Sunday, November 18, 2012

Habis gas... thank you.

I hate it when we're out of gas in the middle of cooking!

Called the kedai gas, and no one answers. Maybe it's Sunday? Ughh! Geram.
What else to do. Hubby asked me to tapau KFC instead for dinner. Hahahaha...!

After 1 week holiday, so yeahh... tomorrow is Monday. =_="


Friday, November 16, 2012

Katy's Engagement and bla bla bla

Her name was actually Fanisah but we used to call her Katy. She is like a sister to me because we're quite close since we're in the same team CDC (Cadenza D Colors), a dance team. We've perform quite a few performance together already, I'm a newbie but all of the other members gave me a warm welcome and yes, they are very friendly to me. I've known them almost a year already, and I must say we are like one big family. It's good to have friends like this. This is what we called 'chemistry' in friendship. No pilih-pilih bulu. 
This is my first time ever attending a Malay Engagement ceremony. Yeay! I should've worn something much sopan and tertutup in order to respect bah, but I don't have any pink baju kurung or kebaya, and last minute tau theme pink. But it's ok, this dress is much decent juga lah. =P

Her fiance is also one of the group member, whom initially ikut-ikut saja jadi photographer and assistant time performance, but then recruited jadi dancer juga. Hihi.. orang yang berbakat jangan dipersia... ^_^

Congratulation to both Katy and Hafiz, setapak lagi ke jinjang pelamin.


Adeih..lenguh tangan. This is what I get after bowling. That's why I don;t really like it. Yesterday went bowling with colleagues and we had 3 games. I lost 2 games, and most of the time 'masuk longkang' saja.. Ya la... what do you expect from a bowling hater, and didn't played it for almost 3 years? Uhh..wait.. 4 years wooo... But, after making the other 2 members penat, I rise at the 3rd game. and yeah.. I win it.. at least pecah telur lah kan.. hihi..

And so, I took picture of the result to show to my husband that I can bowl.........and yeah.... to show off my winning. hahaha...

Funny kan? Who took picture of the result after bowling? =_="   Me.

There's only 4 of us (the other one xmau masuk pic..rela jadi photographer), maybe next week there will be more joining in on Saturday for CKHT staff la kunun. =P

Why not we have a bowling match for bloggers kan? Instead of bloggers gathering saja, mari buat match. Cehh.. (Says a blogger who never been to any blogger's gathering... sigh! Jeles sa tingu pic si Tom Rungitom post di FB  highlighting The Awesome Bloggers Gathering organized by si Arms and Rexs.  =P

Cheers for you guys!

Owh.. and by the ways, I know most of you readers know sis Cath J current situation kan? Let us pray for her health, keep on supporting her morally in her journey fighting breast cancer. 

Okay..too much info in one entries... I am such a lazy ass head in doing post entries these days.... that is so me. =P

Thats all for today. It's a wrap and I'm heading to bed now.