Monday, October 31, 2016

After 9 years..

Yes... After 9 years.. I've decided to have a fringe again.
Husband keep telling me I look ugly with fringe.. so I've been keeping the same hairstyle since 2007..

Yesterday (Saturday), I made a decision to cut my front hair.
Owh.. I cut it myself  😂😂😂
I've been wanting my old hairstyle back during Diploma years. A diagonal emo hair. Hahaha. But husband keep teasing me.
I don't care if I look ugly with the fringe.
At least I'm happy and satisfy because I want it to be that way.
And he just gonna have to bear with it. 😉

I used to have this statement.. "Grace will only cut hair for a major heartbreak".
Nahhh.. This time is only for fun. No big deal. I just wanna be free and fun again. Reminiscing my good old days. Where I wear preppy clothes and having weird hairstyles.

Even if he keep saying I look ugly.. its okay . He married me anyway.  Hahaha

So here it goes...
The journey of ugliness begins..

Saturday, October 22, 2016

D'Lucky Won

The official result is finally out!
My team won the BOTB (live video clip) competition peringkat kebangsaan LHDNM sempena Hari Inovasi.. And we also won all the 4 subsidiaries title. Yeayy..
I'm proud of my team.. and of course myself.

We did the video clip before Raya Haji recently. We only manage to do brainstorming.. music arranging.. basically training for 4 days. On the 5th day we recorded our video clip at Banglo9 studio. It was an impromtu session. Since bro Khif (bassist) is working in Kuching. And he only managed to study the song 3 hours before the actual recording. Thank goodness everything went well.

It was my 1st ever experience to be in a studio.. usually kami lepak tempat2 jamming biasa saja. But this studio is not biasa2. Artistes actually went there.. Estrange.. Dayang.. Ning.. pehh.  mmg superb tempat tu. Thanks to En Hairul from KL Bandar branch (ketua pasukan) for paying the studio fee. Phewww..
During the brainstorming. We actually did a few other song. But all of it tidak mencapai KPI yg diinginkan. Not so much to be improvise.. And not a killer song.. Somewhat like that la antara sebab2 tukar lagu. 3rd day baru dapat decide the song.. I have never ever heard of the song before. And I refused to hear the original. I came late on the 3rd day. So they already practiced the song with a sub male vocalist, John. So when I came, he sing the song and I listened. And when I take over the mic, I sang the song in my own style. Hahaha.. Its funny cuz it was actually a rock song. I have never sang a rock song before cuz its not my genre.

I personally sounded funny when I get to listen to my voice. I sounded like a chipmunk. Hahahaha..
But the guys think, that is what the team want. They don't want to copy the original singer.

So here's our mark and cover of Meniti Titian Usang by Search.  Enjoy the video.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Girl Trip

Finger crossed.
I've planned my year end schedule.

It will be my 1st ever trip with friends since married.

Mommy going solo for a month.. hahaha..
Kids will be cuti cuti with their dad at Sabah. Leaving mommy rehat 1 bulan from being a mom. 😂

Looking forward for the trip.
Hope everything goes well.


Stress Free

Do tonnes of selfie!!! 😂

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Hari Sukan Negara

In conjunction with Hari Sukan Negara yesterday (8th October 2016), I've joined a run at our HQ in Cyberjaya.. Larian Kewangan 2016. All participants are under Ministry of Finance. LHDNM, BSN,KWSP,Bursa..etc.

It's been a long time I haven't join any sports since there's nobody to take care of my kids on weekend. Lucky me, my sis in law are willing to take care of them and let me join the run.

And so.. I did my 10km run.. 1hr 32mins (if I'm not mistaken la).
The funny thing is, my friend bah yg mengajak ikut ni run.. tapi dorang saaaana belakang hampir2 uncit sudah. Hahahaha. Awal2 suda bagitau dorg, sy x tgok blakang tau.  sorry.. Then dorg pun angguk.. tanda it's okay.

Berpeluh teruk.. badan pun busuk.. lantak la. Berlari ni buat 1 badan rasa refreshed. Some kind of cardio juga kan.
Nope.. tiada sun burn bah.. Sbb I finish early. 9.52am suda sampai finish line. Si matahari pun x berapa menggigit la.. hehe..

So here are some pics of yesterday's run.

I came with the girls.. But we met them there.. #Superjalangans
Hai Kak Zura! #GengElite
Saka kiri dan kanan..
I'm being poyo.. hahaha.. IG pics. 
Ya... I wear Converse shoes yg sepatutnya utk berjalan2.. Hahaha.. I lost my sport shoes. Must be during when we move from the old rented apartment. 
The last signboard.. that keeps me going further..

And.. I did it! 10km run in 2016. 


Throwback Rangeela for CS 8/2016

I just wanted to share our costumes during our performance last August for Creative Showcase at our HQ in Cyberjaya.
Rangeela was the name of our theme.. and Patta-Riyoo (Patah Riuk) is our team's name. Hahaha..  Ntah apa2 la nama kami tu.
So here's our costumes! Cantik kan warna-warna dia..

And I'm proud of my team. It was my 1st time leading a dance team. Altho I was pathetically exhausted from an event the night before, there's time when suddenly I black out on the stage during the dance.. I pulled myself together and say 'I have to finish this'.
I was performing battle of the band MPSJ the night before.. which we got 3rd place. Yeehaa!

Ok la.. I prefer our dance team performance during rehearsal.. Tapi yg actual day pun ok juga.. that's why event on Monday is a No No. Rehearsal hari Jumaat.. cuti 2 hari.. pastu perform hari Isnin. That momentum is gone. Sepatutnya rehearsal sehari sebelum kejadian.
But it's ok. Next time improve lagi. I got another task for November. Perform during CS PPNWPKL. Yg ni bukan di HQ.. di Jalan Duta saja.. dewan kami sendiri. Tapi peringkat PPN la.. We will be performing again the Rangeela theme dance (sparuh saja). Then 2nd performance is a modern song. This is what I've been waiting for. My favourite is always urban dance. Jiwa tu.. hehe..

So enjoy the pics I've shared..
And also the youtube video during our performance.

Chiaws, Bella

Thursday, October 6, 2016

When you love someone..

I fell in love with the lyrics..



Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Little things count

I'm not really a go-er when someone says 'Let's'.

I tend to hesitate.
Blood pumping real hard to the heart.
A plan that you've never expected.
A surprise!
I keep saying 'I'm scared'..
Or.. I keep asking 'What if this happen..?'

But there are people in my life that actually made me did it spontaneously.
To be a go-er.
And so far I didn't disappoint them.

It's a different side of me.

It is true.. that sometimes, you have to be crazy.. go beyond what people expect you to be.
Being that crazy, is actually being the real  you.

I appreciate people who go through details about me.
For instant... how I like my coffee to be.
My fav color..
My fav animals..
My hobbies..

Without even telling them..
They actually studied you.
Even small little things.. it counts.

This is the kind of people who I'd like to keep in my life.
I keep them close to my heart and in my memories forever.