically disqualified from this contest.
  • The time line/period of this contest will be a month which start on 05/02/2012 and will end at 05/03/2012 at 12.00 midnight Malaysia time.
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So...come and join it! And help me out by liking the page! Let me know when you liked the page by commenting on this post or even leave a note at my cbox so I can update my list of friends name who like it on behalf of me! I need a minimum of 20 friends to like the page so I can qualify it.

Thanks in advance ya!

For more information just click this!

Grace @  Bella Ace

Friends list: (and still counting)
Marion Megan Nicholas
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Nur 'Aqilah Razali

P/s: GaahhH!!! I didn't even managed to participate...miahahaha...forget bout it..