Sunday, June 24, 2012


Since little, Haven and Harvey were not really closed to my side of family. Well, blame it to the distance. Ya lor, we're staying here in KL and my family is there..back in Sabah. I've always wanted to stay longer at my mom's place whenever I get the chance to go back. And the longest that we've stayed is only 4 days. Macam ni la kalau sudah kahwin. Mana boleh stay lama-lama tempat mamy. Mau bagi muka juga in laws bah..hihi..nasib baik my mom's house and the in laws is not that far.. Telipok sama Sepanggar saja bah..hihihi.. bila terasa mau makan masakan mamy, balik la Telipok.. ^_^
So, this time since my holiday is a bit longer which is 3 weeks!!! I managed to go back and forth to my mom's place quite a number of times juga owh.. hahaha.. Bagus juga la.. Now my sons becoming closer and closer suda with my side of family. A big smile on my face when I saw Haven sendiri naik perut my daddy sambil tengok TV.. hahaha..
 Owh...sorry for showing you a not-so-wanna-see picture of my dad's big fat belly. Hahahaha..

A tap on my shoulder. I've always wanted them to be familiar with the environment that I've grew with. Kampung style. Kena gigit nyamuk itu #ohperkarabiasa!
Macam-macam dorang belajar. Excited seeing their Aki catch the fish. Dari situ dorang anggap Aki dorg hero. terus mau rapat2 lagi tu. hahaha...Ngam la tu daddy!!m Santiki dulu! hihi..Budak-budak.. easily amazed...haha..
With aunty Lala.. oh...Mamy lala koyo bilang si Harvey..dia ckp aunty dia mamy dia juga..hahaha
Sorry Lea.. biarlah ko masuk blog saya.. hahaha...

 Hands up!! Armpit smell check!

 Pura-pura nangis..

 sama lagi kunun tu baju sama rambut kambang dorang...kihooiii!
 Excited! Tengok ikan kna kasi mkn...
 Manja sma nenek..3 bulan kna jaga nenek dia dulu.. =)
Matahari berlabuh.... 
Till next post ya!

My 'little' Haven is a 'big' Haven already.. ^_^

This was supposed to be post last 7th June..but due to holiday and temporarily disconnected (xda gia internet sy d KK..berebut broadband sma laki x best) hahaha... yep.. my Haven genap 4 years. My's been 4 years already?? His weight is 18kg and height I'm not so sure yet. But he already passed my belly. Tinggi bah si Haven ni, walaupun kurus sikit. Tambah2 lg mamy dia ni ngam2 5ft saja.. aihh...mesti dia lagi tinggi dari saya ni naaanti..
We went for buffet dinner at Promenade Hotel with parents in law and sis in law with boyfie (they're about to engage this December) and ate till we're full. Hahaha..
Then after reaching home, Haven blew the candle on his cake. Actually beside his cake..hahaha.. we couldn't find the cake's candle, and Haven insisted wanting to blow a candle. So sis in law,Beth, went to the kitchen and only managed to find a big candle that was supposed to be used when there's blackout. Hahaha..boleh juga la.. yang penting tiup lilin...
We sang the Birthday Song to him.. Actually all of us did. Haven himself and also Harvey, although he was out of tune since he started singing. Cumil!!!
When  Haven were about to blew the candle, Harvey also prepared to blew it. Aik?? Sepa yang birthday ni? Then the daddy quickly covers Harvey's mouth, so the candle was blewn by Haven. Harvey mau mengamuk sj time tu. Hahaha.. apa bole buat.. Birthday ko October la Harvey...hihihi...

Happy Birthday Haven Trent Tomson! Mommy,Daddy and Harvey loves you so much!!
Be a good and wise person my dear. May God bless your journey in life. ^_^

Friday, June 22, 2012

So..yeah.. I'm 25 today!

22nd June 2012.. I'm 25 now.
Quite a big number for me to accept. Well.. everyone has to move forward right?
I hope everything will be okay for me onwards.

Hey Mr.God... I know you've plan something good for me. Just help me to be patient will ya'? P/s: Thanks for giving me chance to live until this very moment...and hopefully more yearssssssss to come... =P

Thanks to everyone who wishes me through sms, FB messages and wall post. And of course to you whose about to wish me after reading this post. Aha!

Tonight will sure eat a LOT!!!!! Kak Mazlah belanja makan!!! Omnomnom!!!! Her birthday is tomorrow. ^_^