Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Yep. I'm pregnant.
6 weeks.. I've just scan it. Haha.. I know its too early. But I just wanted to know how old is my baby. Because I cant really rely on my last menses. Since I have irregular menses before. And yep. The doc also said after scanning that its 6 weeks. Nothing much to be seen yet. Just water in a bubble look like. Hahaha.  Still too fragile. I cant do much heavy work now. Because its too fragile. Hehe.

So there you go. The jeng jeng jeng of my previous post LATE.

Just wanted to share.

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Well.. both my boys are bald already. Owh.. not mentioning the daddy too. Haha.
I told him I hate bald. And you know what? I thought I really hated it. But it turns out I like it tho.
Why they're suddenly bald?
Coz the rascals had lices on their head. Don't know they got it from who but we suspected the school.
So the daddy decided to give them a haircut. We went to salon and chopped off all their hair. Daddy wanted to go bald too.. he said he wanted to be bald together with his sons. Hehe.. so sweet of u daddy.
Now left me.
Huhu.. I suspected I got infected by the rascals already. So im considering a hair cut. And I kind of wash my hair twice a day recently. Huhu.. worried as hell.

Dont they look cute??

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I'm late.


If you know what I mean.



Thursday, November 14, 2013

Deklamasi Puisi

Hi there!

Previously I posted that I've joined a competition. Deklamasi Puisi Inovasi (LHDNM). Well guess what.? We got 3rd place!! Weehuu!!!
We were so proud of ourselves..all the hardship of training.. and also all the dramas along our journey to the final.. uhh.. shits.. this is the last time I ever agreed to asked for assistance from an amateur who acts like professional!! I myself also got a line of experience way back before you lah moron. Not to brag. But I've join competition organised by DBP for 3 years in a row which 2 of it my team got 1st place, and the 3rd time my team got 3rd place and I also won the Best Declamator title. Its also peringkat kebangsaan bah. Then u and me are the same.

(Ok.. enough perasan puji diri sendiri). Tee hee =P

Well.. 3rd place.. 1K. Hihihi.. yeay.. kachingg!! Money comes.. money go.. ya.. betul tu. 
Kaching konon.. maka bikin tambah duit bikin bayar sbb langgar kereta org hari tu. Haihh...  bad day.. I was tailing this car too close. Then bamm!!! Sa langgar buntut kereta. Huhu. Kereta sa lagi teruk. But I have to bear it la. He asked for 500. Change bumper I guess. (Scratch sj bah dia pnya keta. Tp still. Volkswagen Passat baitu.. mehh... there goes all my money. ='(
Lesson learned! Never tail a car too close!!! Huhu..


Saturday, November 2, 2013

Exam is over!

Recently I've seated for confirmation exam. 4 subjects which is Administration, Taxation, Finance and Law. Quite challenging since I've
Written the answer until the very last second. Totally fully utilizing all the time. Hihi
Hopefully I'll pass the exam with flying colors. I envy my seniors who managed to get 4.00 last semester.
Going back to KK now to fetch my 2 lil rascals. They've been there for 2 weeks now. I miss them so much.

Till next time.