Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I never thought that nauseous and vomitting during early pregnancy will be this hard.. in other words.. punya sengsara sa bilang!!!!!
I never experienced this before during both pregnancy.. my friends said that maybe this time its a girl.. well.. hopefully.. because the doc still cant determine the gender yet. Its still too early. Nothing much to be seen. Entering 8 weeks now. Haihh.. susah juga ni kalau rasa loya saja.. kerja pun x berjalan..sebab teda mood. Melayan ni rasa mo muntah saja.

To be honest. I'm kinda nervous with this pregnancy. Because its been 4 years now. The gap with my youngest son for me is too far. Well.. I just hope everything will went well. And hopefully this nauseous feeling will fade away soon.

Wish me luck with this pregnancy.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Funeral - Tradition

As you all know from my last post, my grandma just passed away. During the funeral I've learned a lot of tradition thingy regarding our tribe Dusun. Well I cant really say that its every Dusun's tradition because some might have different way of having it or maybe not practicing it as well. But here's ours. From what I've observe.
Usually at my kampung, when someone pass away, the family will keep the body for 3 days. Reason, to let the relatives and friends from afar get the chance to see the body for one last time before burial. From what I see from my grandma's funeral, they mixed it with Catholic practice. Prayers will be held. But thats a religion thing. I'm talking about tradition here.
I also learned that during funeral the family members cant have a sleep at night. They're supposed to be awake until morning taking care of the body as well as keeping company to relatives or orang kampung that came to stay overnight. Usually there will be gambling. Ketam2 is a must. I dont know the reason. But maybe just to make it merrier or maybe to make everybody awake. I'm not against it. But some people refuse to let gambling happens during funeral. Well may maybe its up to the family. So what we did is, me made coffee..  a dark and thick coffee to be served all night long. Well of course I managed to get asleep even just only for an hour or two. Hehe. My uncle made noises in the dawn just to make people whose asleep awake. My aunt says its normal. During her time is much worst and funnier. When she fell asleep, people surround her with cans attached to a rope. So when she get up, the cans make sounds and people will notice then laugh. Its a joke. I cant really understand it but I think I might have the picture there. Haha.
The next thing is during burial. No greens are allowed when burying the body. Ermm.. I didnt get the chance to ask about that yet. But maybe it means that anything dead cant be mixed with living things. In this case. Green grass. Ooh.. not mentioning.. the family members cant eat any vegetables too for a week. Its a sign of mourning.
After coming back from burial, everyone who come back to the house should step over a small fire. Chasing away all the bad spirits who followed them home. Some says that it can be done using lime's water which is used to wash face, hands and feet.
On the 7th day of death, there will be a "momisok" ceremony where all the lights will be take out. And the people in the house is expecting the soul of the deceased to be back home for one last time. I remember when I was little, they put a basin in front of the door. And when the lights is on, there were footsteps. For my grandma's case, I missed the ceremony.  Coz im back at KL already. My family did the momisok last night (6th day). The orang kampung asked to do it earlier bcoz mom is having a prayer session on the 7th day. The orang kampung said that they should do it before the prayer because the soul will left the house after the prayer session. Errr... ya I know its a lil bit superstitious... but just go with the flow la. Kalau x buat the orang kampung will talk behind our back. And guess what. Based on my cousins..they said the nenek has been home last night. She even took bath and eat. As well as see my cousin's daughter. A baby. @_@ (I don't know ahhh...)
So.. thats all that I've learned from my tradition. Just as a sharing..
So what's your tradition?
Again.. tradition okay. Not religion.
Do not make any provocative comments or wild perceptions.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Rest In Peace Grandma

I've just comeback from Sabah last night. I went back on Friday to attend my grandmas' s funeral on Saturday.
Everything went well. Thank God for the nice weather during burial.
I cant tell how I really miss her. All her funny stories and actions. I loved her with all my heart. And it hurts me when I heard the news. Coz im the only grandchildren that havent met her while she was dying at hospital. Plus she has been staying with my family since forever. We were very close.
I guess she'll understand my situation. And my prayer is always with her.
Here are some pics I took.