Friday, September 28, 2012

Video: Dia ~ Sheila Majid

Hey there.. This is a video taken during my performance back in July.. Enjoy the song as much as I've enjoyed it..
Owh..and btw, please don't ask me why I'm wearing that colorful costume..wahaha.. right after the singing performance, I dance! Zapin la... hihi..


Monday, September 10, 2012

3 in the morning..

Hahaha.. Ya...this is crayzey! Macam ada instinct sj buka chat FB jam 3 pagi.. pastu chat sma Mr.Hubby.. ^_^

My Harvey really likes to drink plain water... I mean A LOT!!! So although I've changed his diapers before going to bed, he WILL fully utilized the diapers before dawn. Hahaha.. lucky he didn't wet the bedsheets (I've just changed it!)

Rite...this entry is another crayzeyyy thing, it's 3 in the morning! What am I doing here? =_="

Alright, going back to sleep. have to wake up @5AM.. It's Monday?? Heh..


Sunday, September 9, 2012


Hi there.. Happy Sunday!
My blogging mojo is back so you will be seeing most of me from now on.. ehe.. ^_^

Mr.Hubby is already back studying after his long semester break for almost 3 months I guess. Good for him, since he's getting bored at home (besides playing online games) aha!. So now I'm a real housewife, juggling between working, taking care of the kids, sending and fetching them to babysitters house, taking them out on weekends, so on and so forth. Currently my baby sitter is on leave until Wednesday, so I have to send my kids to my office child care. Thank goodness they accept them although in such a short notice and 'tumpang' for few days only. Owh.. by the way, Haven is in Pre-School already. ^_^  
Meaning that I will be fetching him during lunch hour, then send him straight to my office childcare. Sempat ka saya makan tu haa?? =P

I can say I'm very proud of myself because I can still handle them myself, including changing the subject 'mamy, mana daddy?' everytime that question arise. hehe..It's tough to be straightly honest with the kids you know, because they don't understand clearly and will keep on asking again and again. 'I' too, am missing the 'daddy' but what can I do. I have to stay's another year to go. If he can bear it during me being a student for 3 years, I can too, right? 

So here is some pics taken yesterday, whilst taking the kids out @Jusco Kepong.

 Oh..My Haven is all grown up already...Time flies so fast.. it's been 4 years already..

 My Harvey too... And he eats a lot! Fuuhh!

Owh... and did you notice me being specky? Teehee.. Can't bear wearing lenses any longer because I limit myself wearing it max 8 hours. Longer than that, I will feel unease. 

So, how was your weekend?

Chiaws ~