Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Straight Eyebrows

I used to laugh and under rated girls with straight eyebrows. Oh.. that's because they have this bushy thick eyebrows. Then lately, I kinda like that style. Straight eyebrows. The ulzzang look. Most KPop idols has this type of eyebrows. Just google it.
So.. here I am (not trying to compare my face with Taeyon SNSD). Spot the eyebrows.^_^
I did some digging on Google and Youtube.. Straight eyebrows actually will give you a much younger looks compared to arched eyebrows.

I'm into korean makeup look recently. So during my maternity leave (which ends today) I managed to put up some practice at home. Haha..'s a thought..
Do I look Korean enough? Mehhhhh.. Hahahahha


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Eye makeup

Hello there.
I've created this makeup tutorial on how to emphasize your eyes with green contact lenses.
Well, I hope this works for you since it works for me. Mehh! 😄

I'm using shimmering green and yellow eyeshadow
Matte brown for my upper crease
Faux lashes in natural
Puffy 3 Tones contact lenses in green

And.... wallla!!!


Saturday, August 23, 2014


How well did you know your siblings?
I bet u know them very well. 😄
I have 5 siblings. Elder brother, me, younger sister..another younger sister..and lastly.. a younger brother.

Well.. the image is a conversation via whatsapp between me and my sister.
Ya.. We're far by distance but actually quite near through our sisterhood bond. There's always a panic button whenever needed. Just beep, and a shoulder will be lend. 😊  Heyy.. Our very 1st friend is our own siblings.

I know my siblings well. I grew up with them. Thou I get married and 'left' the family at the age of 21, I still know them very well. ('Left' means follow the husband aaa..not abandoning the family. Hahahaha...)

Ooo... How times flies so fast. We're getting old. One moment you were climbing trees plucking buah jambu and illegally tapuk tapuk mandi sungai tapi tetap kedapatan oleh daddy, and another moment suda beranak pinak.. 3 suda anak saya woo..
Mati itu pasti. But before u die make sure u make the most of ur life.

*I actually typed a very long post, but I delete it coz too many information. Haha.

In short, I love my siblings. 😊


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Little Sven

Baby Sven is healthy.. and becoming much heavier.. cuter.. chubbier.. day by day. Hihi..
Owh.. btw, he's 1 month and 10 days already weighting at 5.23kg.
Last Sunday we had a fullmoon celebration for baby Sven at my parent's house back in Sabah. I smiled feeling blessed because many relatives.. friends.. and 'orang kampung' showed up.. wishing congratulation as well as gerigitan kibit-kibit baby Sven. 😄
I'm sure Sven will say "Thank you for  all the presents and ang paos uncles..aunties..granma..granpa.."

Going to sleep now. Before he wakes up!

Chiaws~ 😊

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Tomson Version 3.0

Hello there..
Harley Sven Tomson.
There you go. I've already 'meletup'.
And currently enjoying my long holiday.. smooching and cuddling with baby Sven.
My little munchkins.
Lama suda teda baby kicil. Excited la kunun2 nih.. hahaha..
But seriously. Having a baby is hazardous.. kami laki bini macam mo kunyah2 ja ni baby.. cuteness overload bah.
That's all peeps.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

I'm officially 27.

Today.. I'm officially 27.
The 3 series is getting nearer.
Owh.. and btw I'm currently 9 months pregnant.. just waiting for baby to pop out anydays now.. 😆
I just hope everything goes well during my delivery.
And of course I pray for good health.. better future.. and receive much more blessings abundantly from God above. 
What a post eyy. After a very long time of hiatus. Hahahahaha...
Pray for me and my baby.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

May's post?

Duiii... seriously bah. I've abandoned this blog for a long time already.
Owh.. and FYI.. I'm 7 months pregnant already.. entering 8 months actually.. and my EDD is 11th July. Huaa.. inda lama lagi..
Tapi kan.. betul2 mencabar owh akhir2 ni.. macam2 yang terjadi.
Merajuk sama loukung la. Owner rumah skrg mau jual rumah la. Anak sakit.. saya pula start suda tu braxton hicks contraction.. odoiii dogo.. bikin sakit jantung. Tapi nasib baik la setakat ni boleh hadapi lagi semua tu. Harap2 ok la lepas ni..
Dugaan kan.. memang tetap ada bagi semua orang. Beza dia susah ata susah sikit2 seja. Hihi..
Bah.. itu ja la kenen-kenen post sy ni kali.
Emo sikit nih sbb x dpt ikut loukung balik tingu kawin kawan dia.
Jangan ada yang pi kuntik2 dia sudah la.
Arms. If you're reading this. Katuk kpala si Gil kalau dia main mata sama sumandak sana ah. Hihihi.. ^_^
I guess thats all. Inda buli tidur terlalu lewat. Nanti baby mengamuk dalam perut. Haha..

Thursday, March 6, 2014


Currently selling these type of lenses.. hihi..
Back to business again..rather than ordering for my ownself better I sell these lenses too. I got it straight from supplier.
I'm a happy customer & user so far.. * winkwink!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year

I just wanna wish HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!!!

There u go.. the 1st post for 2014..hehe..