Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lutut 'menyanyi'!

Ugghh!! I'm getting old.. =_="
It's been a long time since I've dance the Malay Traditional dance... (long time ago I was quite of a high school..hahaha!)

Recently, I was recruited by the Puspanita LHDNM to perform during the wedding reception of anak KSP's (Ketua Setiausaha Perbendaharaan).. I don't know whether his 'anak' is the bride or the groom.. hehe..Owh..and it will be held at PICC...where Lisa Surihani & Yusri KRU wedding reception baru-baru ini..miahahaha...!! (Excited!)

We will be performing 2 dance , Bunga Rampai and Joget Kelantan.. Quite a challenging dance for me since I've never heard of the song before...kasian.. But!! Nothing is impossible and impossible is nothing! Wah..macam motto our Mr.CEO pla.. ^_^

Speaking of 'lutut berbunyi'..'re right.. Lutut saya berbunyi-bunyi time dance.. nasib x kuat sangat kasi letak grease mungkin ni baru x berbunyi.. I've tried gulping a whole lot of high calcium milk...and it still squeaks.! Haha.. I guess I am getting old.. 25 is a very BIG number for me..  =_=" 
I've been practicing everyday after work at our gym.. Oh..and yess!!! I am driving to work.. Wahaha..masih berasa bangga ada lesen 'Professional'....1st day.. of course lah ada kena honk! I hate being the 1st car at traffic light.. Mesti kena honk..apa x..mati enjin kan gelabah..huahauahua... But!! Yes...another but..(biasa la urg xmau mngaku kalah..ada ja alasan..haha).. Saya pemandu berhemah..masih fresh rules semua kena ikut... Cewahh..itu 1st day...2nd day..and the following day, start jadi SamSheng!!!! haha.. 
When I get the hubby compliments tym parking di rumah kan, wah..bukan main berterima kasih lagi sama hubby..1 kali ja dia ajar sehari sebelum dia balik Bangi kan..terus ok mah.. =P Nasib ok..kalau x..camana la? huhu..

Everyday juga, I drop off and fetch Harvey at babysitter's house. Wah..quite an achievement.! Almost everyday my MIL call tanya ok ka x.. Of course la cakap ok..xmau kasi risau dia.. And...another prove that I can handle both the rascals suda kan.. So..Haven will be coming back worries..he will..  FYI.. I'm going home this May to celebrate Harvest festival...almost 4 years I didn't managed to celebrate it.. This time, its gonna be BIG TIME for me..hahaha...

Last week Wednesday, we (the usherettes of PM during Perasmian Menara Hasil Cyberjaya) went to majlis Appresiasi (Hi Tea with CEO) at Cyberjaya. As a sign of gratitude kan the event with PM went very well.. ^_^
Makan-makan...dan makannn.... Oh..Sempat juga pigi karaoke sama kawan di stage..haha..semua suda sedia ternganga tingu video klip si Inul kan.. =P

With Mr.CEO

 Half of the usherettes.. ^_^

P/s: Thanks mom for the nice dress you tailored me..! ^_^

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Passed it!

I've passed my JPJ test last week..and now I'm a 'P'rofessionals..hahahaha...
It's not that hard..hehe..cewahh..says a beginner..
But the problem is, I've done training using 'Kancil'..and the car I'm about to be driving now is 'Wira'..matai...camana la mo agak ni..suda la panjang, way too wide than kancil lg..
Harap2 la buli bawa..

Saturday, March 3, 2012

1st March 2012

FYI, LHDNM HQ has moved to new building at Cyberjaya. I'm lucky enough to be selected as one of the 16  usher girl to escort Prime Minister last Thursday for official launching of the new building as well as M-filing application for smart phones.
I didn't managed to take pictures during the event, since we can't hold phones/cameras while on duty. Being usher girls is not a simple job, we have to torture ourselves wearing 5inch heels (especially me the shorty) the whole events day, being pushed by the bodyguards to the side, smile even in pain, running through the emergency stairs just to catch up the VVIP before they're out of the elevator and bla bla bla.. lots of torturing.. Orang cakap seksa kalau mau jadi cantik. Ya, ini la sa rasa. Plus my headgears lagi tu yang berat dan mencengkam kepala..adeiss...paning2 sa lepas event.I prefer dancing and singing more than being an usher..huhuhu..
I only managed to take pics after the event, so enjoy laughing at my tired face plus big size binatang  x dikenali headgears. Hahaha..! I'm aliened.

This is what happened at the end of the day after undoing the hair..hahaha

Friday, March 2, 2012

If only I can stop the time...

Haven will be going back to Sabah tonight. Flight is at 9.25PM..His dad will accompany him, and return on Sunday.
I wanted to cry. In fact I'm trying very hard to make my eyes cry. But guess I'm too sad, very terribly too sad that's why I cannot cry. Weird. But this is me. Even during my late favorite uncle funeral also, my family & close relatives couldn't cry. We only grieve. Sigh! Macam ni pula kalau betul-betul sedih.
But it's ok, I'm still hoping for the best after this. I will be going back and fetch Haven myself eventually.. Amen!

Maybe it's O.K. to skip 1 hour of work today.. Mo ikut ambil Haven di rumah baby sitter, baru la mnta singgah di opis..
Uggh!!! Sedihnya saya!!!! ='(