Thursday, May 24, 2012

There's no place like home..

Yuuhuuu.....Hey there! hehe...  I'm here in Sabah since 19th May.. ^_^ and will be staying till 12th June. What a holiday! Yeepie!
Owh..and the very 1st thing I did is... tadaa!!!

 Attending my exDiploma Classmate Nisa's wedding..  Congratulation darll!!
From left:Jumardi, K-lee, Gil, Ace, Adi, Gogo, Nisa, Aznif, Vic, Lena, Guru & Ameng.
My circle of friends are my husband's circle of friends too. Klee, him and Vic were schoolmates during secondary school. ^_^

Minus my husband, all of them are my ex classmate during diploma. ^_^
Owh don't be offended hubby.. You're not a stranger to them.. =P

 We kept our promise to the kids, and beach it is!!!! mau main pasir-pasir bilang si Haven.. hahaha....
Cakkk! mamy dia hilang skejap.. pigi jadi munyit... miahahaha,,, my husband rolled his eyes and couldn't be bothered with my childishness.. teehee.. =P

Owh..and the prize of being home.. is a bruised knee.. Congratulation Grace! Please don't blame the climbing part. I got it the night I reach Sabah. I was about to sleep when I accidentally knocked my knee on the bed's frame. That was when I realized, the bed was changed. =_=" And now.. it has swollen like I was beaten up.  Plus the bruised that I get when trying to save Harvey at Borneo Paradise lobby. Both knees were injured, scratches, cuts and bleed... huhu.. ='( PERFECT! How am I supposed to wear that dress to attend wedding? Buruk nya lutut saya sekarang.. 

Forget about that bruise thingy. (Sakit hati!) Pic above were taken at V12 Bt.payung as we call it. A new home! yeay! Since KKIP took our land and home at Kg.Sukoli Telipok, they give us a home here. Technically, my parent's. hee~
See how happy Haven is? He & Harvey really likes to be friend with their lil uncle Koyo. My youngest brother... =)

It's been a long time no update! I was on a hiatus.. hehe.. reflecting myself..and self building after hitting a rock bottom downfall.. ^_^ I'm good as new now!

And towards all of u Sabahan people!!!! 
Kotobian tadau Tagayo Do Kaamatan!!!!