Sunday, April 15, 2012

Still holding on..

Lately I've been posting posts after post on my Facebook wall...

"This is too much..Can't bear it anymore"

"Spurs me thousands kind of blackmail, truth will reveal themselves. Only God knows"

"Accusation without proof is a bold act, It might eat up ourselves back"

"Stronger than yesterday"


Too obvious that I'm having an acute troublesome..
It would be too immature if I post about it in details here though I really wanted to do so. But after considering all the mights and maybe, I choose to stay shhh..
Well.. its better to post about how things are getting better..much-much better...though there's still some question mark left unanswered such as WHY?

Something bad happen, but I can feel that something GOOD is coming in... No doubt about it.. hee.. ^_^

I am thankful that I have my husband to hold on, who have faith in me and loves me unconditionally..(Love you hubs!)..My parents and siblings.. especially my mom who keep asking me to pray for the best, and listens to my side of story before jumping into wild accusations..and my friends!! yes! Friends.. you know who you are..a few friends know about this drama,..thanks for lending me your ear..time..and spaces for listening to me and giving me advices, supporting me and encouraging me to stay brave and 'hang in there'. I really appreciate it.
Now things had turn a lot better, I wish it will stay like this..although deep in my heart there's a hunch telling me that this kind of things will strikes again. I just hope, my hunch is wrong. But, be prepare for any circumstances. We don't know how the future goes.

God is testing me, I know.
Did I pass this test? We'll see what happen next.


Monday, April 2, 2012 KSP's son's wedding ceremony held at PICC (31/03/2012)

Wedding ceremony of Dr.Wan Afdzal & Dr.Ili Safia on 31st March 2012.

Best dapat perform untuk wedding dorg.. ^_^
Everything was nice.. my 1st experience being at majlis orang2 'besar'. PM & wife, Yg Dipertua Sarawak pun ada..wah wah..wah..bukan main gembira lagi mak masa ni.. haha.. =P