Sunday, January 13, 2013

Life turned out great.

Last published post was November 18th? My goodness. I am that lazy??
Guess I have been focusing more to my new environment at work and believe me, the work loads are doubled than the previous department.
I hope it's not too late (who am I kidding? It is waaaay too late) to wish Merry Christmas 2012? or Happy new Year 2013? (this tickles me) and soon, Happy Chinese New Year? hahaha..

Well, a lot of good and bad things happened last year, which means it will not be forgotten but remains as to show that it really is a part of us. New Year doesn't mean closing a book..or ending a chapter in your life. It was a kick start for a new adventure and exploration. Keeping it short, Moving On. ^_^

While reading at my past entries, some of it made me giggles (I was sometimes terrible in posting, I admit it).
Hopefully I'll keep my blogging mojo switch turned ON, because this blog page really started to be a favorite for spider webs. Well, it is on the WEB. =P

Enjoy your weekend.