Tuesday, April 30, 2013


From left: Fesila , Icka & me.
We've been bestfriends since like forever!

#Please pray for Icka's dad health condition. He's currently in critical situation at ICU Queen 2 Damai. I wish I can go back and accompany my bestie. ='(

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Short trip

So, I went back KK last week for a short trip which is 3 days and 2 nights only. I went back alone, bujang la katakan. My husband didn't managed to go back with me so he take care of the kids while I'm away.
It was a fun and meaningful short trip since I became a daughter for that whole 3 days. Being nagged by my mom and dad.. oh how I miss it.. hahaha.. those things are so rare for me since after getting married.
The main reason I went back is to attend my bestie's wedding. Sadly, her wedding reception that was supposed to be held at KDCA has to be postponed due to her dad's condition. Her dad was currently warded in ICU Queen 2 due to weak lungs. He depends on machine for breathing. Poor him. I've managed to pay him a visit right after my bestie's closed reception at Dowish Seafood restaurant in Bundusan. During the closed session, I can see it in my bestie's family's face that they were not that happy, but they still trying hard to smile.
I pray that uncle will be healthy again. Let us pray together for his health condition yaa.. thanks.
The most thing that I like during this short trip is having the quality time with the siblings. It's been a very long time haven't spent that treasured siblings moment. Hihi.. usually when I went back KK, I will be busy handling the kids as well as going back and forth to the in law's house.
So yeah.. looking forward for this coming Thursday! My sister, Gloria, is coming over! Yeay!!

#Happy Weekend all

Mobile blogging

You might noticed that lately I've been posting short post..well.. guess I can blog frequently now since I got my new Samsung Galaxy Note II yeay!!!.pehhh..what a poyo me.. sorry for being so in Vain... ahahaha...

Till then.. Good AM ya'll!!

Pic below taken when I was in KK attending my bestfriend's wedding..

Dota Heroes

Yep...both my son's middle name was named after Dota Heroes...since their daddy is a Gamers, so obsessed with online games especially Dota, he came up with Trent for Haven and Clinks for Harvey.. well..the spelling was a bit different so it won't be weird..the original spelling was Treant & Clinkz..

So there it is..
Haven Trent Tomson & Harvey Clinks Tomson

Saturday, April 27, 2013

My Bestfriend Wedding

Happy Wedding Day to my deary bestie Icka and her hubby Joe which both are my childhood friends since Sunday School!!! Hihi..