Saturday, July 27, 2013

Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! I'm a happy girl!

I've always been a junkie when it comes to shoes. There was once a saying (I read somewhere) that a nice shoes will bring us to where we wanted to be.. Haha.. seems not so legit huh?
Well.. I prefer shoes more than handbags.. hihi.. ^_^ because shoes made me more confident when it comes to height.. and make our body posture much more better.. melentik kunun bah.. plus nice shoes made other girls turn heads and envy you.. woohoo!!
Well there's always consequences for high heels users.. that's why I don't wear it all the time. When I'm out and about for leisure or fun I prefer flats.. and thats when my friend make fun of my heights. 'Eh? Kenapa mcm ko pendek hari ni?' Hahahahaha...
When I go to work, of course la mau vogue2 especially when I wear knee length skirt.. haha..
But sometimes.. for weekend leisure I'll go for my Converse shoes.. hahaha.. still jiwa muda bah..
So here I am with all 4 pairs of shoes... last night's catch at Payless Shoesource Paradigm Mall.. I've got a great bargain.. except for the black shoes for work.. It cost me RM89. The others.. Purple peep toe, RM30.. Leopard high heels boots, RM40 and the Red Strap heels for RM25.. Total RM184.. kachiinnng!!! 4 pairs bah You know what I'm saying? Hehe
As soon as I reached home my husband and my elders brother just geleng kepala. Ngehehehe.. well..  sometimes this is the best way to reward myself after working so hard for living bah. Bukan tiap2 bulan pajak kasut. Once in a blue moon seja..
I should give some credit to the shoes store since Payless is quite unique from the other shoes stores.. Payless organized the shoes according to sizes, shelves by shelves. Quite easy for you to find your size. The shoes were displayed inside the box so you can just grab them, try and pay.. if you're lucky you might find your dream shoes with a much lower price.. fingercrossed.. (like me!!) Hehe..
Well.. next visit is a must for me.. but not in the near future la.. tnggu next month la.. kehkehkeh.. 4pairs is too much suda bah actually. But since there are quite a few schedules of live band performances for Hasil, I should be ready with all the nice, pretty and comfy shoes.. weehoo...! (Penuh kasut suda rumah.. my shoes shelves pun x muat sudah..adidi.. =P
Thats all dearies..

Friday, July 12, 2013

Cups Song

So.. hi there!!!

It's already July.. I've been idle from blogspot for a little while.. since I'm active in IG... hihi.. sorry my dear blog..I've been on and off with you lately.. But no.. I will never dump you.. hahahaha..

Last post, I posted a video of me covering Cinta Bersatu by Liyana Jasmay..
Today's post will also be a youtube video posted by me.. but a little bit different. have you ever watched Pitch Perfect Movie? If you're interested in acappella..and singing.. you should watch it. Great movie.. ^_^

So.. here is my video doing cover of the Cups Song performed by Anna Kendrick in the movie.. she has a unique voice.. and a hotties!!!
Enjoy the video..
You should try to do the cover too.. because its fun! hahaha..