Sunday, August 28, 2016

Saturday, August 27, 2016

My passion..

My passion is to sing.
But to others, it was just attention seeking.
I've been singing since I was a kid. I've joined many performance..competition..even choirs at the church.. What makes me happy is, seeing the smiles I receive from my families watching me performing from the crowds. Receiving smiles from those whom I don't know too.. All the smiles makes me want to sing better.. and give my best during performing.
I don't give a damn about getting a place or not. All I wanna do is just sing.
Some people just couldn't accept you for who you are.
What I performed on stage doesn't actually dictates who I am.
That's my personality on stage. Not who I really am. I may put on a skimpy outfit. A thick makeup. And a pointy heels. Its just a 'costume'.
I don't act like that in my everyday life.
So it depends on you. Accepting me for who I am.. or not.
I will keep doing what I love. Its not a crime. Its just a passion.
Performing with guys doesn't mean I'm a slut.
I have my kids with me.
Sitting with me and my girl friends as an audience. The rest of the bandmates prefer to stay backstage.. I have my gaps with guys.
Despite been provoked by negative statements from a frenemy before my performance on stage during BOTB last Sunday, we managed to get 3rd place! The result was priceless. 

And the person who provoked me at the first place, whooshhh! Gone with the wind. As soon as the result announced, I can't even spot the person.

I'm thankful of my team.. They were the one who struggled and put all their efforts in music arranging. I just came for training.. and lend them my voice... my flu voice. Hahahaha..

The program started at 12 noon.. 19 groups competing... And we were the last group.. only at 8pm, our group was on stage.
Body odour.. owh my.. I've sweating since morning.. till night. Coz of the leather jacket I'm wearing. Nasib la ada perfume.
I am thankful to my girls too.. They've been staying since noon till the events end.. They stayed with me till the very last.. 
Thank you jijah & jati. Hihi..
And my kids.. Haven & Harvey.. They have been very good.. They sit with me.. and after I performed on stage. They came running to me with an open arms.. Just to hug me. That feeling was such a blessing to me. I shed tears..
Enjoy the pics..
Search for Hasil Band page in facebook.. You can watch videos shared there.. 😊


Saturday, August 20, 2016

"Lantak La!"

Lately been busy with dance training for Creative Showcase that will be held this 22nd..
Rehearsal has started since yesterday (Thursday) and today was the full rehearsal.
I car pooled with my friend because these few days they understand that my emotions is not really stable to drive alone. So they offered me to join them.

I'm quite satisfied with the outcome of the dance choreograpgy. A little bit of me.. A little bit of Ezza.. And a little bit of Zam just to fill in any gaps and smooth up the in and out for the guys..
I was too focused on the girls that I've only realized that I neglected the boys group after few days. It was quite challenging for me this time. Since I haven't fully choreographed any dance piece for more than 8 years.. Ya.. the last one was 8 years ago.. Before getting married. (Itu zaman study!)
But I'm smart enough to delegates duties. 😂

What I learn in life and logically thinking.. A leader always walk side by side with their team.. Not in front. Then the outcome will be more successful.
I can say that I am very proud of my friends today.. All of them..
Frankly speaking.. there was no stress.. no pressure on them at all. I only polish up on the blurry parts.. And yes.. everyday after training class, I apologized to all of them.
I owe Ezza a big thanks.. She followed everything that I've requested. Costumes rental.. Studying videos from youtube and teached the others.. while I'm busy preparing the editing and mixing of the song. She also choreographed the 2nd song. I agreed with an open heart because I trusted her.

Btw. I am joining a BTOB this weekend at MPSJ. Do drop by to enjoy the carnival. Because there are many activities happening  there starting Saturday.. and BTOB is on Sunday. I am representing my organisation.. bringing the brand name.. HasilBand.. Peringkat Kementerian & Jab. Kerajaan kalau x silap.. I agreed to join the band since I am able to join them. Hahahaha.. X bah.. because I feel appreciated.. And because of the bandmates.. they're my friends. And its hard to say NO since singing is my Passion!
Another reason for joining mestilah sebab anak kecil balik kampung... jadi x lah risau pasal siapa mau jaga anak. Abg2 dia ni sy angkut ja semua pigi battle. Suruh duduk di siring pentas tunggu mamy siap nyanyi. Hahaha.. 😂

An occasion happened recently. Involving me.. And a 3rd party.. badmouthing me to the bosses.. all that stuffs la.. Mulut puaka org cakap.. Backstabbing kawan sendiri.
But.. I've made a promise not to talk about this again. I learn about 'Lantak La!'. I will keep doing whatever I like to do ignoring all those noisy mouth barking like a dog..
Ya.. One day you will see.. And you will shut your lousy mouth.. dengan sendirinya..
Biar lah dia tu..

Thanks for the advice my sweet friend.. I will always remember it. Thank you for lending me your ears.. Walaupun terpaksa dengar sy membebel.. menangis.. kasi salah diri sendiri.
Hmm.. tu mmg kelemahan diri dari dulu. Kasi salah diri sendiri... walaupun bukan salah kita.

Well.. whatever happens in life.. We still have to get up.. and walk again. Even we're not running. Walking is still an efforts.

All the best and goodluck to me for this Sunday's BTOB.
I'm currently having a flu+fever. But I forced myself to take vit C.. Hopefully will get better tomorrow.. Please la.. Nanti suara sengau.. Huhuhu..


Sunday, August 14, 2016

Take care little monster..

And so...
Sven went back to Sabah today with his daddy.. he will be staying with him for a month. Thou a few questioned my action of approving this.. I dodge all the negativity. Think at the bright side. His dad will learn how to handle his kid on his own. And he will learned everything that I've been through here managing all three kids alone. Plus he get to manja manja with his own son bah. Ni baru 1 orang.. bagi chance la dia jadi bapa2 urus anak sendiri.. November nanti. Let him pening kepala urus 3 anak sendiri. Hahahaha.. 
Hubs has been staying here for 10 days since Thursday last week. And for that 10 days.. he showed me some love.. At home while I went to work, he cleaned the house.. especially the kitchen. Balik rumah semua suda bersih licin kilat. Tinggal mau masak lagi untuk dia.. Hehe.. And at night.. Dia kasi chance sy tidur awal.. he handled the kids.. from school homework.. babysitters bag.. and even washed the kids school uniforms. My eyes were usually looked tired.. panda eyes.. and eyebags.. These 10 days. I felt like a rest day.. I slept early.. had enough sleep. And my eyes.. balik mcm dulu2 belum kawin. Bgkak sepet. Hahaha.. Thats how I call it.. Selalu kubong.. layu.. lesu.. nampak betul mata letih.
He treat me really well.. Thou there's a slight arguing 2 days ago..and of course I cried.. but we managed to overcome it.. With a simple apology from me. Masing2 ada ego.. xmau kalah.. That's why our arguments always end up terribly. But I hold my anger this time. And let down my ego.. We apologize to each other. Then we started to smile and laughing at each other.
Did I mentioned I'm the Pak Supir the whole week he was here? His driving licence expired on his birthday last week.. And he resisted to renew. Dia bilang balik KK nanti baru dia renew. So saya la jadi driver pigi sana sini. I don't mind actually.. Tapi kinda annoyed.. sbb dia tegur cara driving. Hahahaha. Terlampau laju la.. Samseng la.. Kuat potong org la.. X slow time bonggol la.. I just told him "shhhhh... lesen expired duduk diam2 saja". Haha.. I admit my driving skills is sometimes terrible (cehhh!).. Too Fast Too Furious mmg mcm ni.. drift kan. Hahaha.. . Actually driving here in KL for yearsssss yg ajar sy jadi mcm ni. The street thaught me to be bad ass driver.
Speaking of bad ass bad guys. Go watch Suicide Squad! Best!!!
Tadi masa di airport.. Orang kiri kanan pandang kami semacam. Mana tidak.. Sebab Sven pakai baju dinosaur. Siap ada ekor.. Sudah la kaler hijau! Hahahaha..
He really likes the jumpsuit. Dari semalam waktu prepare baju lagi dia tunjuk2 siap mau buka baju sebab mau pakai.. Kids are supposed to be cute.. I always treat my kids according to their age. I don't want them act or dress older than their own age. Let them be kids! Kalau dulu2.. abang2 Sven siap bawa patung tiger sama ikan paus jalan2 di airport. Dalam kapal pula sibuk colouring.. Let them enjoy being kids. 
I've trimmed my hair a bit yesterday. I can't have a cut more than 2 inch. Nanti ada orang merajuk xmau jumpa lagi sebab rambut pendek. hihi.. He said he likes me having long hair.. somehow it turned him ON mungkin. hahahaha..
Tomorrow I have dance training lagi for CS. I choose all the 4 medley songs. I edit it according to my preferences.. Choreographed few steps.. studied from youtube.. Choreo from Ezza.. and discussed with the other  members.. and walla..!! The dance performance steps is almost done.. These 3 days kena polish up few moves yg masih blurry.. Floor pattern.. And especially the guys steps for the last song. I hope everything will went well.
Wednesday will be preview day in front of NR bosses.. Thursday & Friday is rehearsal day at Cyber.. Monday is the Big Day!! Kinda nervous.. But still can handle it. Hehe.. No stress at all. Kami training sambil makan2.. ketawa2.. main2.. santai saja.
I'm just having some down time with the song editing for the finale song. Ada glitch.. Mau edit.. trim and merge lagi balik. Org cakap okay. Tapi sy x puas hati. Hahaha.. Ezza and my husband calles me perfectionist. Bukan bah.. Bukan perfectionist. Berusaha selagi boleh & mampu  Lagipun masih ada masa mau edit. Berusaha untuk yg lebih baik. 
A few friends cakap juga.. 'pandai ko edit lagu.. sambung lagu..'.. 'mcm mana korg boleh pilih lagu ni eh? Best best.. x cliche.. jarang org dengar. tapi best..'.
I kembang kuncup ja la dengar. Wahahaha..
Walaupun at 1st kami senaraikan lagu ala kadar.. and from movie2 hindustan yg top.. Last2 sy decide sendiri tanpa bagitau.  terus edit.. bagi dengar dorg the next day. And they liked it! Hahahaha.. Ada juga yg pertikai kredibiliti sy dlm mengedit lagu.. sampai suruh sy minta tolong the media guys.. org yg slalu buat utk NR. Well I shut those voices up. Korang xtau betapa geeky nya saya dalam benda2 mcm ni.. I've been doing these bah since highschool. Zaman tu lagi la.. editing guna radio kaset.. Pun jadi!! Hahahaha..
Bah.. enough la masuk bakul angkat sendiri. This is my blog. So I can brag about myself.. Hahahaha..

For those who can't reached me since last week..I'm terribly sorry for the inconveniences and my silence.  My phone is actually ill sick.. Battery problem. I've just bought a new battery for replacement. Tp mcm masih juga sakit ni.. sikit2.. Minta beli hp baru mungkin. Tapi.. sy syg this phone. Selagi boleh guna.. guna lah sampai dia langsung x boleh On. Haritu screen pecah.. touch screen x berfùngsi!! Nasib baik la note nih ada stylus. Guna stylus pen boleh lah tekan2 sana sini. Kalau jari langsung x detect haritu. Terbang lah duit... tapi.. bila kita x kedekut.. & x terlalu risaukan duit, rezeki sebenarnya pandai datang berganti. 
Sedar x sedar.. ada juga rezeki masuk.. hehe.. 
Bah..nih ada gmbr2 sikit utk cuci mata.. 😊

Bella Ace

Monday, August 8, 2016

Pelarian bagimu..

Somebody admit about hating me today.

I don't know whether its a joke or a statement.

Somehow it hurt me.


Here's a cover of Pelarian by Sakura Band ft Adi Sixth Sense.

Saturday, August 6, 2016


Happy 29th Birthday dear hubby.

No candles to blow.
No cake to cut.
He don't want it.

All we do today is shopping. 😂
He came here last Thursday night.
I didn't expect to have some shopping spree..   but hey.. I like this.
Bukan selalu ada banker ikut berjalan-jalan. Ambil saja he pays it all. And tomorrow sambung lagi shopping.. for my belated birthday that he missed last June.

He actually gave me an option for new phone or something else. I choose instead of buying me new phone, let me do some shopping and saving. 😂

He agreed. Weeee!!!

Ok.. penat berjalan..

Tidur dulu..


Tuesday, August 2, 2016

What breaks me..

What breaks me the most is watching my little one,Sven, fall sick. He's been pooping liquid.. not normal for his age poop.
And the smell is terrible. (Of course lah! Taik bah tu!) 😂
He's been rejecting solid foods since yesterday. I noticed it because before we went to Seremban, I change his diapers twice.. liquid poop.
Usually he will eat everything that I feed him. But now he is rejecting everything except milk and water. I know he's hungry. And I do understand his situation having lost all his taste bud during diarrhea.
Pity him.. Tomorrow I took half day off so I can take care of him in the morning.. I still have to go to work in the afternoon because there's urgent statistic compilation to do and submit.
Owh btw, he is lying beside me currently. His legs is all over my legs. He wanted that skin to skin connection. Mommy knows you're in bad condition baby.. Sabar ya. Besok pagi kita pg klinik..
He's been so clingy to me lately. Its like he understands that he will be apart from me for a month.. Ya. His daddy is coming this Thursday.. Daddy will spend about 10 days here.. and back to Sabah together with Sven. At first I hesitate to let him bring Sven's back to Sabah. But it won't be fair to him if I don't let him take his son.. its only for a month. He wanted to take care of him. So let him be. But makesure you bring him back to me in early September.. I'll go mad if being apart from him more than a month!
Orang cakap prempuan boleh hidup tanpa laki tapi boleh mati tanpa anak.
Betul tu.

I've been busy lately.. dance practice every evening after lunch. The CS.. Creative Showcase. We are doing 4 songs in a medley. The 1st song I already done teaching all the routines. Now the 2nd song, a friend offered to do the choreo. So okay.. Let her do it. Today was supposed to learn the 2nd songs routine. But still.. has empty steps here and there. But its okay. Give her time to prepare it well.
Hopefully everything will went well with this programme. Wish us good luck! Haha..


Ya.. I did smiled.. almost cried actually.

Another story.
We went to McD for lunch.. The 2 crazy girl asked me to join. Ya la.. I'm the driver.. While sitting and enjoying our lunch, those 2 monkey were checking out the guys sitting next to me. There's a glass wall actually between us, and coincidently his face were covered.. there's sticker on the glass. The 2 girls were trying to look at the guy's face. My goodness. I can see the guys sitting uneasy.. it's like he was nervous.. hahaha.. I can see his friend sitting in front him were smiling..and were saying things we can't hear..coz clearly they were sitting outside. Adoiyaaai... Zaman mngurat2 lelaki  nih sudah berlalu bagi saya. That's why felt a lil bit weird when the girls were checking him out.
Cepat2 ambil kunci kreta.. bangun.. keluar la apa lg. Hahahaha. Adeih.. They actually told me.. previously they were fat.. but do have boyfriend back then. Once they get slimmer, no boyfriend.. Hahaha.. Sabarlah ya..

Well then.. Till next post..