Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Dear Diary 08.12.2015

I feel like a zombie these days.
Having not enough sleep for almost a week. Sven had an on and off fever since last Friday. And thank goodness today he is fully recovered.
Its quite hectic living in a 3 storey house and your bedroom happens to be at the 3rd floor. The kitchen is too far downstairs. 😂
Whenever I need to prepare Sven's milk I had to go to downstair because I don't like keeping any food/drinks in bedroom. My kaki is already muscled up.

My tummy is getting bigger.
A little bit of tingling inside. Little Sven is about to be a brother soon. 😊
And the weirdness has already started.

I started to vomit during brushing my teeth. Suddenly I hate the toothpaste taste. 

I started to be a sleepy head. Never in my life I ever slept on my desk during office hour. And now? My colleagues even felt it weird.

I started to feel geli! At fishesssss. OMG.. Imagine macam mana sy siang tu ikan² bila mau masak? Terkejut-terkejut tu badan. Adeiii... Bila masa pula saya jadi geli sama ikan ni???

I started to mumbles stupid pronunciation. I was going to say this, but instead I uttered that from my mouth. Stupid. And people laugh at me.

I started to loose my appetite. But when I'm hungry, I hunt food like a hungry ghost.

I started to hate selfies. Because my face is terrible and full of zits!

I started to left my hair undone. Really weird. Those who knows me do know that I took care of my hair like a silk!

I guess these are the sacrifices we as a mother had to go through.
So guys. Appreciate your lady. Treat them well.

My hungry tummy,

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Am I ready yet?

The big question pondering in my head right now.

Am I ready yet?

I didn't see it coming thou I have the slightest idea of it may be happening.

I don't know whether to be happy or not. Because I didn't expect it.

Will I be ok? Will I be ready and well equiped before the time comes?

I wonder what will happen.. in 10-20 years.
Will I be strong? Keep strong?

Only time will tell.