Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Deklamasi puisi la pula

Ohoyyy there..
It's already October! Woahh..where the hell I have been for these past few months without a post? I was around. But. Busy with work loads. The pile of files are piling up chasing me. Its really scary frankly speaking. Because taxpayers are chasing after me for their refunds. Mehh!!
Tambah2 lagi when i'm not around office due to kursus la..induksi la..event..this and that la. Pehh.. nasib baik monthly work statistic capai juga.
Eh..puisi bah pula tu sa punya tajuk sana atas kan..hihi
Ok. Puisi. Ya..PUISI. Sempena Hari Inovasi Hasil.. kami..Pena Stanza..dilantik secara paksa rela untuk mewakili PPNWPKL dalam pertandingan Puisi Inovasi Peringkat Kebangsaan LHDNM. Melibatkan LHDN seluruh Malaysia la kunun. Quite mencabar actually since kami kena karang puisi sendiri yang belum dipublish dalam mana mana media plus melagukan puisi. Means we have to perform our own poet, and sing the poet during the competition. Mehh! Although I have background in such competition during Uni, but I actually felt a little bit stress with it and so do the other members. Huhu.. the competition will be held next week on 22nd Oct same as Harvey's 4th birthday and me n my husband 7th Anniversarry together.
So..wish my team all the best and goodluck. May we perform the best and win the heart of all the audiences. ^_^

Last but not least.